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It is illogical to publish Auditor General’s Report without action-Sichinga

General News It is illogical to publish Auditor General’s Report without action-Sichinga

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) regional President Phosile Sichinga has said it is illogical to publish the Auditor General’s Report without action.

Mrs. Sichinga said the Auditor General has been publishing reports since the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) usurped power in 1991 adding that the environment is enabling all the irregularities.

She has noted that each year the Auditor General highlights increased anomalies in public offices because culprits go scot-free.

Mrs. Sichinga has urged all well-meaning Zambians to unite and ensure that the institutional Governance system pursue the disturbing Auditor General’s Report with intense interest.

“It is illogical to publish the Auditor General’s Report without action” Mrs. Sichinga said

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  1. We tend not to use the word logical with anything to do with the current government and financial responsibility. Our best performance is our perpetual inaction. Wait a few years and we will produce the best list ever of incomplete projects, unaccounted for funds and forgotten promises. We deserve an award for inefficiency. At least we can commend Kitwe for giving us a better view of our broken pavements and pot holed city centre streets. In fairness though a lot of roads in Kitwe are actually quite decent in comparison.

  2. You are right, Phosile. Why does the Auditor General give reports, and what is supposed to be done with the Findings of the Auditor General? Are we happy to just ignore his findings that indicate that people have stolen, or abused public funds? What is “Unvouched Expenditure”, for example, not being stopped? Why aren’t people being punished for irregularly spending Tax Payers’ money?

    • Shi Mumba: the question is: How much power does the Auditor General have to prosecute such issues? If they don’t have powers let’s push that there is revision to the Act so that such cases can be prosecuted and people jailed and or made to pay for their acts. Even Chishimba asking for a Foresic Audit of RDA by the AG will not yield good results if the AG has no power to prosecute cases.

  3. ACC is on the spotlight again. Any matters relating to misuse or abuse of public resources concern ACC. It is misleading to question the publication of AG Reports using inaction on the part of ACC as an argument. ACC is ACC and AG remains AG. ACC can take action with or without AG Reports. In government certain administrative errors and mistakes do not automatically lead to arrests, trials or convictions. In some cases, personnel can be disciplined using administrative means. In other cases, arrests can be justified. It depends on evidence to prove allegations.

  4. The actual wife to Bashi Nono should take this up with her area MP to move a private members bill for the law to include action on reports from the Auditor General. We need also to revisit the Public Protector Office and perhaps appoint someone with a little more bite who can be mandate to take up these reports and where feasible in liaison with the DPP undertake criminal proceedings where fraud and graft are proven…we need the money we need discipline we need a new nation and we have to start somewhere

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