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State Witness Accuse Martha Mushipe of creating a UNPD youth crack squad for violence

General News State Witness Accuse Martha Mushipe of creating a UNPD youth crack squad...

Lawyer Mushipe (in blue) after leaving Woodlands Police
Lawyer Mushipe (in blue) after leaving Woodlands Police
A STATE witness yesterday told a Lusaka magistrates court that United Party for National Development (UPND) legal counsel Martha Mushipe convened a meeting to establish a crack squad to disturb peace in the country.

Mushipe is charged with seditious practice.

Ephraim Shakafuswa, 44, of Kabangwe told magistrate Felix Kaoma that at the meeting Mushipe tasked him and other people to disturb peace in the country through violence.

“I was among other people perceived to be radicals in the UPND who were called to an emergency meeting at the law firm owned by Ms Mushipe to form a task force on July 16, 2015,” said Mr Shakafuswa.

He said Mushipe told the team of about 10 youths the task force was to be secret and unknown to the party but with the mandate of mobilising the youth across the country to commit violent acts.

Mr Shakafuswa said he and others were told the violence would serve as a sign of protest against the running of State affairs and infringements on the party’s president’s rights by the State through the police.

He also identified three documents as among those distributed to them by Ms Mushipe during the meeting which was entitled ‘Strategy of Domination of PF against Opposition UPND 2015 – 2016 and Beyond’.

Mr Shakafuswa earlier told the court that he is a businessman, former UPND Lusaka Province coordinator and the ‘Julius Malema of UPND president’.

He said the committee convened by Ms Mushipe also included a Mr Emmanuel Chilekwa and Clance Zulu, among others drawn from various UPND committees.

“The members of the crack squad were given code names and my secret code name was C3. We were also asked to look for used car tyres to be used in the countrywide protests,” Mr Shakafuswa testified.

Mushipe was arrested and released on bail after being charged with seditious practice following a search of offices of her law firm by police and other security wings in Lusaka’s Millennium Village.


  1. The Shakafuswa traitors. He was with 10 people in a meeting and he cannot name them. Ati “Malema of UPND”! He sounds like another snitch, just like Canicius Banda.

    • @BucketBrains(Ha)Lungu…I’ve said it once and will keep repeating it..you guys are nothing but BLOOD THIRSTY ANIMALS vent on causing violence and confusion, mongers of hate speech, incitement and false alarmist news!

      6 times losers will become loser to the power infinity!

  2. Canicius Banda is not a snitch. He gave your tribal party a semblance of respectability until one HH decided to use him and dump him like a condom or a prostitute. And you expect Dr. Banda to be happy about the turn of events.

  3. The chaps who should be in the dock are the authors of ‘Strategy of Domination of PF against Opposition UPND 2015 – 2016 and Beyond’.

  4. Every man has his own price, you cannot trust everyone and think you are safe. 10 was a very big number Martha. By the way who was your advisor? Jst thinking.

  5. So the ugly scenes at Mulungushi conf center were all part of the exercise? Well Martha you are a lawyer at least by training but now you will join others in orange uniform. How were you going to pay the ‘unknown secret task force?’ and one C3 who was busy leaking information like one ‘amuka polishie polishie”

    • Very dull,ati ‘how were you doing to pay the unknown secret task force?’,those code names have an identity/name behind. The log file with the names is not accessable to everyone. You are extremely dull……..

  6. Not sure if was judge will take anything from the statement seriously…sounds fabricated, the evidence not in any way connected to the story


  8. We should not sink to such levels. Am sure if uncle Anderson were alive he would have formed government a long time ago unlike the rich f00ls mascarading as leaders laced with tribal venom.

  9. The boy has bn bribed, at this time not one can doubt the crooked tactics of PF and Lungu empire. When all is done and issues have settled… One will confess and say..”actually we were given so much by so so to say we had meetings and formation of crack squad to cause confusion.’ Because even if their is a commission to investigate. From PF language their carders were not violent all blames were on UPND. So how can judgement be different from this line of thought?

  10. Dull is in one head read C3 statement he says the task force was to be unknown by the upnd so how was she going to pay when she cannot pay for office space

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