Farmers in Chavuma district in North Western have commended government for promptly responding to the plight of those whose fields were invaded by army worms.

The farmers commended government for supplying them with the necessary chemicals to combat the pests.

Farmers representative, Vincent Kavungu said they were grateful to government for showing commitment by quickly containing the situation.

Mr Kavungu was speaking when the  Member of Parliament Victor Lumayi inspected fields that have been invaded by the pests in Chiyeke.

He said the spraying of fields by agriculture officers was a relief and called on government to continue helping other affected farmers in the district to avoid a poor harvest.

Earlier in the week, government dispatched additional chemicals and early maturing maize seed to North-western Province to enable farmers replant their crops.

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  1. Respected Farmers

    From what I have read, the chemicals kill existing worms and the chemical residue lasts for 3-4 days.

    Thereafter nothing stops female moths from neighbouring fields or areas hundreds of kilometers away from coming and laying eggs in your maize again. Neither does the chemical kill large worms that are pupating into moths under the ground and who will emerge for egg laying in a few days.

    The battle has been won, but the war is still on right until harvest day.

    As Mama Wina has said, its a national tragedy.



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