Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Stop harassing Tonga People, Not every Tonga belongs to UPND-President Lungu


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, addresses a gathering that welcomed him at Lundazi airstrip on Saturday where he went to inspect fields affected by Army Worms. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, addresses a gathering that welcomed him at Lundazi airstrip on Saturday where he went to inspect fields affected by Army Worms. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed civil servants and Patriotic Front(PF) members not to harass people deemed to be Tongas. President Lungu said that the victimisation of people based on tribes should come to an end.

The President said he had Information that people were going round harassing civil servants who were Tongas. The Head of State said Tongas must live freely because they were Zambians.

President Lungu said this when he addressed people at Lundazi Airstrip yesterday that he was disturbed with the reports that Tonga civil servants and others were being harassed.

He said belonging to the Tonga tribe does not guarantee that particular person belongs to the opposition UPND.

“It doesn’t mean that when you are a Tonga, you belong to opposition political party.Others are not politicians but are being harassed based on tribe. This should come to an end from now,” President Lungu said.

He said the people should not be discarded based on tribes stating that Zambians should embrace each based on One Zambia,One Nation motto.

President Lungu said Zambians should live in harmony because were one people regardless of the political affiliation.

He also hailed the people of Lundazi for electing him as the Republican President. He said he was happy that the people gave him massive votes in the general elections.

Speaking earlier Patriotic Front(PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri said she was happy that Lundazi gave enough votes to PF party in the elections.

And President Lungu has also said Government would ensure that old projects were first completed before starting the new ones.

He said when he toured Lundazi District Hospital that he wants to make sure that projects were completed before starting the new ones.

“Even when you are constructing a house you cannot start a new one before completing an old one. I am deeply disturbed that this hospital has not yet been completed,”he said.

He said there was need to revert back to Farmer Input Support Programme which was better than electronic voucher system.

Meanwhile, Lundazi chiefs have commended President Lungu for implementing a number of developmental projects in the district.

The chiefs who spoke through Kazembe of the Chewa people said they were happy that Lundazi has received a fare share in terms of developmental projects.

They however appealed to President Lungu to look at some roads which were in a bad state in various chiefdom in Lundazi district.

The Head of State also inspected a maize field affected by army worms and returned to Chipata for a night stop over.


    • Let him just call prayers and fasting so that tribalism demons can be cast out of them, because tongas are not going anywhere, if highly lethal Hitler’s Gestapo failed to annihilate the Jewish people, what is pf to annihilate tongas? That ain’t happening, all these tyrannical schemes are just sharpening us to be more stronger and precise in future. MWAGUNWA.

    • Just two days ago Sir you said some civil servants where sabotaging farmer input distribution. You told your party cadres to sort them out.

    • This Lazy Tin does not inspire confidence…this is what Taxpayers are paying this bum to do on his so called “working visit”…if the **** wants to promote unity why doesn’t he spend 3 days in Southern Province instead of issuing such messages on an airstrip in far away in Lundazi.
      There is no leadership in the country!!

    • That is the voice of a leader; words of wisdom.

      Not some opposition leaders who tell people to rise up and fight.

      Am sure that is why he keeps winning while others have been losing from day one.

    • @ 1.6 Ngolwa,

      What Lungu is saying is that he does not expect partisan politicians in the civil service.

      If your are a civil servant and you openly support hh and UPND, then you are a partisan politician who should not be in the civil service.

      You may say supposing some supports Lungu and PF.

      Well, Lungu is the Republican president and so is expected to be supported by all to deliver development.

      PF is the party in government whose policies the nation is currently implementing, so someone may be simply supporting government policies which of course are PF policies.

      So it is not as easy to establish that someone supporting Lungu and PF is partisan, as it is to establish that some supporting HH and UPND is indeed partisan.

      Those who use a bit if logic understand this…

    • Tribalism is certainly a great evil that must be dealt with head on! Some of us make it clear that regardless of one’s tribe if you are an inciter of hate who has a habit of calling for a part of the nation to be seperate and also calling other tribes monkeys, ba kuswe and also using silly usernames of the governing party’s leader and national President for that matter then one can expect a reaction. However let it be on record that as much as Hungry Hyena is a deplorable character so to is GBV who is a non Tonga. So it goes without saying that UPND regardless of tribe will always be the United Party for National Dunderheads- just look at their bloggers the likes of bucketbrains(ha)lungu and Nez (NewEvilMindedZambian)

    • Unfortunately, I don’t see any leadership in this speech. A good leader should not leave room for misinterpretation. What I gather from above is his acknowledgement of people being harassed because of them being tongas. However, if you are UPND or any other political party you can still be harassed, ECL is not speaking against that.

      I would have expected ECL to have condemned any harassment on the basis of tribe any political affiliation. period.

    • @1.2- and who told you that hitler wanted to annihilate the Jewish people. Also what is a jew? I think you got several facts wrong sir/madam.

    • Are you admitting that there is systematic persecution of Tonga people? And does it matter whether they are UPND or PF? You and HH are not what this country deserves.

    • Jay Jay,
      Are you saying that Tongas are sabotaging the FISP program? If they are then the president should go back on his word and direct the police, army, ZNS, Cadres and shushushu to sort them out badly.

    • He said there was need to revert back to Farmer Input Support Programme which was better than electronic voucher system. Dununa Reverse! What useless leaders we have.

    • Mr Lungu you a the one who is anti Tonga and your pf has just done what you told them to do. Now yoj want to claiming only being aware now when you used to get daily updates on the same. We know you are done retiring the Tongas from pf civil service. Some day all this will be recalled

  1. This is serious admission by the President. So Tongas are being harassed, for belonging to UNDP. This country is now damned. This guy will go down as a damn tribalist. If he is aware of just harassment, where are Tongas going to get protection from? Not form him, no law enforcement officers, not the constitution BUT they should protect themselves. Now it is WAR!

    • Contrary. Be objective. The President is right to direct that this practice be stopped unless you have passion to see tribalism continue as you seem one such advocate.

    • Lungu started the harassment of Tongas in Feb 2015. He is just surprised at how successfully his message has been taken up. Lungu is sowing the seed of genocide. What he is saying now is just public posturing for records purposes.

  2. We all know that this is not genuine. Why wasn’t such statements made pre election time when his fellow thugs were vicitimising tongas e.g kambwili. It is because then during campaign it worked out in their favour to promote hate against tongas . Now because things are going bad you want to try and show remorse. You evil ugly man lungu. I doubt you will teach 2021. You are cursed and vile. Lusaka times you are also useless biases media who only report on this ugly man who is paying you. Be fair

    • Not that these two men were right. Kambwili and Guy Scott never mentioned a tribe (Tonga) but Southern province/region and its growing radical attitude towards the State. There are many tribes in southern Province- Ila,Tokaleya, Tonga etc

    • @Bibo – that’s a terrible attempt at lying. To paraphrase your idyotcy, somebody who hates Africa does not mean he hates Zambia also. Do you think you can PF00L people that easily?

  3. So basically lungu is saying it is OK to harrass all tongas belonging to upnd? What an evil man . Lungu you will die soon for your hatred. Your days are numbered. What has upnd done to you? Why can’t you accept multi party democracy you weak dictator. You act like you have a small penis . Very insecure little man

    • The problem is that it is assumed and has come to be accepted that when one attacks UPND, politically speaking he has attacked Tongas. Please not all Tongas belong to UPND. And it is not a sin to belong to a political party.

  4. This is just to cover Davis mwila instructing PF to steal plots and take over public places.

    Deal with what your fellow thug said….

  5. this id..t had nothing to tell people hs completely failed to deriver i regret my wasted vote. unfortunately hallucinating hyna z not taking ths advantage nzelu kuma court.

    • You will continue to waste your vote because of your mental incapacity to assess what matters in life. Just enjoy the comedy you helped create.

  6. You nez. You’re a useless upnd dipper. El is genuine. The thing is, Tonga’s should change on a very serious note. Even in work places, you find tongad isolating other tribes. Am married to a Tonga and she had warned me not to ever vote for Tonga’s because of their egos and stupidity of putting tribe first. In some companies where they are Tonga’s, their behaviour speaks volumes.but am glad el doesn’t want Tonga’s to be intimidated. What my President should have done was to go further and ask Tonga’s to stop being tribal. Including their cheeky chiefs.

    • In every tribe we have fuoolish and dumb pillocks. In your case you married a foolish tonga woman. It has nothing to do with her tribe she is just an indisciplined ignorant twat.

    • In every tribe we have fuoolish and dumb pillocks. In your case you married a foulish tonga woman. It has nothing to do with her tribe she is just an indisciplined ignorant twat.

    • @Mafuta, you married a self hating Tonga woman, a bit like a low level Mushota. I hope your home life makes sense. Two idyots in one home can be too much.

    • Pf supporters you lack critical thinking. And there lies the problem. Lungu is promoting tribalism in every sense and you are supporting him.

  7. Mr President address the shame and disrepute Davies Mwila has brought to our party.
    Kaponya (HH) and his UPND are a non factor between now and 2021. Your Excellency you only have 4 more years and it’s likely the Con Court will rule that you are not eligible for a 3rd term.
    Concentrate on a strong legacy and quit the campaign mode your Excellency. Cane Davies Mwila and Kambwili so that our people can have confidence in us. You can raise Mumbi Phiri she’s doing well.

    • I am completely shocked and appalled by the lack of courage in the PIG Kanganja. The bankam, with all the power he yields has failed to act on Antonio Mwanza’s complaint against Davies Mwila.
      Our President with all his power is silent on Davies Mwila’s call for a violent take over of stations and markets by our PF youths.
      We need to act and show our progressiveness.

    • I am wondering if this is the real Mr. Kudos, the Mr. Kudos we knew before elections. Lately, he has made a very significant change in rhetoric and being objective, which is healthy.
      Next is NEZ

    • I think that @Kudos’ profile has been hijacked and an impostor is blogging in the place of the bitter and tribal original one.

  8. Even at State House Tonga’s are been treated badly and thank God he has told the World how his party is treating the Oppositions.

    • In other words, harassing UPND members is fine and must be encouraged. Really? These are words coming from the person who has sworn to defend the constitution which enshrines multi-partism.

    • @Matador, please be serious! Lungu has murdered and mutilated the Constitution. Nothing makes sense any more under Lungu.

  9. My wife is tonga and UPND and am bemba and PF , but I’d kill anyone who can harass her. She has her freedom of choice this why she is married to me because she chose herself. The word must read Stop harassment of one another.

  10. NEZ cheekala I understand your hatred for lungu but be assured that much as u continue with your anger you will never see your HACHAMBWA HABABWA ascending to the highest seat in the land, that I can tel u

    • Wazababanga, The good news is that God is the only one who has the final say on all matters. If it is God’s will that HH will be a Zambian president one day, no amount of cursing and hatred from you or any of your kind will stop that! I pray that this will come to pass very soon. Amen!

  11. Now we know that Lungu considers all Members and supporters of UPND are his Enemies and should be victimised. More than 2000 UPND Supporters have been jailed for belonging to this Party. HH,GBM and other UPND Leaders are being harassed ,persecuted , arrested and jailed for belonging to UPND Party. This misrule will backfire on Lungu soon. Lungu must realise that he lost the 2016 Elections,stole the Vote and refused to handover power to HH. We hope Lungu knows that this is the way Yahya Jammeh misruled Gambia and where is he now? Lungu is suffering from a Jammeh disease and Zambians will soon find a cure for this deadly disease.

  12. Why go that far nstead of just hitting the nail on the head, its his wayward girlfriend one Patriotic Front(PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri who is the Kachema of this evil tribalism against Tongas. It’s her he should tell right in her face to shove the tribal bigotry against Tongas up her stinking p.ussy where it never shines.

  13. But u people can’t u be greatful aiii ur president is trying to make peace but u still find a way to talk rubbish like this awe mwandi…… u people know for ur selves how tongas r and he is trying to bring peace and stop these tribalism but rubbish keeps coming out of people’s mouths… if u don’t like PF go to America and live with Donald trump maybe then u will learn to be grateful

    • The statement is completrly misplaced. He is supposed to say stop hating UPND members not Tongas. That’s a tribal comment.

    • Why should Tongas go to America? They are the original indigenous people while all you are squatters and refugees. Tongas have been in this area for over 1,000 years. They are not going anywhere. Get used to it!

  14. By the way here is a little historical lesson about tongas, no rampaging tribal groupings running away from shaka wars passed through tongaland, they had to divert, go ask tonga elders why this is so, ask mpezeni why his forefathers had to skip tongas on their runway journey and to settle on the bembas all the way up north.

  15. the president appealed to PF cadres to only harass Tongas who are UPND….what the hell is going on in Zed kanshi….just the other day the PF SG instructed councils not to give land to UPND members or UPND sympathisers…and not to allow any known UPND member or those in UPND regalia to board any bus from PF controlled stations…and the PF Police IG instructed new police recruits in perceived PF strong hold not to marry foreigners (Tongas, Lozis,Kaondes, Kachokwes etc) those already engaged to any must report to provincial HQ otherwise they will be fired..Agriculture minister Dora claimed UPND caused the delay of farming inputs are responsible for army worms…siting why only southern province is free from the worms

  16. We have no president bane! No iota of wisdom. His talk does not inspire confidence. Only ama ilele yeka yeka! He had the opportunity to get rid of this cancer when Davis Chama and Mumbi Phiri started this nonsense against the humble Tonga people! Now his statements now have just proved what we have observed. To Lungu, it is wicked to belong to UPND. It is only now when he has learnt that a lot of Tongas are apolitical when the damage has been done. The deputy Army Commander was Tonga and it is not a secrete that he was replaced by a Phiri because of being Tonga. Several Senior Tonga civil servants have either been fired, retired or demoted for no other reason than that of having a Tonga surname.The trouble is EL is not being sincere. It is rather too late to say sorry after you have…

    • Correction: it was Lungu who started the anti Tonga campaigns in February 2015 before his minions, Davis Chama and Mumbwe Phiri, took up the tribal chorus. Lungu is reaping the rewards of his bigoted talk and actions.

  17. Injured so many. The safety that tribe diversity provided has been destroyed and now his very tribesmen and cousins will be the ones to sort him out. The cracks have already emerged and only time will tell.

  18. “Not every Tonga is UPND”

    Mr President, this message implies that it is okay to harass Tongas who are UPND!

    My foot!

  19. When the president says that not all tongas belong to the opposition or are piliticians, he is saying that tongas who belong to the opposition must be harrassed. Is it not everyones democratic right to belong to a party of his/her own choice? Is it a crime for a tonga to be in the opposition? When will mr. president graduate from school of communication?

    • It’s not a communication problem. He meant every word he uttered. Hate and harras all Tongas who belong to Upnd. We know his ways.

    • It is incredible this is coming from a head of state. What he means is that every Tonga who belongs to the opposition must be harassed. I am Tonga and I love my country and this man will not change my love for my country despite which political party I support. My foot! We don’t deserve this mediocrity for our beautiful country.

  20. Koma LUNGU is a HYPOCRITE. African Proverb: When u point a FINGER at someone, 4 FINGERS are pointing at yourself.

    LUNGU, it’s too late to make such a statement when we know u are the Chief TRIBALIST & chief perpetrator of Political VIOLENCE. That statement should have been preached before elections. But bcoz LUNGU is a direct beneficiary of tribalism & violence, he chose to remain mute.

    Kambwili’s Evil Tribal talk against Tongas is still there on YOUTUBE: wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=36_pIn7mDck.

    Not a single word of condemnation from u. What a useless, weak, hypocritical PRESIDENT!!! U thought leadership is a walk in the park. Now u realise that your tactics have back-fired with your useless victimization of civil servants just bcoz they didn’t vote for u.

    • Never mind this coward Lazy lungu…he is busy campaigning whilst every taxpayers is paying for his trip. Instead of commenting on what his SG was saying about handing out plots; he start issuing statements on an airstrip!!

    • He is not insinuating. He has explicitly said so. Just read his statement. Any Tonga who admits to supporting UPND can expect to be harassed and hounded out of a civil service job and/or Eastern Province.

  21. “He also hailed the people of Lundazi for electing him as the Republican President. He said he was happy that the people gave him massive votes in the general elections.”

    Based on what? not idea, not debate, but on the son of lundazi please let be honesty to each other if we clame be chritiane nation. Would Christ make statement like these knowing what took place.
    President lunga is the first Zambian to come to power by the help of the armed forces.

  22. Good Your Excellent. The same message goes to many tonga civil servants who when given authority only look at who speaks their language for promotions, not performance or merit. All Zambians MUST be treated and treat each other equally. They must also not be chased from certain regions just because they voted for others, no tribes or regions mentioned here you know whom.

    • Looking at who speaks your language, @terrible give us a list of all the names of your pf ministers and their tribe? Name and tribe.

  23. Where was Edward when one Chimbwili was given 2hrs on deadtv to insult Southerners ? Whatever is happening has a bearing on you Edward.

  24. You I’ll never appreciate… He said tribalism must end.but you just want to interpret what he said according to what you want to say or hear?what’s wrong with you people? Let’s build one another and not incite violence or malicious behaviors.

    • Don’t insult us you *****. Some of us Tongas run the most successful institutions at national, regional and international level.

    • Most Bembas I know are tribal. They expect everybody to know their language and speak it to whoever is present, even in offices and at official occasions.

  25. In a Democracy, which when I last checked Zambia legally was, Lungu should say “DON’T harass Tonga’s, or any other tribal groups, even if they are U.P.N.D, or Not”, as this is undemocratic & tribalist.
    It appears from his message, Chagwa is saying “Its okay to harass Tonga U.P.N.D, members, BUT spare them torment, & intimidation if they belong to P.F, or other fringe satelite -P.F sympathetic opposition parties”.

  26. Mr President, it is not a secret that so many Tongas are being persecuted in courts for being thought of sympathesing with opposition….

  27. Chipenzi I beg to differ with u. All pipo with tribal inclinations are tribal.unless u choose not to define who u are by tribe u won’t be. I think Tonga’s are lovely pipo.i have failed to like Edward because I don’t know why he’s allowed and harbored a bunch of Id! Ot$ like chama chimbwili mumbi Frank en the like who have been championing tribalism. Such a shame.

    • @ Chikunda, According to you when people talk about the tribalism which you practise openly and shamelessly, to you they are championing tribalism, don’t be so deceitful, we are not dumb

  28. Lungu should just deal with priorities. The priority for Lungu is to resolve the UPND Petition and his Illegitimacy. The Petition has to be heard, determined and the Winner of the Election declared by the Court. Now that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is dethroned, Lungu must know the focus on misgovernance has shifted from Gambia to Lungu in Zambia and Kabila in DRC. South Africa,Bostwana and Tanzania have recognised President Adama Barrow of Gambia while Dictator Mu7 has stood with fellow Dictator Yahya Jammeh but now he is gone. Illegitimate Lungu and his mentor Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe should tell us whether they recognise the New President of Gambia or not? Kalaba where are you?

    • Delusional chap who told you Mugabe is ECL’s mentor? Don’t make daft assumptions. Mugabe is not ECL’s mentor.

    • There is no petition in court against Lungu.

      If you are talking about the petition that GBM and HH made against Lungu’s election, the you are behind.

      That petition expired. It expired because HH and GBM avoided having their case heard due to lack of supporting evidence to their imagined claims.

      What is in court now is a postmortem of the expired and collapsed petition.

      HH and GBM simply want to know if their rights were not violated.

      Let me tell you what the purpose of a postmortem is NOT.

      The purpose of a postmortem is NOT to bring back the dead.

      HH and GBM’s petition is dead.

  29. What Lungu is saying is that he does not expect partisan politicians in the civil service.

    If your are a civil servant and you openly support hh and UPND, then you are a partisan politician who should not be in the civil service.

    You may say supposing some supports Lungu and PF.

    Well, Lungu is the Republican president and so is expected to be supported by all to deliver development.

    PF is the party in government whose policies the nation is currently implementing, so someone may be simply supporting government policies which of course are PF policies.

    So it is not as easy to establish that someone supporting Lungu and PF is partisan, as it is to establish that some supporting HH and UPND is indeed partisan.

    Those who use a bit if logic understand this very easily. I am…

  30. Mr Edgar Lungu DID NOT win in Lundazi presidential elections. I was in Lundazi during the elections time and participated in the counting of the results. The results announced by ECZ were NOT correct as was widely known. Why do I say so? Total registered voters in Lundazi District was 68,000. Lungu was no where near to win elections in Lundazi from the people on the ground. ECZ declared 78,000 results of votes in Lundazi District. ECZ cheated on this figure supported by disgraced judge Essau Chulu. 10,000 votes were given to Lungu by EZC. I have evidence and names of all the returning officers who refused to give out the G 12 form to monitors in the polling stations on which results are recorded. Lungu stole results through ECZ.

  31. Lets pray for UNCLE DIZZY,jameson is making him so much excited.instead of inspecting fields that have been ravaged by stalkborers he goes to eastern to drink and starts talking nosense.GOD pls help us

  32. PF cadres who think the Petition is dead will be shocked. We all have our Constitutional Rights to be heard. These Rights are detailed in the Bill of Rights administered by the High Court. HH and GBM’s Rights have been violated. The Petition will heard without fail. Illegitimate Lungu has been blocking the Petition in Courts becoz with evidence of 10000 votes stolen from HH in Lundazi alone Lungu did not win the 2016 Elections at all. That is why Lungu does not want the Petition to be heard in Court. There is overwhelming evidence that Lungu lost the Election and refused to handover power to HH. Constitutionalism will prevail and even the docile and treacherous SADC will be forced to address the Petition issue. Ecowas enforced the Will of People in Gambia. All eyes on SADC, Lungu in…

    • wasosa. they think HH is crazy to be fighting this case through to the end. Zambians dont realise how vita the rule of law is. Zambia has set many precedents and HH is just about to set one where the sitting president is ruled illegal to rule.

  33. That is pf and it’s tribalism. Tongas have been in opposition ever since and no past government has harassed them. .What is Pf trying to prove by firing Upnd supporters? tribalism of course.

  34. I am “mauless”, our President has to correct this statement. NO ZAMBIAN MUST BE HARASSED period.

    Edgar you are a leader or President for Zambia now. UNITE OUR COUNTRY please Sir.

    Yaba so embarrassing!!!!!

    • Edgar is too fragile he cant unite the country he will continue plying on bemba tribalism with their Eastern new tribal recruits for his survivor.One cannot unite people without ideas.We are doomed as a country,Tongas have been in Zambia longer than the Payafama we never saw the victimization we have seen in this 5yrs.When the same lungu accidently appointed siamunene as defence minister he said I quote(even a tonga can be appointed defence minister) so his altitude has not changed.He thinks Tongas are his enemies.

  35. We all know that he has allowed a policy of ethnic cleansing to wipe out Tongas, Lundas, Kaondes, Lozis, and Luvales from govt and quasi-govt institutions. Shame that he behaves like a duck, innocent on the surface but paddling tribal hatred underneath.

  36. Nothing will ever be good for blind followers in upnd!!what the president has said are nice words which all well meaning Zambians must support.but since it didnt come from the “angel or god”,hh then its nonsense to them!!but to hell,who cares?its like you enjoy losing.keep on promoting tribalism and you will see who will be a loser between the majority Zambians(bemba speakers and easterners) and you bantustans!!!WELL SAID ECL!!tribalist will never make hh enter state house.if hh wont win in luapula,northern,muchinga,eastern,cb and lusaka urban in 2021,then he will 100% lose for a record 6th time because 3.5 provinces cant make him win the presidency-period!!!UPND WILL CRY ABOUT RIGGING BUT IN THAT WONT CHANGE ANYTHING!!SO TIME TO STOP TRIBALISM IS NOW OR UPND SHALL CRY ONCE MORE IN…

  37. Koma imwe you don’t like peace and love in this country. Here is an instruction to stop harassing people of different tribe and all of us are busy analyzing the statement in a different way instead of just appreciating what the President has said. What is it that we want honestly

  38. Stop harassing Tonga People, Not every Tonga belongs to UPND-President Lungu:::
    papa you are not been real, #ulichiyangawamvwasena, does it mean the tongas from the UPNd need to be harrased??

    #wondering if lungu has advisers…

  39. The Petition is not just about UPND,HH &GBM . It is about you and me and our Constitutional Rights. I have a Right to support a Political Party of my choice, to go to a Church of choice, to marry a wife of my choice irrespective of whether she is a foreigner or not etc. Illegitimate Lungu and his illegal govt is violating Our Human rights. HH is being harassed and persecuted becoz he is Tonga and President of UPND Zambians must fight for their Rights and should not allow their Rights to be trampled by Illegitimate Lungu and his illegal govt. If we don’t fight for the Petitioners’ Rights ,Lungu will rig the 2021 Elections as well. ECZ, Concourt, ZRP etc were used to rig the Elections in 2016. These Institutions need to be reformed so that Zambia will have a credible,free and fair…


  41. Ba Pulezidenti stick to eating mangoes on the roadside. Your statement implies it’s alright to harass Upnd members. Don’t harass Tonga’s because not all of them are UPND and Upnd we can harrangue. Get a professional speechwriter

  42. Zambia is for all Zambians. Just not Harras anyone based on creed, tribe, religion, political belief, gender and disability. Simply put do not harass any Zambian. Let there be the rule of law. Stop retiring productive civil servants in National interest without following the natural course of justice. Stop and reverse it Mr. President. DO NOT JUST PLAY LIP SERVICE. FAMILIES HAVE BEEN MESSED UP IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS IN VARIOUS MINISTRIES OF GRZ.

  43. Am I interpreting his comments correctly buy assuming he means that if you are Tonga and belong to UPND it’s ok to be harassed?

  44. This guy amuses me. Sometimes I used to think it’s just a slip of his tongue but alas the man is on a genocide mission. Tribalism starts and ends with him. This is the guy who says something and does something else. He is doing the same here. He is encouraging the people of lundazi and telling them to persecute UPND members and tongas. This is a sign though that tongas are about to rule this country.

  45. Lungu does Not understand the Bill of Rights and why it exists and why it is in our Constitution. Lungu does not understand that people have Constitutional Rights to be heard in Court, to belong to a Political Party of their choice,to marry a woman of their choice, to go a church of their choice etc. Lungu is saying if u are Tonga and u are a Member or supporter of UPND then u should be victimised with impunity. Now we know why Fred Mmembe is being victimized becoz he is married to a Tonga woman.Lungu is violating peoples’ Rights by arresting them on trumped up charges, jailing them, persecuting them etc using state machinery. That is how Jammeh misruled Gambia for 22 years and Lungu is doing the same in Zambia.That is why we must support HH & GBM in their fight for their Constitutional…

  46. So, if all the Tongas were UPND, then Tongas deserve to be harassed! And, that all UPND supporters need to discriminated and persecuted? This is very alarming. This calls for impeachment of the President!

  47. Me i do not believe this man he wants show people that he is good but again he will instruct people to against the Tonga’s.We know what is happening.

  48. Me i do not believe this man he wants show people that he is good but again he will instruct people to be against the Tonga’s.We know what is happening.

  49. This leader is a big let down, honestly! What is wrong with belonging to UPND?

    The words that comes out of his mouth……..anyway.

  50. He he zambians hold on.Stop this tribe thing.Why do UPND supporters mention bembas when speaking or writing?The president is not bemba and the vise president is not bemba.Most bembas are so friendly and don’t believe in tribalism.Go to luapula,northern and muchinga you’ll be happy how these pipo will welcome you.They don’t practice tribalism.To tell the truth most UPND supporters support UPND on tribal.We need to learn something from this party otherwise Zambia can be on fire if UPND cadres are not termed.I try to teach my UPND supporters not to hate other tribes especially based on the loss of UPND.Where my friend is working one manager from western has fired most employees from other regions and replaced with his fellow tribesmen.So terrible to see tribalism in this morder world…

  51. Moscow and your president drink from from the same calabash. This tribal nonsense is always started by the politicians such as Lungu, but they speak in codes to cipher the real message. Read that message now and tell me whose being tribalistic here. Its Lungu, he saying harass all UPND but not all tongas, thats spreading coded tribalism, how does tonga and UPND relate to his speech here, apart from spewing seeds of discontentment and distracting his failures to individuals in the opposition. Where have you found, except for Trump, a president who speaks more of opponents that what hes planning for the nation. whats his vision to tackle the economic woes Zambia is facing, zero no idea whats going on. He should stop this nonsense otherwise we will be a divided nation with ethnic wars…

  52. But, what is wrong with individualism, tribalism, regionalism, statemanship, nationalism, patriotism, pan-Africanism, or good World order? Why should only tribalism and regionaslism only to be blamed? Only demagoges will looth tribalsm!

    All are the foregoing virtues. They should all be promoted and championed, for they bring out the best at all levels. Srong bricks and mortor make for good foundation and superstructure!

  53. It is sad that the President has come to know that Tongas are harrased because they are Tongas…..Did he not know that He contributed to hate too during the elections when He allowed Kambwili, Chama, Mumbi Phiri , Frank Bwalya and many others to say degoratory remarks against Southerners, Westerners and North westernes ?
    Children of GOD , in African , our Leaders have misused us terribly for their selfish ends and we have remained in poverty……
    Look at the comfort , luxury and glamour our leaders live in yet we farm,work and pay taxes for their comfort.
    They cheat us that they represent us and if I may ask who has ever been invited for lunch at State house? Nobody except their friends in power.
    Ask the President if He pays taxes…. when a poor civil servant who is paid five…

  54. Dont use the media to lie to others about our tribes…… Fear GOD and tell the truth. we will give an account to GOD.Never should we think that we better than others. Self praise is bad, so is self glory. No tribe is better than the other or worse than the other.
    I am yet to hear someone who say that GOD was wrong to create Tongas,Lozis ,Bembas and Nyanjas .If I do hear, curse is that man

  55. Lungu is a hypocrite of the worst kind. He recently fired Tongas and north westerners from the civil service using Christa Kalulu that is terrible harassment. The cadres harassing Tongas got the clue from him. This is absolute nonsense.
    He is also saying as long as a Tonga is UPND one can be harassed.
    By the you relatives of christa who were saying she had gone into hiding not answering phones and not calling now you know where to find her and what she is doing. She’s Lungu’s messenger of dirty works. Maybe a concubine as well.
    Lungu do not forget our rights as Zambians first and foremost. Then as human beings. Lungu and all your henchmen remember you will one day leave state house and shall be ordinary citizens. The law will then visit you.

  56. When this hatred by Bembas against Tonga cross one certain invisible delimitation, there will be a senseless ethic crisis in Zambia. Please stop this tribal and political hatred nonsense now. Zambia is a multi-tribe democracy.

  57. I hope the people in the offices who are busy retiring young and educated people from southern and NwP manufacturing stories are listening.
    This matter is real and people are losing jobs everyday.
    Apparently there is a list at PMSD with innocent people targeted by either senior management scared of the young upcoming educated ones to take up their positions or create lies.
    Can someone explain how a 45 year graduate can be retired on national interest leaving a mere diploma holder at 58 years old still working

  58. It’s sad to hear the effect UPND has had on the citizenry. These divisions were deliberately created and we must all heed this call. Down Tribal based campaigns and bond. We have always been One Zambia, One Nation. Our President is being proactive in dealing with this problem let’s support him.

  59. Forsake,

    One day,zambia wil be on fire coz carelessness of these politicians.

    Enof iz geting enof .

    9/11 didnt happen in a day_!

    Be warned.

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