Wednesday, June 19, 2024

World Bank Zambia Pollution Report 2017



  1. This World Banks US$65.6 million credit~ more kaloba~ to tackle environmental pollution by PF violent bandits of visionless Lungu will be fully wasted into their gluttonous stomachs. Millions of people are affected by mining pollution not only in kitwe, chingola & Kabwe but other areas along Kafue river etc.
    PF bandits will chew the money & zero will never benefit the perpetuated 70,000 people of the named 3towns above.
    Kaloba for more pollution of air & environment to disease people & gardens leading to cancer. 26,000 millilitres of lead as of 2003 is express death, simple!
    The Skeleton Key

  2. The sector that fail us in Zambia is the media. They can’t put even a note in their diaries so That some day in future someone accounts for this…
    What am not sure is the curriculum for our journalists coupled with ethics of institutions they work for… too much gaps in this profession.
    And politicians exploit that severely…

  3. The Mines in Zambia are fit for Human Rights Prosecutions. I hope there will be compensations paid for those whose health and lives were tragically affected. It’s not enough to just clean up, we need some Justice for people.

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