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Luapula Province to hold Investment Expo to attract China, Turkey and South Africa Investors


Luapula River
Luapula River
IN A quest to attract investors from China, Turkey and South Africa, an inaugural investment expo is set for Luapula Province this year.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa said the expo, which will be held in July, is a government flagship initiative to showcase the investment potential in that area.

Mr Chilangwa said this when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda people in Mwansabombwe district.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr Chilangwa said the expo, which is expected to be graced by President Lungu, will attract both local and international investors.

The expo will showcase the vast natural endowments in all the districts of Luapula Province in a bid to woo investors to the region.

“All the 11 districts in the region are expected to market their investment opportunities during the expo,” Mr Chilangwa said.

He appealed to traditional leaders in the province to consider allocating enough land to Government for investment zoning in advance to quicken the process of acquiring land for investments as his office has received a number of requests from local and international and local investors who want to set up various investments.

On the promotion of tourism, Mr Chilangwa said the investors are expected to attend the Umutomboko traditional ceremony during the expo.

Meanwhile, Chief Mwata Kazembe is happy with Government’s plans to develop Luapula and appealed for quick implementation of developmental projects in the province.
He, however, said some projects in the region have stalled.


  1. Luapula could have been a great tourism mecca with lovely beaches. But tell the chief to make sure that the witches don’t send human crocks in the water.

  2. @ KK Airport Cabinet: Are you aware that show-casing this famous skill called “Witchcraft” could be a crowd-puller? Tourists could be treated to competitions between witches and wizards from the various districts, especially Kwa Mununga (the Capital of Witchcraft). For example, they can show-off their flying skills on various designs of brooms and other paraphernalia, while others can create fire from “akalumba”, the opponent can manufacture an instant thunderstorm with lightning, and extinguish that fire! The whole world will come to (Liver Pool) Luapula Province and spend their Dollars and Euros…

  3. I recently visited Luapula province and was saddened with under development in the province. I had a discussion with agriculture officers and was shocked that the metric tonnes for both rice and maize seed under FISP could not be exhausted by farmers in the districts. The Luena farm is dormant. the livestock stock(cattle-(10,000 herd) in the whole province is lower than the cattle in Monze (154,000 herd)..Goats are not little in stock despite near Congo.
    Surely,WE must work hard ourselves than wait for foreign investors.
    there is a lot of water in Luapula but there is little cash crop growing with the locals.
    I asked agriculture officers the number oflocal commercial farmers in the province…. None……. No combine harvesters in the province…..
    Please , zambians let us work…

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