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I want E-Governance to be part of my Legacy-President Lungu

Headlines I want E-Governance to be part of my Legacy-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu speaking at Statehouse swearing in Ceremony on Thursady 7th January 2016. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has said that he is keen to see the civil service fully adapt to the e-governance system. The Head of State said that he wants the electronic system to become part of his government’s legacy.

President Lungu was speaking at State House when he swore-in National Coordinator for the Centre of Excellence for e-governance and ICT- at Cabinet Office, Martine Mtonga.

President Lungu said the civil service is lagging behind in some aspects and tasked the new coordinator to move the system towards electronic governance.

President Lungu also said his government is open to appointing qualified and credible individuals to various national positions. He said his government’s top priority is national development.

And Dr Mtonga told journalists that he is determined to ensure government systems are managed electronically as he picks up his new job. He said he will be engaging line departments to see how the electronic system could be used to maximised revenue collection.

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    • Yyaaa sekeni mwee….. After all these years. This is his VISION.
      Sometimes I feel like God has cast a terrible thing on Zambians, worse is to make even leaders start thinking like 19 year olds. Governing on Facebook and LT is legacy for Edgar now.
      Who will remember him for that?

    • @ Nostro…D,
      So u want GRZ to remain in the Stone age. The Man should be noticed for making the effort towards modernity. HH and them have not even envisioned this. I mean imagine GBM thinking IT. HH is allergic to IT and has always been against modernizing the ECZ system into and IT driven one. That’s why it takes SMSs Faxes and photocopies to workout the election results even today. I say good move ECL!!!!

    • Iwe Ka lungu!! Just reduce on irrelevant foreign trips and focus on building the economy.
      Leave that E-Government thing to the c-evil service, focus on curbing corruption, your own is agriculture, education, health and the overall economy.

    • Agreed @ ‘Ingwe’ as I was thinking exactly the same thing.

      E-governance my a$s… You visit a country and you see what they are doing and you think you can come and implement it overnight without giving it a good thought. This dysfunctional government to go digital is a pipedream. How long did they take to migrate their national TV from Analog to digital? Mr President, first take clean water, food , electricity, computers, etc to rural Shang’ombo and rural Mpulungu then start talking about ‘e-governance’?. While you are at it, ensure that you also invest in cyber security.

      My point is, there are a lot of infrastructure that go with digital systems and setting up isn’t enough but it requires a lot in skilled manpower and resources to maintain them. If you can’t manage paper…

    • …If you can’t manage paper files, how would you with digital files? It’s good to dream though Mr President.

    • @2.1 I have been observing you for a while now, but sorry to say you’ve really degenerated. Without reading your pen name, one would mistake you for our two most obnoxious resident trolls on here.

      Yes of course I am talking about NEZ and Book Tooth Lang…!

    • LEGACY? …… Lungus legacy will be poverty for the next generation of Zambians. They will have to work like slaves for just enough to eat because they will be taxed to pay back the KALOBA that Lungu has borrowed and SQUANDERED and STOLEN!

      He is now interested in “e-governence” only because he has discovered that a Ugandan in the ECZ server room can help him steal an election!

  1. GIGO we have said before back to the basics.
    what we need to sort out first is our new NRC with a bar cord
    Next is to name all our streets & every house to have a number
    then have a central database

  2. MMD closing in on Rupiah
    By Chibaula Silwamba
    Mon 14 Nov. 2011, 14:00 CAT

    In what appears to be a move that is going for Rupiah Banda, the MMD has summoned his campaign manager Boniface Kawimbe and committee deputy director Martin Mtonga over the source of the former president’s campaign funds.

    According to sources, the MMD national executive committee (NEC) has set up a sub-committee to be headed by former defence minister and the party’s foreign affairs chairperson Dr Kalombo Mwansa to conduct a postmortem of the former ruling party’s performance in the September 20 tripartite elections.

    Sources said the sub-committee had instituted investigations into the campaign funds and how the said resources were used.

    “So far, Dr Kawimbe and presidential campaign committee…

  3. ECL just swore all these bunkums all at once and we forget. Every other week its swearing, we are now getting tired.

  4. You people opposing for the sake of opposing don’t know how much paper is used in government.
    This issue is an emergency. When you think about paper, extrapolate the cost of printers and toner with a function higher than to the power 2. Then the cost of filing, the cost of lost pension file, the cost of filing and the risk of fire.


    • Engaging Singaporeans? Agreed, they are the BEST. Only one issue, Singaporean Law does not allow business association with people or government officials suspected of corrupt practices.

  5. E-governance system is necessary tool for govt & can’t form anyone’s legacy. If suppliers of e-governance system spot you as potential customer, push you to buy it doesn’t mean that that purchase is your vision. If motor spares shop successfully sells tool box to mechanic for his use, doesn’t mean the mechanic’s acquisition of his necessary tool is a legacy? Many Zambian men too claim legacy when they buy chicken for family & demand to be given special body parts. Even if you don’t share chicken with the family its your basic duty.

  6. E-governance with the pipe dream of imported electricity from South Africa. And the load shedding. Great idea! Your government will be run by South Africa!

    Dream on!

    Every time people goes to vote there will be load shedding to facilitate rigging of electoral results.

  7. “Do not start climbing a tree from the leaves but the trunk,” is a common Zambian proverb which we are all familiar with.

  8. I know of an office that buys 45 reams of paper, 6 big tonners, employs a photocopying attendant and has a debt of 12,635 for stationery and all this incurred this year. Believe me, the amount of stationery used by GRZ in total is not less than 25% of what government spends on FRA to buy maize, rice etc. If you think am joking, calculate how much paper is used on secondary schools handouts, prescriptions, leave forms, cheques and bank charges on cheques, tearing of wrongly written documents etc every day. Just the paper bins filled with shredded paper amount to a grant for a hospital. Unless you have never worked in government, you can not dispute this development.

  9. Don’t forget suppression of the most critical private media(Post),embracing corruption and plunder, most disputed election results, allowing PF to be hijacked by MMD and silencing of political opponents as part of his legacy also.

  10. This is a highly technical position so why does this Gentleman need to take an Oath of office? Taking an Oath of Office should be limited to holders of political offices. Career Civil Servants should sign a Code of Conduct with Confidentiality Clauses thats all. Signing an Oath of office b4 the Head of State politices the position. There is too much Patronage in the PF Govt which makes all Senior Civil Servants PF cadres. That makes the Zambian Civil Service highly politicised and inefficient.

  11. My president you need to invest in IT otherwise you’ll lose billions of kwacha looking at the education levels of civil servants.Most of them don’t know how to use systems.U need also information security to be improved in Zambia.Zambia loses billions of kwacha due to cyber crimes.Let us improve our systems and employ good IT engineers.Some of us are in private sector coz govt had no jobs for IT specialists.Technology moves well with good IT education background. ZICTA upto now can’t even trace how telecom companies steal from customers.They just get free salaries.There are no monitoring tools to know what’s happening in Zambia. Nowonder mine companies don’t even pay taxes.no system in place.Bwafya ba kateka mu Zambia.Please IT should be a priority otherwise u’ll remain behind with…

  12. There is nothing that you are talking about you. You have no respect for civil service. You are just yapping like a dog. Useless president! Your days are numbered. Drunkard foolish president!

  13. It is laughable! How can a simple thing like that be seen as a president’s legacy? It’s like having 5 chickens and 3 goats then you claim everywhere that you are a notable farmer! A president must aim at higher bigger massive projects recognizable as revolutionary for the entire country!

  14. This is not a priority at the moment Iwe chakolwa. Can you make sure that all towns and districts have a proper sewage and water systems . It is sad that some parts of Lusaka like matero are still using pit latrines while you yapping about a e- governance .People will die because they will catch cholera from lack of toilet not a computer. Electricity production is another area we need to expand on this .The rubbish lying about can be used to generate electricity . The demand and supply ratio for water, sewerage and electricity is shocking .

  15. This is not a priority at the moment Iwe chakolwa. Can you make sure that all towns and districts have a proper sewage and water systems . It is sad that some parts of Lusaka like matero are still using pit latrines while you are yapping about a e- governance .People will die because they will catch cholera because they lack a toilet not a computer. Electricity production is another area we need to expand on .The rubbish lying about can be used to generate electricity . The demand and supply ratio for water, sewerage and electricity is shocking . Lundazi choma mwanasabombwe need clean water first.

  16. I think He is spot on. Data should be encrypted when transmitted across networks in order to protect against eavesdropping of network traffic by unauthorized users. This will have transmitting and receiving gadget signatures as well as personal pass words that will make fraud very difficult to carry out and very easy to catch up with.
    I guess ECZ could also start working towards adopting a bio-metric system for voting to avoid vote rigging. Each Person will only vote once and finger prints can not be duplicated. It would not be possible for the ‘Dead” to vote because they would have gone with their finger prints which are unique to each individual. No question of lack of funds as the civilized world would be very willing to fund a conflict prevention initiative like this one.

  17. While E governance is the way to go how can they just suddenly implement online returns for all when the majority of people who own small businesses in rural areas do not have access to internet ? Internet subscriptions costs are very high as well as data costs from cellphone networks. Data costs from cellphone networks have increased again due to government increasing duties making it even more costly to do business online. SORT OUT THE BASICS FIRST. MAKE SURE THE ENTIRE POPULATION HAS ACCESS TO NETWORKS THEN TALK ABOUT E SYSTEMS !

  18. The idea is ok but implementing it will be costly even at present most of the civil servants are not ITC literate or unable to appreciate use of ITC. The implementation must be a phased one otherwise it will be total waste of resources.

  19. Has anyone visited some GRZ offices and seen how run-down they are? And with ZESCO bills due to rocket, how will ICT take off? Our Edgar Corruption Lungu is really lost!

  20. Lol, all talk no action. These !d!0ts can’t even provide Zambia with electricity and are here running their mouths with e-governance. Useless PF.

  21. Mr President developing IT is obvious in this modern society. Taking a leaf from President Trump, “do not trust computers.” These devices are tools for grand fraud as we have seen USA, Kenya or even Zambia. Tread with caution please.

  22. Davies Chama, Davies Mwila Vs Technology, koma fodya yamu State House Yeve ni ikhali. Lungu, have a moment and think critically. Look at Zambia now for once and do something right. People may start thinking positively about you. You are fraud and you have achieved nothing as President. Illegal President that is. How do you sleep at night knowing full well that you are incompetent and surrounded by equally incompetent people playing ‘Sojo’ with Zambian people? Ku ichaila kofye sometimes mwaselako or follow and respect the law of the land. Mukalila imwe.

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