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Thursday, February 27, 2020

About 40 Zambian fishermen in Siavonga are serving jail sentences in Zimbabwe

General News About 40 Zambian fishermen in Siavonga are serving jail sentences in Zimbabwe

Siavonga District Commissioner (DC)Lovemore Kanyama has disclosed that more than 40 Zambians fishermen are convicted in Zimbabwe for  fishing on that country’s side of Lake Kariba.

Mr Kanyama told the stakehokders meeting chaired by Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale today that Zambabwean security personnel have continued shooting and arresting Zambians.
He said the Zambian fishermen are arrested,  prosecuted, and jailed within a day and they h are not represented by any lawyer.
The DC noted that when Zimbabweans are arrested Zambian courts allow them to have representation in the court of law.
Mr Kanyama also disclosed that many fishing vessels have been forfeited to the Zimbabwean government.
He has called for intervention into the matter to  avoid the situation in which many Zambian fishermen are jailed in Zimbabwe.
However, Southern Province Minister Dr Hamukale said he would engage  the Ministry of foreign Affairs to have a joint meeting with the Zimbabwean counterparts to address the situation.
Dr Hamukale said Zambia and Zimbabwe enjoy  good  relations such that it is difficult for other nationals when they meet in forums to identify who is from which country.
He said issue of Zambians fishermen  being arrested in Zimbabwe is unfortunate and it has to be addressed.
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  1. kikikiki lack of border control and organising your own people. Teach them to behave and understand the meaning of the word ‘Border’.
    Pathethic failures (PF) at work

  2. These are issues Be Edgar can travel for to meet Mugabe. Especially shouting over fish, sucks.
    What is Kapyongo doing about this? Go to Zimbabwe tomorrow, bring back at least 10 men, they have families.

  3. What discussions will Edger Lungu have with his boss Mugabe on behalf of Zambian people? Nothing, Edger Lungu is Mugabe’s b!tch, no wander he went to have elephant meat on Mugabe’s birthday while millions of Zambians are starving right there in Zambia. If anyone thinks Lungu and his corrupt PF thugs will stand up for Zambians then dream on. Lungu is weak and has no idea on how to govern Zambia. Those being killed and arrested by Zimbabwe police are on their on because of useless Lungu. Don’t for a second think that Zambian politicians have the ordinary people’s interest, because they don’t.

  4. It takes someone who has an interest in the welfare of Zambian people to address this situation. I salute bwana DC for this issue. It has been happening for a very long time. Zambians are tortured to the extreme. The brutal force which takes place there is something that you can’t imagine. Hammering a human being with a hard stick almost to the extent of killing. If some of you saw this you would not spare Zim citizens living in Zambia. Our boarder security personnel is not there to advise our poor nationals. There are no physical structures floating beacons to indicate our waters so that the victims may adjust their activities. Even mere boat passengers are arrested as long as they are found by Zimbabweans.

    Please our government should send a delegation to Zimbabwe immediately to…

  5. But why have the Zimbabwean govt done this? How many Zimbabwean Shonas do we have in Zambia? Even Martha Mushipe is one of them so should we retaliate and deport that bitter blood thirsty woman as well? Elo ..Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe must form a customs and free movement union! As far as I know Shona, Nyanja and Cewa are so similar which is why we three countries are the closest neighbours in Africa. Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe are even closer than Uganda, Kenya and Tz! Elo…Joshua Nkomo would never have allowed this detaining of our fishermen to happen had he been Zim’s President!

    • Zimbabweans are serious on planning and managing their natural resources and towns, you want to export the PF kaponya lawlessness, plunder and looting were even your senior PF officials call for cadre looting and control of stations to Zimbabwe ?

  6. Zimbabweans are serious in managing their resources and politics does not come into play as is the case with Zambia. Both countries interact at Joint Permanent Commission level and make agreements which govern the well being of both. There are no efforts on the Zambian side to educate (or sensitize as preferred) nationals on what these agreements entail and how the general public can help uphold good neighborliness! These Zambian fishermen choose to flout the law regarding the fish resource and their actions have led to its depletion or for instinct of survival the fish have migrated to the Zimbabwean waters where the law is administered in such a way which benefits growth of the resource. I have no sympathy for the fishermen for if they are really the true fishermen of the lake they must…

  7. contd….. know where the boundary lies! The straying into Zimbabwean waters is deliberately to follow the richer fish stocks! Zambian fisheries law is very weak in that it is politically implemented while with the Zimbabweans the law that governs fishing is administered in tandem with the Wildlife and National Parks laws! Zambians must stop the willful plunder of their natural resources and think they will be treated kindly when caught trying to extend the plunder to those areas where the owners are doing their utmost best in trying to manage theirs sustainably! I am sorry to say this but it seems Zimbabweans care for their fish resource on Lake Kariba and is it not long ago when there was an issue over Zambia’s disregard of protocol on the number of fishing vessels operating on the…

  8. contd….. lake? A shared resource needs to be accessed equitably and no one must think for whatever reason a lions share is allowed them! The way Zimbabwe applies its law in dispensing with the cases should not be equated to the way Zambia administers its own! At least justice is not delayed in Zimbabwe with postponements! Mind you lets also understand that a lot of blood was shed for Zimbabweans to get their country back and though thanks to Zambia’s assistance no thanks to perpetual “nkongole!”

  9. It is true Zimbabweans still have respect for laws and their resources. Not like these PF thieves where their leaders openly calling for the looting of plots and control of stations by their cadre thugs….

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