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Murder suspect Precious says she did not intend to shoot her husband

General News Murder suspect Precious says she did not intend to shoot her husband

Murder suspect Precious Longwe on Wednesday opened her defence in the matter she allegedly killed her husband by shooting him five times by pleading with the Lusaka High Court to acquit her.
She told the court that she did not intentionally kill her husband Lubinda Akakandela Liteebele.

Precious, 31, a Customer Services Officer at Banc ABC in Lusaka is accused of murdering her husband Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele on May 25 by shooting him five times.

Opening her defence in the Lusaka High Court before Judge Sharon Newa yesterday, Precious said that the gun accidentally shot her husband after the two had engaged in a vicious fight.

Murder suspect Precious being led back to the holding cell
Murder suspect Precious being led back to the holding cell

She told the court that on the fateful day, she and her workmates had gone out to drink and after returning home she found her husband Lubinda Akakandela laying on a couch next to a gun in the living room.

Precious said that she had been drinking Castle Lite and shots of Jameson and that she was drunk during the incident.

“After I arrived home, I went into our bedroom, I found my husband was not there but was in our living room laying on the couch, the TV was on and was he covered in blankets, as I moved closer, I saw a gun next to him, I got scared because my husband was a violent man who had a tendency of beating me” she said.

Precious said when she approached him to inquire about the gun, he started shouting and insulting by calling at her calling a ‘bitch’.

She told the court that an argument ensued that allegedly resulted in the two wrestling for the gun that accidentally went off twice and killed her husband.

She said she loved her husband and killing him was the last thing she would ever do.

“I am asking the court to acquit me. I did not plan to kill my husband, I have two small children under the age of four years old, I love my husband, up to now I do not understand what happened, I am still in the state of shock” she said.

Meanwhile, Precious broke down upon seeing photos of her dead husband laying in a pool of blood.

During cross examination, Precious said her husband was an abusive and violent man who had previously hit her with an iron bar.

And when questioned by state prosecutors why she did not report the abuse she was subjected to in her marriage, Precious said her husband was a pretender who did not want people to know what she was going through.

Meanwhile, when asked why she owned a gun, Precious told the court that she purchased it in October 2015 for security reasons.

The court adjourned the matter to February, 10 this year for re-examination and continued defence

She is also facing a theft charge of K200, 000 in the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

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    • seeing those two wonderful boys with their grandmother every sunday in church makes me feel terrible. May God forgive you Precious and may you apologise to the family of the litebeles they dont deserve what youve put them in.

    • Prosecutor: You fired the first shot that tore through his left lung, you coked one more time, fired a second shot while he tried to regain posture. The third time, you coked and fired a shot that tore through his heart and he died onto the ground. Still, you coked again and fired a fourth shot into a dead man lying down just to make sure. Once more, to remove all doubt, you coked the gun which you fired a fifth time shattering the sternum of a copse that had been lying down dead. Satisfied he was mutilated, you closed the door, made arrangements for your mother to come and help clean up the mess, but who’s first assignment also was to secure bills of money amounting to K200,000.00, which money was the driving motive. Now where does the second or third degree muder come in?

    • Is anyone else pondering what I am pondering here that some coach had a session(s) with the accused as she awaited her day in court? Lets adopt a jury system too for Zambia.

  1. You remember everything lady. And who goes out and leaves his husband at home with two under 4years children? This shows that you’re for sure what your husband called you and truth be told what kind of a wife who buys a gun for protection. Lady you live in a movie world. You belong where you are. Leason to would be murders

    • Her mulamu said that the shots were from their marital bedroom but she claims the husband was sleeping in the sitting room and a fight ensured from there. And didn’t she earlier claim to the aresting police officer that it may have been her mulamu who shot his own brother? The poor dead guy married a devil in disguise. No morals, no integrity.

  2. Comment: very useless lady who is proud of going to drink and leave the husband home with children,She is a problem and a murderer.Thanks

  3. “Precious said that she had been drinking Castle Lite and shots of Jameson and that she was drunk during the incident.”

    Okay That is very to the point. I have nothing more to add.

  4. This was unfortunate. This woman seems irresponsible. How do you, as a mother of two small children, go merry-making leaving babies under the care of your husband and in the end (in court) accuse your husband of being abusive and violent? Things are not adding up in her testimony.

    • The dead man, MHSRIP will be vindicated. He won’t tell his side of the story but the law is an ass.

      You’ll see this woman will walk free and win custody of the children.

  5. This woman is evil. She says she loved her husband and at the same time she condemns her husband as violent, abusive and always in the habit of beating her. Who on earth would love such a husband. I think DNA test should be performed to determine the paternity of the kids – I have a gut feeling that these kids do not even belong to the deceased.
    She is a HULE who sired these kids from a boyfriend and now she wanted to get lid of this abusive husband then get married to the boyfriend. Further investigations may even reveal that the boyfriend has also separated with either his wife or girl friend in order to marry this bitch. THIS IS LIKE JAMES BOND BUT REAL INNOCENT LIFE IS LOST HERE!!!

  6. Let justice prevail in this case, for you Precious you are no longer Precious as your name. The law will deal with you, drinking Castle Lite and Shots of Jameson with your boyfriend meant five bullets shots on your husband. Do not think you are Pretorius just because your first three letters of your name matches that of Pretorius, Mukobeko is waiting for you. And to all married women out there who are cheaters, please learn fro this stupid Precious Castle Lite Jameson. Unless you are a member of the JAMESON FAMILY (ECLJF), yes you will escape the punishment.

  7. And when the elders tell you that you cant take a woman from the bar and make her a house wife, you tell them i am in love….

  8. During cross examination, Precious said her husband was an abusive and violent man who had previously hit her with an iron bar.

  9. Iwe next time aim for a useless rat like lungu am sure your husband was contributing more to this economy than that rat at state house

  10. The troubling part is she has no remorse after all this time and now she is accusing her dead husband in effort to escape the charges… there is no witness to these domestic violence charges and she knows her husband can’t be there to defend himself. What a pathetic scumbag of a woman!

  11. Yeah she did not intend to kill her husband. The gun told her to go and have a Jameson and castle lites. Afterwards the gun said ‘shoot your husband’
    After shooting him once the gun said ‘shoot him again’
    It said this three more times even when she argued that this was a human being. The gun was just too stubborn to hear her and it reminded her that this guy was very violent he had to be shot five times. Guns are as stubborn as men

  12. Is there anything good from anyone taking shots of Jameson and Castle Lite? Anyone who has handled a gun knows that shooting 5 times is not something one does accidentally! I am certain that every legitimate gun owner undergoes safety training on gun handling, and one cannot shoot 5 times by accident!! But then lies appear a way of life in Zambia, and she is lying!!

  13. The theft case and the gun matter is related. Someone told a third party about the stolen money (they worked together) and the other got angry.

  14. Sadly most of Zambia has more of this type of ‘wife’. Women who seek pleasure with other men and ‘socialize’ like they are not married. The MBA women who have no fear and have gone back to being loose. True some men are terrible but its better to divorce then to pretend you love someone too much to leave. Usually its because he is the provider and you want the most of both worlds. Sentencing her to death is a favor let God judge her and him alone. I hope this can be a small lesson to all you ‘wives’ out there who lead your lives like you are single.

  15. This unnatural woman is so annoying hope they quicken the process. Why did you marry him if you still wanted to be that foolish spending more time consuming alcohol wechibwawe

  16. Ladies have moved on from ciders,that’s why we have so many problems in society,men and women run to the same places to mascaride issues. So,since the gun was already out,loaded and cocked it was predetermined by either one of them.
    How about forensic evidence?am most certain I see a Forensic Quantum bus driving around .

  17. No one is guilty until proven by the courts of law, so clearly does the law state. The only problem is this case could be the fact that there were no witnesses and the man is dead, implying that the rules and principals of nature Justice can not apply
    Sad news indeed

    • Even the reporting is wrong. She is not a suspect. She is a murder accused. You are a suspect only when the police are investigating and haven’t arrested you. Once you’re in court you become an accused

  18. That’s a lesson learnt, leave Jameson to the elite….! Five shots is not accidental lady Precious, jst agree you ave a bitter spirit….!!

  19. She was not only drunk but had just been laid by another man. The husband was a ware and that’s why he opted to sleep in the lounge. It happened in Wusakile this week where a promiscuous wife after being caught with another man decided to stab her husband five times. The man died on the way to hospital.

  20. Whatever the outcome there will be no happy ending. One life has already been lost and 3 are ruined. Even if she was acquitted the family is destroyed. So sad.

  21. I hope forensic people from the police did their home work in terms of finger prints on the gun. I have feeling, she picked the gun from where it was kept and went straight to shot this guy. Also if you are wrestling with a drunk woman over a gun, what are the chancres that she will win?

    • I hope too that the police quickly gathered those she was out drinking with, isolated them from each other and interviewed them on the kind of discussions they shared that evening till late into the night and what transpired thereafter!

  22. She must be PF, these are effects of cheap Jemason which has become popular since Kamina misa become kateka through fluke and raising panga,s in the air and indeed with the help of our puppets judicially. Ati concourt amafi fye yekayeka!
    Precious must be sentenced to life without a possible parole. It was a poorly planned move.

  23. Any one who feels sorry for this murder women is as guilty as she is,she need to be hanged until certified dead by a doctor.

  24. Once could be accidental, twice is plain stupidity, three times is intentional, four times in premeditated murder and 5 times is without any doubt premeditated first degree murder. Litebele cwale uboni bukuba bwahao, uyo siya macolocolo akwahae wena uyo somisa niku nyala mnyai, esi cwale wabona kele a kuomba moyo wahao.

  25. Kakene mwandeende kayo somisa kwateni kubi prison warders! Konji kamu hupule litebele kakuli kwa prison neba mwa munungu kaufela bipoho byamwateni bya kengaulela namunganga!

  26. Sad incident indeed.It is such a shame for a married woman to be drinking, coming home later than the husband. To all men out there, you must also become a good example to the family by conducting yourself in a respectful manner, it’s just because he’s dead, am sure this had been the way of life for both of them.It had become a norm.In most cases even if a wife had been leaving a loose life but after meeting a responsible husband, they are normally forced to behave themselves, but for this two, it seems they both have been playing hide and seek. Sad indeed.

  27. “Precious” claims that the gun went off accidentally twice, does that mean that since her hubby was shot five times, the other three shots were intentional?

    She has a very weak defence, two small kids that she had left alone anyway to indulge in Castle lite & Jameson!…

  28. News reporters please – what we need to know is

    1) Why did she shoot him
    2) What kind of gun
    3) Whose gun was it
    4) Which police officer signed the license for the said gun
    5) Why was the license issued
    6) How long were they married

  29. Recent studies in Kenya revealed that there are more women than men in prison for violence related cases. More research should be carried out to determine why this is the case. Are women fighting back to Gender based violence perpetrated by men? Could it be due to immorality? Is it alcohol and drugs? Could it be lazy men who do not support families – John isa ulyo bwali?

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