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Law barring Police Officers from Marrying Foreigners has been there since KK days-Bishop Mambo

Headlines Law barring Police Officers from Marrying Foreigners has been there since ...

Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo
THERE is nothing wrong with the Zambia Police Service directing its high-ranking officers not to marry foreigners because this is a security measure that has been in force since the Kenneth Kaunda era, former Church of God overseer John Mambo has said.

Bishop Mambo said the criticism that the Police Command has been subjected to after an internal memo from the senior command to police officers not to marry foreigners was leaked to the public was unfair.

He said there was nothing new about the directive because it was common knowledge among high-ranking officers that it was a security risk to marry non-Zambians as it compromised the security of the country.

He said it was unfortunate for outsiders who did not know the policies that governed the police service to start criticizing the decisions and directives by the higher command and the circumstances under which they were issued as that would compromise the operations of the service.

He said allowing senior officers who held sensitive positions to marry foreigners exposed the country’s security which could result in serious consequences which Zambia could fail to deal with.

“First of all, that circular was not for you and me. It was for the officers who understand the policies of the service but because it was leaked to the public which had no clue of what happens in the inner circles, it is news to them yet the officers understand these things.

“The truth is, there is nothing new. These are things that have been in the service as way back as Dr. Kaunda’s era and this is a security issue. We cannot compromise on the security of the country because by marrying foreigners, we are putting the security of the country at risk and the junior officers have a choice whether to marry within or go for foreigners and risk not getting promoted,” Bishop Mambo said.

He said those commenting on the subject needed to approach it with an open mind as there were rules and regulations which governed institutions.

“It is just like in our churches; the fact that I am a bishop does not mean that I can serve mass in a Catholic church because we have different beliefs.

“Women are so influential in homes that an officer cannot resist the temptation of revealing information that may be used against our country and so let us approach this issue with an open mind and the caution it deserves,” he said.

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    • This stupid law must be changed. I there any secret in zambia that you would want to hide? Didn’t we know that ECL aletinika Dora? So what secrets don’t you want revealed?

    • I support this law. Marry off all the single ladies in Zambia before looking to foreigners. Zambian women are very beautiful and smart, only a foolish man can bypass them.

    • Zambian women are very beautiful and smart, only a fo.o.lish man with something to hide can bypass them and look to foreigners. I support this law until all the single Zambian ladies are married, ala!

    • Whilst you are at it what about female ministers misbehaving with foreigners shouldn’t we ban them as well?
      And also serious monitoring of foreign nationals in sham marriages inorder to by pass investor visa requirements.
      Oh and by the way all those asians that have
      Overstayed their visas are still dealing in zambia!

    • you are critical of these officers yet kaizer zulu is there sleeping around with some white woman. And he is in state house. Your security is already compromised. thats what happens when you let thugs handle the destiny of a nation

    • The bishop is sounding ridiculous.
      1.The cops are our relatives there’s no way this issue would have been under wraps.
      2.The directive exposes how poorly trained our cops are. If they can sell the country for seex (albeit with a spouse) what more when they are offered money.
      3.How many ministers & top civil servants with state house exposure were married to foreigners since KK’s time & yet they never burned the country down.
      4.Finally bishop this is the 21st century, the era of ‘wikileaks’, one doesn’t need a spouse to do that.

    • Ludicrous. First of, just because some law existed in the Kaunda era doesn’t mean it can’t be challenged or changed. While the law may be meaningful for very high ranking officers, a blanket ban on all cops is absolutely ridiculous and is a direct violation of human rights. As long as the woman or man is not in the country illegally, the two should be free to get married. What state secrets is a Congolese, Zimbabwean, Malawian, Tanzanian,Namibian,etc, wife married to a low ranking cop going to pass on to her country? Zero. And have there been any well documented cases in Zambia where the wife of a low ranking cop divulged state secrets to her country? I bet not. Sorry, Bishop but you seem to have a very narrow view of the world. Even in America cops are free to marry whoever they want,…

    • Most security wings around the world have similar policies on their books. Especially if someone reaches a certain level of seniority. You can definitely not be stopped to marry any person you want, but do the reasonable thing and respectfully resign/leave the service any enjoy your marriage in peace. Otherwise marry a foreigner and kiss bye bye to your career in the security service (Army, Air Force, Police, Paramilitary, Secret Service, Intelligence wings, etc)—this is true in nearly every Country and Continent on earth. And YES, this is TRUE even now in the 21st Century!

    • continue:

      The story of Samson, the Strong man, and Delilah in the book of Judges (Chapter 16) in the Bible should serve as a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of marrying “foreigners” when in certain sensitive positions or careers. Infact Delilah was not the first “foreign woman” to betray Samson’s confidence. He was earlier betrayed by another Philistine woman (his wife) by revealing the answer to a riddle he had challenged his groomsmen with. What is interesting is that Samson didn’t seem to learn any lessons from this experience.

    • continue:

      With his EYE and APPETITE for foreign women, he later entangled himself with a Philistine harlot called Delilah. Delilah pestered Samson (over a long period of time) to reveal the secret of his physical powers to her. Delilah eventually betrayed him by shaving/cutting off his hair which he had told her was the secret source of his MIGHTY POWERS. The Philistines captured him and gouged out his eyes and treated him like circus animal after that.

      So YES, the dangers of being married to a foreigner when in a certain “SENSITIVE NATIONAL SECURITY” job/position is REAL and should be taken very seriously!

    • Matthew 5:22 But I say to you, That whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whoever shall say, You fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

      After Nubian’s comment and the verse above. Zambian men, marry women from anywhere. We need genetic diversification, remember no matter what woman, the promise under the skirt shall still grieve you kikikikiki.

    • Matthew 5:22 But I say to you, That whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whoever shall say to his brother, Ra.ca, shall be in danger of the council: but whoever shall say, You f.o.o.l, shall be in danger of hell fire.

      After Nubian’s comment and the verse above. Zambian men, marry women from anywhere. We need genetic diversification, remember no matter what woman, the promise under the skirt shall still grieve you kikikikiki.

    • The real security risk to Zambians is letting PF cadres run the police force. This is worse than any cop bonking an alien. Who caused Mapenzi’s death? Was it a foreigner or PF cop? And what secrets are there to steal from Zambia? If a Congolese can be bonking a female minister, what security are you worried about?

  1. Since when did bishops start becoming spokespersons on behalf of the police. Please talk about what you are good at, that is being a church overseer and leave this subject to the ministry of home affairs or the police to comment.

  2. In olden days police officers were restricted to their camps which had bars and other facilities. The only time a police man left camp was when he went on patrol. And before starting work the shift had to go for parade (pelete) where if you’re high on lutuku you’re going to faint due the rigorous exercise. In short police were not corrupt because they were not part of the “human society ” until politicizing of the force was introduced. It’s a good idea but it gave birth to evil monsters. Maybe we can go back to Eden?

  3. The bishop is right. If you are a high ranking officer and then you want to marry a foreigner, then resign because you can’t have both. Security is serious business.

  4. Security risk my a$s! What security issues would the cops be protecting again? Isn’t their jobs to deal with internal law and order? Since when did they deal with external security matters? And so what if the archaic law has existed since KK, it doesn’t make it any more right… it is simply unconstitutional and barbaric.

    And even if it were high ranking military personnel, what is it that Zambia ought to protect that can dictate employees from marrying anyone of their choosing? Reminds me of dual citizenship argument that it was a security risk? Man we really are a people with an IQ of -10 down in Sub-Saharan country of Zambia.

    The only state secrets we have is corruption and bribery and money laundering.

    Anyone could reveal state secrets if they really wanted to to any…

    • Anyone could reveal state secrets if they really wanted to to any foreign person if they wanted to, marriage or not.

      And that’s why you protect those secrets through a ‘vetting process’; ‘needs to know’ access, passwords, classification system and other security protocols (none of which has marriage restrictions). I’m not 100% sure but I can guess with high confidence that any high ranking US defence personnel can even go and marry a woman from North Korea and they have proper state secrets over there.

  5. Bishop is right. The real reason for not allowing the Police & Immigration Official to marry foreigners is not only security issues, but avoiding improper pressure abuses.These Officers enforce the Laws of the land on behalf of the state & as such confers them with special rights than any ordinary citizen not to mention foreigners. The Law is actually there to protect foreigners themselves from Police abuse because foreigners have limited rights in a foreign country such that they are even abused by ordinary citizens. The Law to protect foreigners has been in force not only since the Kenneth Kaunda era, but Prophet Moses (Exodus 22:21). These Officials marry these partners for no bride price contrary to Marriage Act of Zambia. We are already mourning of similar improper pressure abuses at…

    • We are already mourning of similar improper pressure abuses at Kasama Girls in Northern Province & should we encourage further Police abuses of foreigners? It is extremely difficult to deduce evidence from Police abuses against Police themselves or ordinary citizens. How about Police abuses involving foreigners? I have heard of cases of ordinary citizens abusing these foreigners like slaves. Most male foreigners are even reported to Immigration for refusing to cook or putting a stop to infidelity by their female spouses & vice-versa. I rest my case.

  6. ….these are the archaic policies which can be done away with…what suited in Kaunda era may not be the case now…policemen..soldiers are accommodated all over the communities which was not the case then…in border areas officers a multiple girlfriends tho the law does not talk of officers not having foreign girlfriends or boyfriends…if it has to do with security then extend to ministers…how Dora not share whatever is discussed in the cabinet meeting with her new found lover who I believe is a foreigner….GBM was politically heading MoD meanwhile we hear he has South African blood in him

    • I agree 100% @ 10 Scrutinizerer.
      In your posting above, we see someone who uses their Brain Not Gluteus to reason, as all points you’ve highlighted are valid, & happening @ the moment.
      Dora seems to have been allowing Mike Tyson “a foreigner” to squeeze her Bok0si, & is rumoured to be in love with a foreign Kasai Toyboy Lover, which I believe should be encouraged if they really are in Love.
      Unfortunately You have brainless bandits like “Chimp”yongo leading Home affairs, where if we had proper sound leadership in Zambia, I believe you Scutinizerer would be more qualified at Home Affairs, in place of the Brain dead Stone thrower =(Mposa Mabwe), currently squatting on that Home Affairs throne!

  7. This Bishop must one of the “Christian for Lungu” false believers. Is Bishop Mambo now a Spokesman of the Zambia Police Services? Leave Kanganja to comment on this issue. If this archaic law is not new why is IG publicising it now? To cement illegitimate Lungu’s Dictatorship?

  8. Samson of the Bible was betrayed by a foreign woman whom he had married. He revealed to her the secret where his strength lay….his hair locks, cut them and he came an ordinary person.

  9. So, if it’s a law that really exists, it must also be stated somewhere.
    The State Security Act and the Zambia Police Act DO NOT contain any provisions regarding the matter.

    • It Zambia Police Act 103. Next time there’s a consititution review pay more attention to such “little ” things. They count more than the big ones.

    • Well, apparently I’m too stupid to find it, because I really tried.
      103 of the Laws of Zambia (Revised Edition) Act doesn’t state anything regarding the “foreign marriage” matter.
      Neither does the Zambia Police Act nor the State Security Act.
      Obviously I’m missing something.

  10. Comment:The Bishop is right, I remember my cousin was in Rwanda for piece keeping and got married there,the man was dismissed.

    What Security?? If any Stronger Nation, not even thinking of U.S.A, Russia, France, but Angola decided they want to enter your weak, corrupt hungry Sontapo Nation led by your Drunken Dancing Alcoholic leader, it would take the aggressors 72 hours, & all your equally Drunken military/ sercurity personel would offer zero resistance but run for dear life, holding their underwear in their hands as they flee.
    Some of us are NOT daft, we still remember when Ian Smith’s Rhodesian scouts used to have a play day in Lusaka, & Arakan Barracks would empty, leaving Joshua Nkhomo’s security personel to offer Smiths racist mercenarys some resistance.
    Any one in doubt of Zambian security personel cowardice should go on You Tube, & check out “Green leader raid on rebel…

    • Cont;
      Check out “Green Leader raid on rebel camps in Zambia”
      There you will witness how our weak cowardly Military personel were virtually BEGGING Ian Smiths racist Air Bandits for permission to operate, & what they can be allowed to do ON ZAMBIAN TERRITORY & AIRSPACE.
      Conclusion: Even if you BANNED all Zambian NAtionals from marrying foreign spouses, then another country decides to enter Zambia- muli mu chibe as, Your commanders will be begging even asking for Nichekeleko from yhe attacking aggressors, whilst in State House Your Sontapo Chagwa will be oblivious to the ongoing attack, whilst imbibing Whisky, & Dancing Chikokoshi!!

    • In a way I agree with your sentiments. I was also there during the time of those raids from Rhodesia.
      I never understood why KK never stood up to them if he had military forces. What were they there for?
      KK wanted to portray himself as a patient and peaceful man guided by pacifist ideals.
      I just wanted to say the ‘Green Leader’ audio recordings posted on youtube were probably put there by disaffected white rhodesians who wanted to recall the ‘good old days’ before mugabe and zimbabwe arrived. It is a common attitude among old colonials. Don’t forget they were using british built bombers and munitions in fighting their losing battle, and belgian made assault rifles against guerillas.
      All this business about ‘security’ is a side show. Justifications have to be made to arm, equip,…

    • Exactly @17.2 Same Old!
      Zambia unlike our neighbours, & other African nations NEVER fought a vicious bloody war to secure our Independence.
      Therefore Zambians fear War/ Strife, which is not a weakness really but a strength, coz WAR IS UGLY, & mainly affects innocent Women, Children, & Civilians.
      Crux of the matter here is the lie told that “We are concerned with Zambia’s security, should Zambians marry foreigners”
      G.B.M is half South African, & he was defence Minister. Did Zambians die while he served @ defence, or was our security compromised? Answer is A BIG NO!!
      What most compromises Zambia’s Security is Stealing money meant for the nations development, by the very same P.F, Cadres telling you marrying a foreigner compromises your safety. WHERE THERE’S POOR OR NO…

    • Cont;
      In Closing, I Will repeat, should a stronger Nation make the decision to invade Zambia, irrespective of whether Citizens are married or not to foreign spouses, like Drunken the Chagwa, your equally drunken dancing military personel will simply ROLL OVER, & THAT IS A FACT!!

  12. @Nubian fimo fimo – What a ridiculous retrogressive comment. This is not simply about ‘bypassing’ Zambian women. It is about choice and the right to a family life. In this time and age, in a global world and when we are supposed to be attending to more serious issues, we have a moronic directive that diverts us.
    If this indeed is about security, shouldn’t it extend to the whole Ministry of Home Affairs, add the defence forces, ba shu shu, etc.? Who will be left? Some of the so-called foreigners already have Zambian national registration cards. What about those who were foreigners but have now become Zambians? Has the security ‘threat’ dissipated because of change of nationality?
    The order goes against the grain of modern human values, freedoms and rights.

  13. This law is out dated and will never achieve whatever fantasies the police chief is pretending can be achieved. No nation in the world will ever achieve national security through something as ridiculous as this. This is shallow thinking. The police must invest in security before focusing on non issues.

  14. Just because certain barbaric laws have not been repelled don’t mean you should reinforce them. This is why I keep saying that pf has taken us back to unip days. Ubututu

  15. The civilian kapokolas are civilians so what security risk would there be with them marrying foreigners? Some of us who have been on the front line dodging bullets have married foreigners and our superiors understood the situation. For senior officers it is understandable to enforce the law but not for NCOs and mid ranking officers. Ie Lieutenant, Captain and Major or their equivalent in the civilian kapokola service. The Law has been there but was never enforced because it was unenforceable!

  16. What is POLICE, OFFICER?

    A person who is an officer of the law enforcement team employed by the county, town, municipality or state.

    I don’t understand the purpose of this law does that mean when a police officer marry a foreigner, the stop enforcing the law?

  17. Who is a foreigner? Africans see the whole continent as their home. Africans used to move from one part of Africa to the other without passports. Africans are natural migrators. Umusungu aisa amyeba ati you are now confined to latitude and longitude S 28 17 E and you agree because he is a white man. Define yourself you African!

  18. The bishop is wrong. He is defending the indefensible.
    1. His comments are sexist in as far as he characterises women as the ‘security risk’ in the home or marriage.
    He is revealing his patriarchal attitude which is deeply embedded in zambian society, for the worse i say.
    2. he is justifying discriminatory practices that actually breach regional and international conventions zambia has signed up to, including our own constitution.
    3. He even shows his discriminatory mindset by using the example of conducting mass in a different church of the same religion. That is sectarianism and exclusionary. Even to people within the same creed!
    4. It is clear victimisation if who you are married to affects promotional prospects in your job.
    5. The ‘security’ justification is an…

  19. What Bishop is saying is true. I was surprised that a Mr. Mulenga who is supposed to be a police commissioner for Eastern Province is married to a Tutsi woman from Rwanda. They are even running a Lodge in Chilenje South.

  20. It is a primitive law which must be abolished.You don’t choose who you fall in love with.These things just happen.Love knows no borders

  21. It is not a primary law. It is a standing order made only by virtue of the fact that the Inspector General of police has powers to make such orders as he deems will make the work of the police more effective. Before this order, there was no law that directly stated that Police Officers should not marry foreigners. It is more like a banking law allowing the Bank Governor to make such regulations as he deems will make the banks operate with a certain minimum of liquidity at any time. The point is that such orders, regulations or standing orders have to be reasonable and not in breach of any other laws, including the Constitution or go against good conscience or be repugnant. For example, he can’t just wake up one day and say all police officers have to be Christians.

  22. It’s all about professional descipline/ obeying confidentiality ethics not about who you are married with?

    Who brought Russian larisa to Zambia? The ZAF seniors who went to Russia for further training. So where was KK? AAA imwe

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