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I’m not in a hurry to bring back the referendum, it is too costly-President Lungu

Headlines I'm not in a hurry to bring back the referendum, it is...

President Edgar Lungu with Former President Rupiah Banda at the Zambian mission Addis Ababa during the Zambian Night on Sunday- Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse 29-01-2017
President Edgar Lungu with Former President Rupiah Banda at the Zambian mission Addis Ababa during the Zambian Night on Sunday- Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse 29-01-2017
President Edgar Lungu has said that he is not in a hurry to bring back the referendum because it is costly and could affect the implementation of development programmes in the country despite being under pressure to bring back referendum after it failed to meet the required threshold last general election.

President Lungu said that holding a referendum is costly and could affect the implementation of other development programmes that the country has embarked upon. The Head of State was speaking when he addressed Zambians living in Ethiopia on Sunday.

President Lungu however stated that the Ministry of Home Affairs had completed working on the Dual citizenship close and that it will soon be taken to parliament for approval.

Meanwhile, Zambia and Ethiopia have agreed to cooperate and exchange ideas in different sectors of the economy.

President Edgar Lungu yesterday held talks with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn.

ZANIS reports that Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda told journalists that the two leaders were looking at areas of collaboration.

He said President Lungu and the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s talks centred on cooperation in the livestock sector.

“The Prime Minister of Ethiopia told the president that Ethiopia has done very well in the livestock sector, apart from dairy products they do a lot of value addition and produce leather products,’’ he said.

Mr. Chanda said the two countries have agreed to build existing relations and exchange ideas and skills.

“President Lungu has also invited the Ethiopian Prime Minister for a state visit to Zambia in March this year so that the two nations can expedite a number of pending issues and the actualisation of the Joint Permanent Commission which the two countries have agreed on.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister also took the opportunity to thank President Lungu for the pardon he granted on 100 illegal Ethiopian immigrants after they were arrested in transit from Ethiopia to South African.

“Prime Minister regrets the trend by human traffickers that promise them a better life in South Africa and exploiting people by making them pay a lot of money and are abandoned in between Ethiopia and South Africa,” he said.

He added that most of them get abandoned in mostly Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The two leaders also talked about cotton growing and the need to develop the agriculture sector into a business and value addition to raw materials

President Lungu also attended a breakfast meeting with the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and a retreat of the Heads of State and government on the reforms of the African Union.

He said Rwandan President Paul Kagame and a team of technocrats was tasked with coming up with a position paper on the AU reforms.

Mr. Chanda said the position paper was presented and the document is under consideration adding that Zambia fully supports the reforms presented.

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  1. The Ethiopian PM is killing the Amhara people around Addis Ababa because he wants to give the land to foreigners. Zambia has nothing to learn from this thug dictator.

    • And Lungu does not want to hold another referendum because he knows he will lose again. Zambians do not want a Life President.

    • Everything is a mess, the story contents are so many in a paragraph. What occasion was that?
      The dressing of Ba Ester in diamonds dress, while Edgar in leather jacket.

    • Excellent that the Dual citizenship close is coming to fruition and that it will soon be taken to parliament for approval.

      The rest is all balderdash



    • These women are simply retaliating the violence they receive from Zambian men, the majority of whom are drunks and womanizers. It’s called self defense! People need to address the violence perpetrated by these men before jumping conclusions. Zambian women take alot of cr.ap from their men, no more!

      It doesn’t matter if you are a side piece, ATM or whatever the term, no woman deserves to be abused at a man’s hands.

      As a lawyer, I will defend these women pro bono. Bye!

    • Cooperation should include marriage between Ethiopian women and Zambian men to boost the beauty and intelligence levels of our girls. Zambian girls are shorter than normal and lack modelling attributes. That is why Mushota ran away to be fertilised by a Scotsman.

    • Nubian finshi kanshi iwe bakuchitile kubwaice. You are a very angry person. I can even feel the hate for men from the words you type. You need therapy. Its ok.

  2. There was no referendum held in 2016. That was trojan horse used to rig general elections. Cadres with pre-marked ballot papers EL were used in the name of referendum.

  3. It should be held in 3 years time. In the meantime, go around educating the people on what it means and how they will benefit if they vote yes.

  4. We are safe now Mr President. We crossed the election, no need for a referendum, we have 4 more years to concentrate on other important things. Kudos!

  5. Illegitimate Lungu is avoiding to say the Referendum is for an expanded Bill of Rights. He does not want to mention “Bill of Rights” becoz under the Bill of Rights administered by the High Court Lungu is denying HH &GBM their Rights to be heard in Court as Petitioners. The Bill of Rights give us a Right to be heard in Court,to attend a Church of our choice, Right to Petition the Court,Right to marry, Right to belong to a Political Party of our choice etc. The illegitimate Lungu is violating most of these Rights so Lungu is talking hogwash. Respect the Rights of HH & GBM and let the Petition to be heard and determined in Court. It is a Right of Zambians to know who won the 2016 Elections and who is their Legitimate President. Lungu is not only illegitimate but a big fraud.

  6. No need for the nonsense called referendum. I was one of the educators on the referendum and some of the answers I got were shocking …..Upnd had warned its followers that by assenting to the referendum, they would be indirectly voting for PF. You’ve got yourselves to blame.

    • Don’t waste your breath on UPND. They have no directions
      1. One moment they say they want a referendum. The next they tell their supporters not to participate in the referendum.
      2. One moment they say they do not recognise ECL government but their MPs are busy drawing allowances from the same gov.

      The list if U turns are many. They behave like PF.

  7. “holding a referendum is costly…”

    Since when is this Lungu worried about how much money is wasted in Zambia? His international travels cost more than the referendum.

    Ahh, but that money goes into his personal bank account and he will get NOTHING from a referendum. NOW I understand!

  8. Illegitimate Lungu’s days are numbered. ECOWAS is coming and Lungu’s illegitimacy is under spotlight. ECOWAS believes in Constitutionalism. Illegitimate Lungu was illegally and unconstitutionally inaugurated. The President Conde of Guinea is the New Chairman of AU and his Deputy is from Ghana, the New Chairman of the AU Commission is from Chad and the Deputy is also from West Africa. Its Ecowas all the way. Illegitimate Lungu beware Constitutionalism has come to the AU. Illegitimate Lungu will very soon be asked by the Reform minded AU to demonstrate how his inauguration is Legal and Constitutional and why 5 months after the 2016 the Petition has not been heard and disposed off? Lungu is on Notice and the Petition will be heard whether he likes or not. The writing is on the Wall.

  9. No Ref. Revisit for people who did not appreciate what they were given at the time of elections. It’s a waste of money! Ethiopians are very able in many areas. Building excellent! Leather goods excellent, especially Shoe Makers renowned. We had all our shoes handmade in Addis, all diplomats has their shoes made to measure. Excellent Cotton Cloth makers, note their traditional cooling cloth wear is handwoven. We can learn a lot in setting up those industries.

  10. And preventing petitions to be heard after stealing elections and forcing your useless failed leadership on Zambians is even more costly. You rat

  11. LT and Mushota, please it is dual citizenship CLAUSE and not CLOSE. Which school did you go to. Ati I hate Zambian men and even claim to be abroad but even failing simple things ala, shaa

  12. Power has now reached this guy,s bozzy now. @am not in a hurry like he owns the country or nindrama zanyoko, its such kind of thinking which makes these people u call leaders look s.t.tu
    pid to right thinking citizens. Tell the imposter to use the word “we” next time. Baby dictator

  13. @ Dokotor yes it is costly that is why in the first place it was done along side the elections to reduce costs, but to you dunderheads even though you call yourselves the most educated turned to be the dullest of all. Tell you tycoons HH & GBV to donate towards it since the Govt has already spent what was budgeted for it, so get lost let the Govt. do its job according to their plan.

  14. Now you have realized the usefulness of that referendum you were up in arms to critises. What HH and the entire UPND did is just the same as murder, I for one wouldn’t like even to see HH & GBV nearby me for if they had a heart for the people why stop the bill of rights to go through? All of you supporting HH ask your selves is what he did right or not? Is this how a leader who wants to look after you should behave? Did he do that in the interest of the people? Lastly who is suffering more now is it Lungu or we the people? Chiluba brought democracy but did not change the constitution here comes Lungu who wants to change things for the better but no jealous kills all of us.

  15. No need for the president to be in a hurry about the constitution at all.

    Otherwise the UPND will again shoot it down. So what is the point of losing yet again more money for what UPND will hinder.

    Just amend the main Constitution and work articles needing some clarity. Combine it with the existing bill of rights.

    What is the point of wasting money on what won’t work, because UPND is there to stop it?

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