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Kambwili to remain in PF despite PF cadres urging him form his own party

Headlines Kambwili to remain in PF despite PF cadres urging him...

Kambwili displays his birthday cake
Kambwili displays his birthday cake

ROAN Patriotic Front (PF) member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has pledged loyalty to President Lungu and called for unity in the PF.

Dr Kambwili, who said he would never leave the PF for any other party, asked ruling party members to work towards strengthening the party to “put its enemies to shame”.

“We should not destroy PF and allow our enemies to win. We should work together and put our enemies to shame. I do not fight the President [President Lungu], I am a loyal member of the PF,” he said.

Dr Kambwili said yesterday that he cannot betray the vision founders of PF had when forming the party.

“I appreciate calls by some PF cadres on the Copperbelt and Lusaka that I should form a political party, but I am PF and I will remain loyal to the ruling party and President Lungu,” he said.

“Pamyenu ni pamyenu nangu pabipe shani (home is home no matter the challenges). Frustrations come and go but what is important is how you handle the situation you find yourself in,” he said.

Dr Kambwili said one needs a personal reflection of their life when faced with frustrations.

He said no one is immune to problems and challenges and that people should endeavour to sort out their problems amicably.

He also urged members of the ruling party to work together and find lasting solutions to some challenges in the party.

Dr Kambwili said PF has a vision of helping the poor to come out of poverty.

He regretted that some people are allegedly peddling falsehoods about him.

The former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services appeared before the party’s disciplinary committee for misconduct.

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  1. A theif trying to be clever……..just refute the allegations of corruption and tell how how you acquired billions while in GRZ.

    • The best Edgar can do is to reappoint Kambwili as minister. Can you imagine he was first PF foreign affairs minister?
      Edgar mixes up “ichimbuya”, tribal-cousinship, few of us understand the it. Outsiders and media don’t get it.

    • According to multiple reports, the Department of Homeland Security interpreted the orders as not applying to people with passports from those seven countries who nevertheless had lawful permanent resident in the U.S. — a status also known as being a holder of a green card.

    • This Chimbwii thief is disgusting. After stealing so much from govt he now claims that PF is pro-poor! Where and how?

    • Good strategy Kambwili, if you have to fight ECL, fight him from inside. I think you very well got the point. Anyway, the chance is that ECL might not be eligible in 2021, so if you were to leave and form a new party, it will not be a wise idea.
      Just wait for the court to formally announce that ELC is not eligible and we will see another dununa in PF. It’s rubbish for Kambwili to say that he is loyal to PF, it’s just a calculated move. Just wait we will hear from him again, he is planning his moves.

    • Any thief is only safe within PF,outside PF kambwili will go to prison,there is no principle in what he is saying its self preservation.

  2. Nostradamus, You are a fool, ichimbuya at the expense of Zambians. I can tell you are Bemba, wa ba ilyobe. Pumgwa iwe.

  3. Good morning UPNDonkeys. Looking for an agenda for monday morning? Here is one……something to hiho hiho hiho about. It may not be exactly what you want, unfortunately no donkey sets the agenda so you have to eat what Kambwili has given you……Now you can start ……..Edgar this Edgar that……..kikikikikikiki.

    • @Terrible, you really HATE. Time will tell when you will stop your HATE remarks and this time is around the corner. Watch this space, I bet you.

    • Dr Kambwili, I can see you are very wise, that’s the way to go. Why leave your Party, NO way, good just stay put right there. Ulefwaya cimukokote.

  4. Those who think this clueless thug should be reappointed are mad.He messed up the ministry of information especially ZNBC!!Ask any one working for ZNBC what they are going through.He yaps too much and is an under achiever. He is not presidential material; too dull for that. Just chech the rubbish he writes about economic issues on his face book wall;very badly explained.

  5. Boatlicking at its best. Zambia,s leadership has gone to the dogs, even Kambwili is aspairing to be a president. Zed twasebana sure. Kambwwili shud know that nomatter how much he will lick Lungu,s ass the fact remains that he will never be brought near simply because he is popular among PF illiterates wich does not go well with ancle Jemason.

  6. Best Ba Kambwili is to hand over willingly whatever wealth you acquired by virtue of the positions you held whilst in govt and then you might save some face.
    Let is also be a lesson to other sitting top Govt officials, abuse of office and position will not be tolerated.

  7. Kikiki things are bad under pf such that founding members hounded out are still clinging onto party for fear of their lives. Pf attempted to assassinate this chap in that road accident.

  8. This is the best from CK. Anyone who supports that Kambwili forms his own party is UPND. That is the enemy Kambwili is talking about. The rest all of you know.

    • CK himself said he was contacted by PF members in both CB and Lusaka for him to form a Party.
      He did not mention UPND.

      What the hell are you yapping here mentioning UPND? What has UPND to do with Kambwili? You are the type of people who are making debates here worthless, it’s all unobjective.

      Come on be real, not writing for the sake of it.

  9. UPND thieves such as GBV and Masebo only yesterday were being insulted by the United Dunderheads and today they are their heros? Thieving is not tolerated by ECL and those who wish to continue that vice should joing the United Party for National Dunderheads who have an excellent record of stealing- right from their ex-privitisation crook tribal leader Hungry Hyena to their hopeless MPs in parliament who go there to enjoy fat allowances and drive luxury SUVs! What a shame!

    • If ECL did not tolerate thieving he would not have made RB a thief, corrupt person his chief adviser. He would also have said something about the Malawi MAise Scandal

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen; let us be level headed when commenting on this forum. Most bloggers are just full of insults and heat speech; this could be a true reflection of our backgrounds on individual family basis. Note that if you insult UPND then you are also insulting about 48% plus of the Zambians that voted for UPND. Conversely is you insult PF then you are again insulting the more than 50% plus 1 that voted for PF to be in power.

  11. @13 C-General, wrong! UPND dunderheads is not the voters, it is the leaders and their UPNDonkeys who live in denial. You hear their statements daily and read their blogs daily. The actual voters both PF and UPND have moved on waiting for 2021 next.

  12. Kambwili is good material for PF not the UPND. In UPND we have educated people who have brains not the type of leaders who are pronounced useless by their own President like in PF. Remember Mr Sata’s pronouncement? Out of the useless ministers PF picks one to be President. Now PF members is this the type of Government you anticipated for Zambia? Poverty all over, a mountain of nkongoles all over, corruption all over, violence all over, stealing votes whenever people vote. It is a shame to belong to PF. Progressive Zambians are already making a reflection about PF and are leaving this party and coming to UPND because of the many failures. Imagin Kambwili coming to the party full of think tanks! FORGET IT.

  13. This is the problem with Zambian politicians. Instead of standing for the majority voiceless, Kambwili is selfishly thinking about himself. He is thinking of what would happen to his ill-gotten wealth if he falls out of favour with Edgar Lungu. These chaps have no morality at all. Kambwili is a coward. He is unprincipled and must not be trusted as one who can ably represent the people. He lacks leadership acument because all he is worried about is his stollen wealth despite the ills in the PF. Rght now this government is ruining the country by not serving the interests of the majority Zambians. All they are interested in is to remain in power so they can continue looting. Since Kambwili is part of the looting, he has grown cold feet and can no longer point out these ills. So he is nothing…

  14. I have learnt a bitter lesson of underestimating people of becoming President. It really boggles my mind on how Edgar and Trump can be voted into office. I personally would not give a person like Kambwili my vote because of his personality but strangely enough they are others who think he has Presidential material

  15. Kambwili is not a Presidential material asabaila fye. He is a PF thug who made himself rich within a short period. He used to be a copper thief. Have run out of good quality leaders in Zambia than settling for thieves? We want people like General Miyanda, Chipimo etc.

    • @mateo are you a novice to Zambian politics?

      To the contrary CK is a presidential material for Zambia, the bar is not that high.

  16. Stay put. We need you in whatever position even without. Your contributions are logical but mind when, where and how you say it. Muchisungu batila ati: The way it is given is worth more than the gift itself.

  17. Unomwaka takuli chobe iwe chikolwe iwe! You will be flashed like a broken condom of a Kasai after ejaculating inside Dora’s p.ussy leaving it asunder with HIV. Anyway, it had HIV already, now in has two stains of the virus resident in those whoresome stinky blossoms.

  18. Kambwili is a very big coward. He will start something today and the next time he is speaking something else. Only GBM means what he says. when he said teti mpapate Kaungu he has maintained that. But Doc Chimbwi said Dora will join PF over his dead body but toady Dora is PF and Doc Chimbwi hasn’t died.

  19. Kambwili is a very big coward. He will start something today and the next time he is speaking something else. Only GBM means what he says. when he said teti mpapate Kalungu he has maintained that. But Doc Chimbwi said Dora will join PF over his dead body but today Dora is PF and Doc Chimbwi hasn’t died.

  20. Well it’s your party and Lungu who will kick you out because you’re a threat to his third term bid. That’s the bottom line. Kikikikiki.

  21. Watch out for part 2 ck.u already misused yo time. Don’t expect another appointment. It’s time for others.Face a different side.

  22. This is the news UPND followers hate most!!!but well said Dr.Kambwili because PF is your home so if you pull through,after ECL’s terms,its highly likely that you will be a next PF president and Republican president in 2026!!for now continue supporting PF and ECL.your friends such as Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata,Maureen Mwanawasa,etc have learnt a big lesson that HH is MILES AWAY from state house and they are too quiet now!!so never ditch PF because you may regret!!just look at how finished politically is Guy Scott,Sylvia Masebo,Bob Sichinga,Obvious Mwaliteta(prisoner today),GBM,Nevers Mumba,etc?EVEN HH HIMSELF ONLY FEELS LIKE A POLITICIAN IN KNOWN 3.5 BANTUSTAN PROVINCES.IN 6.5 PROVINCES HH IS USELESS!!!so Dr.CK remain with a loved political party PF!!!

  23. REMEMBER ZAMBIANS! Kambwili told us that late president Sata anointed him (Kambwili) as the next PF leader. He will stick around for it and one of the two MUST die.

  24. 1.3 Buck Teeth Lungu: if u don’t know what CK has been doing since the 90s just shut up!!! He has always been a hard worker through and through unlike you who just eats and sh1t where u are sitting!!!

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