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Solwezi-Chingola road to be commissioned in August this year-Chitotela

Economy Solwezi-Chingola road to be commissioned in August this year-Chitotela

FQM engineers work on the Chingola-Solwezi Road.

THE 180 kilometres Solwezi-Chingola road being constructed at a cost of K1.4 billion will be commissioned in August this year, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has said.

And Mr Chitotela said the works done on the road so far have reduced time spent to connect between Solwezi in North-Western Province and Chingola on the Copperbelt from six to two hours.

The road comprises three sections being constructed separately by China Geo, Swift and Buildcon construction companies.

Speaking when he inspected progress on the road on Saturday, Mr Chitotela said Government has so far paid K190 million in total to all the three contractors working on the road and there has been tremendous progress since last August.

“So you can see the commitment we have put to fulfilling President Lungu’s pronouncement that North-Western Province is turned into the new Copperbelt. He said we should make sure the road is ‘motorable’ so that we do not disrupt any economic activities between the province and other parts of the country,” he said.

Mr Chitotela said the project has a one-year liability defect aspect, compelling the contractor to maintain any damages on the road for that period.

He said Government is looking forward to the road being upgraded into a duo carriageway to further reduce congestion.

And Road Development Agency resident engineer K.V Krishna Reddy said works have currently stalled because of the rains.

Mr Reddy said contractors are, however, using this period to prepare construction material and crushing all aggregates.

“They will resume works vigorously but so far, we have done 25 percent of works on lot one. We are on 35 percent for lot two and 22 percent for lot three, respectively,” he said.

North-Western Province Minister Richard Kapita said the road will help reduce high road carnage that has been experienced over the years.

Mr Kapita thanked President Lungu for fulfilling his campaign promise to the people of North-Western Province.

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  1. LT, i can’t see engineer in the photo. and who is going to commission it? i don’t hear this term here where big roads and projects are done regularly. i don’t hear the president here being thanked for the projects

    • Typical PF. After stealing the money meant for the road, PF are now taking credit for a road that had to be done by a private company. FQM were frustrated by the state of the road and were forced to do this project just to survive. Imagine a 6 hour trip that should take 2 hours. What about copper trucks? How long was it taking them and also other trucks delivering supplies?

    • Chitotela let the serious FQM do their work quietly you had 5yrs to work on the solwezi road you failed completely,the first year Sata announced 3 contractors on site and like him you have continued to talk about contractors without results,you guys have no shame in telling lies,you seem to have capacity for anything but lying,look at 69kms of pedicle road which is un done for 5yrs what are you capable of doing?Some of us are not surprised anyway because even in your private lives individualy and collectively you did not achieve much and its unfair to expect you to achieve anything for anyone.

  2. NWP has been neglected like hell while it remains the bread basket of Zambia. The song on this road has been sung several times. PF is biased in the way they fund national projects. this is one reason for regional voting.

  3. And why do we still have an Indian as RDA Resident Engineer? I am sure KV Krishna Reddy is not Zambian, are there no Zambian road engineers?

  4. Minister of infrastructure development and Housing is a duplicate of Minister of Works and Supply. ..whats the other ministry doing now? Political jobs are costly. We go on fiscal discipline by duplicating ministries

  5. “So you can see the commitment we have put to fulfilling President Lungu’s pronouncement that North-Western Province is turned into the new Copperbelt. He said we should make sure the road is ‘motorable’ so that we do not disrupt any economic activities between the province and other parts of the country,” he said.

    The forgot to tell you that FQM intervened in this project if it was up to Lazy Lungu and his clowns the contractors would not have been paid and the project would have stalled.

  6. Ba chitotela tamwishibe efyo mulelandapo because that road can not be commissioned in 6 months ahead of us, guess work is bad for high office bearers like you. The pace at which the contractors are working is of a snail type, so how does that justify your claims?

  7. What a nutter. I though this road was built already. How many times will it be made. bakawalala. That’s Zed is at the bottom of the food chain like hyenas in Disney’s Lion King. Ubung’o

  8. Good to see some progress though government of PF should not take credit for it. The current government does not like the people of north western province. It scares me that we neglect a people that has a history of rebellion. Kaondes may be quiet and looks stupid, but you push them to far, they are the only Zambians who have demonstrated that they are not scared to pick up guns and wage war. This scares me. Twapapata please try to distribute resources equitably.

  9. Please start works on Lumumba road.Its in a pathetic state now.And ba Lusaka City Council please check that street vendor who has set up a trading post just after Mukwa road on the rail truck at bottlers.You have seen him start slowly growing his business there next it will be Buseko Market extension.Surely do we have to tell you all the time to tame these vendors.You do see them starting and its the right time you can stop them before its too late!Let buseko be were it is,we do not want an extesion into undesignated area like the sited spot…..please please lets say NO to this!

    • Your Mayor is enjoying a free vacation in New Mexico USA..test driving ambulances and Fire engines..you sort it out yourselves!!

  10. Meanwhile, Bwana Minister, your main contractor, Buildcon is failing to pay suppliers of materials and services. They are leaving a foot print of debt every where.

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