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Davies Mwila tells MPs, Mayors and Councilors to enforce President Lungu’s campaign promises

Headlines Davies Mwila tells MPs, Mayors and Councilors to enforce President Lungu’s campaign...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Mwila has directed party members of Parliament (MPs), mayors and council chairpersons to actualise and re-enforce President Lungu’s campaign promises.

And Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has urged MPs to regularly visit their constituencies to enable them to have accurate information on the progress made on development projects before issuing statements in Parliament.

Mr Mwila said PF leaders at all levels should strive to actualise President Lungu’s development agenda across the various sectors of the economy.

This is according to a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) news bulletin monitored in Lusaka yesterday.

And Mr Mwila has warned that members bent on bringing the ruling party and the President’s name into disrepute will not be spared.

He said members must defend the President and explain the PF development agenda at all cost.

Mr Mwila said President Lungu must be credited for initiating various infrastructure projects and inclusiveness in running affairs of the state.
He was speaking at a PF fundraising dinner dance in Kabwe.

And PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya urged heads of Government departments to feel free to interact with Mr Mwila as a custodian of the party manifesto on which government policy is anchored.

Mr Bwalya said civil servants are duty-bound to implement Government policy derived from the PF manifesto.

Meanwhile, PF Central Province chairperson Chanda Mutale said the general membership in the region has resolved to rally behind President Lungu’s candidature in 2021 because of his exemplary leadership.

Mr Mutale also said the creation of four more districts in the province is aimed at taking development closer to the people while creating more jobs for the locals.

Mr Mwila later pledged K10,000 during the fundraising dinner dance.

And CATHERINE MUMBA reports from Ikelengi that Mr Chitotela urged members of Parliament (MPs) to regularly visit their constituencies to have accurate information on the progress made on development projects before issuing statements in Parliament.

During the previous sitting of Parliament, Ikelengi MP Elijah Muchima told the House that Freca Mining and Construction Company, the contractor engaged to work on the 100-kilometre Mwinilunga-Jimbe road at a cost of US$105 million, had demobilised and left the site.

But Mr Chitotela found the contractor on site when he inspected the road construction works on Sunday.

Mr Chitotela found that Freca Mining and Construction Company had done earthworks covering a stretch of 93 kilometres of the project.

Company managing director Fred Kasongo told journalists that Mr Muchima has allegedly never visited the construction site since he was re-elected in last year’s general elections.

Mr Chitotela said MPs should visit their constituencies to ensure that they do not issue statements which are contrary to situations on the ground.
The minister said Mr Muchima’s statement to Parliament prompted him to visit the site to see what was obtaining on the ground.

And Mr Chitotela said he is happy with the pace at which Freca Mining and Construction Company is working on the project.

He said Government is determined to open Jimbe border, which connects Zambia to Angola.

“It is a critical border and we are happy that the contractor has demonstrated that Zambian contractors can perform well,” Mr Chitotela said.


  1. What an utter imbicile this illeterate lumpen G12 drop out. I’m sure President Lungu has seen that Mumbi Phiri is capable of doing better at this job

    • PF’s junior chief bandit Mwila doesn’t know him job description of sticking to Pathetic Fleas party & should not interfere with governmental obligations.
      Visionless Lungus 3rd dictatorial term is non-existent~his 2 terms are disastrous enough to the detrimental of life.
      The presidential petition must be heard & not this nonsense from bandits like Mwila.
      How is load shedding, economy, army worms, floods & mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

  2. PF can be a good party. They need to weed out bad elements like Davies Mwila, Frank Bwalya, Edgar, and maybe Mumbi. Otherwise this party is good.

  3. so is Mwila telling us that Lungu promise was for PF party cadres to share plots? the company doing the Ikelenge road could have resumed after word went out that they were being reported. so Muchima is right.

  4. This ***** mwila will finish PF before 2021. By that time the party will remain as a shell because of this *****.

  5. It is just here in Zambia where there are no principles and where our systems are rotten to the core. Davies Mwila, if it was in other countries he could have resigned on moral grounds or should have been fired for those unlawful comments he made in Kabwe.But here we are, embracing such a disgraceful official in our midst. Shame!

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