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Drunk Zambia Police Service officer throws away his riffle

General News Drunk Zambia Police Service officer throws away his riffle

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo shake hands with Central Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi shortly after the 2015-2016 Pass out Parade in Geoffrey Mukuma Training School or called Sondela in Kafue District
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo shake hands with Central Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi shortly after the 2015-2016 Pass out Parade in Geoffrey Mukuma Training School or called Sondela in Kafue District

Zambia Police Service has detained one of its own officers in Kapiri Mposhi, Central Province, for allegedly losing a government rifle allegedly in a drunken stupor at a local pub.

The officer may, however, escape severe punishment because a Good Samaritan found the deadly weapon and handed it over to the police.

The adventurous constable of Tazara Police Station, who was expected to be keeping criminals at bay, could not resist the lure of liquor as he conducted his patrols past the pub.

He allegedly took one too many, later found the gun too heavy and threw it away on Saturday night during the drinking spree.

Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi said the constable would face disciplinary action for being drunk while on duty and losing the government firearm.

“The officer is in custody. The officer will be dealt with accordingly,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

She said the weapon was taken to the police by a member of the public who found it abandoned.


  1. What do you expect from visionless Lungus PFolice bandits mascaraeding as police? Everything is a disaster.
    The Skeleton Key

    • Drinking on duty, and still talking about disciplinary action? It’s instant dismissal!! He needs to be charged for leaving a firearm unattended, after summary dismissal. Is this how PF spoils their cadres in uniform?

  2. There is just too much lawlessness in the country. During campaigns PF vehicles removed registration numbers, vehicles were driving on wrong lanes, you could see PF cadres seating dangerously on bus roof tops going to receive their President at the airport and it is still happening. And since most PF cadres have been drafted into the Police, its like no one cares. This drunk police officer in Kapiri is not an isolated case, these are cadres so they don’t care

    • PF cadres masquerading as police! They do not deserve to be where they are. That’s why people are taking the law into their own hands and killing spouses, criminals etc. The same PFolice cadets are being bonked by their instructors at Lilayi because they don’t deserve to be in the Police. Expect more mayhem.

  3. Kikiki the pf police state is a joke. These pf cadres are useless drunk thugs just like their president

  4. Guys you are fools how can President be involved when police loses a gun?everything is President do u think if hh come to power they will be no police drinking? *****

  5. An indiscipline chap is simply indiscipline and lets not involve our President. Even if someone else it be HH became President that character will just remain indiscipline.That will not take away my respect for my President it be HH.

  6. This is how the police (Including Prisons) strength in numbers is 1. Easterners 2. Westerners 3. Southerners 4.The Bemba speaking tribes/dialects and the rest they share. And go to ZAF, ARMY, ZNS the story changes. It up to you to guess.Only the smart.

  7. Kanpyongo advice the recruiting management at Zulu papa to stop recruiting in the name of WWW. Waco. Com, relatives are ones that are not keeping the low and busy causing the problems and miss of understanding in communities, the issue disciplinary it means the one who is talking about it is related the VICTOR, there some cases which are called first offender, and the court will discipline you, and other cases even if it’s first offender the court will slap you heavily, so as in this case of abandoning rifle instantly dismissal

  8. Comment:The officer threw the riffle after realising that there are some abetors who could be noticing his movement because of long term boozing together at the same time.So drunkardness is compulsory only the way you use your power after getting drunk.Disciplinary action only not compulsion from the government job.

  9. President drinks on duty.
    Law enforcement officers / agents drink on duty.
    Economy is drunk, Agricultural, fiscal system reeling from a bad hangover, whilst the Health system dying before our eyes.
    What does one expect when Drunkenness starts from the very top @ plot #1

  10. Many people drink alcohol from their place of work especially whites but don’t take it to extreme as this poor officer did, obviously out of frustration.i agree he should be punished heavily but should be a warning so he doesn’t do it again, don’t recuse him of his job.

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