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Government to probe Spouse, Lover Killings

General News Government to probe Spouse, Lover Killings

Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Edwidge Mutale talking to Serenje district Heads of Government Departments (not in Picture) during her recent tour of district in the province.
Permanent Secretary (PS) Edwidge Mutale

Ministry of Gender Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale says government was concerned at the increasing number of spouse killings.
She said the recent reports of women killing their spouses made sad reading and required that measures were put in place to stop the killings.

She said necessary research was required to help put in place measures to address the rising vice.

Ms Mutale said the problem required a multi-sectoral approach and her ministry would work closely with other ministries and government departments and agencies to establish the root cause behind the spate of spouse killings.

“We [Ministry of Gender] intend to work with the ministries: of Health, of National Guidance and Religious Affairs and of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to counsel these women involved in spouse killings because no-one can just wake up and kill someone they love,” Ms Mutale said.

She also called on families and society to help with this matter.

She said that when society faced increasing cases of child defilement and other sexual crimes in the 90s, society, civil society and government came together to address the carnage that resulted in Parliament passing a law prescribing punitive measures to curb the vice.

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  1. You cannot simply ensure discipline in your pf police and you think you can manage to deal with this side effect of your own making caused by your failures to ensure positive economic climate. People are so frustrated under pf such that they have short tempers. Kwashala Lungu. Esther will shoot the chap if he not careful

    • Awe mwandi abaume nabachilamo ubuchende. They leave us at home and go doing it with tuma little prositutes leaving us. Utu twine utu malule etulebepaya

    • Have you nothing to do?
      This is a clear indicator of the detoriation in social moral fabric of our nation.
      It is a culmination of issues for a start let’s deal with all those unregulated sex boosters sellers and then make sure that we sensitize the importance of good family bonds the same way you talk about confoms.
      Then pray just pray that the message gets through those thick skulls!

    • So many reports of United Dunderhead MPs being caught red handed with other peoples wives in guest houses in towns such as Siavonga, Mazabuka, Choma, Livingstone etc So how can we change this mindset? Best is for counselling of UPND MPs to stop this vice, once the counselling hits home maybe their constituents will follow suit to change their ways.

    • Koma iwe NEZ ndiwe osokonezeka, ungazinene President like that, you must learn to be respectful. Next will be your children disrespecting you like that, even such matters taking them political sure? God help you coz surely you might be the next. Let us together face the problem headon and not blame shift.

    • There’s nothing to probe. What needs to be curbed is domestic violence itself and providing resources for abused women to break away from their abusers!

    • It’s a cultural problem..alot of these killings alcohol and unfaithfulness is at the core…deal with this problem solved!

  2. PF is the mother of all violence and that’s why people think it is ok to kill. Mpombo went to PF and his son thought that it is ok to kill. GRZ make sure that all murderous people are given death penalty or life imprisonment. then everyone will learn not to kill. ban violet Nigerian movies too

  3. Careful if your woman watch too much Nigerian movies or goes to some pentecostal church, this is deadly combination.

    • If she tops it up with a good job or business venture, that one becomes a killer concoction.

      Word of advise from a highly sought after bachelor, boy i make George Clooney look like a first grader.

  4. This issue is very serious to just talk about and forget. The trend will still continue up to time indefinite. Having extramarital affair is one thing but ending the life of a person is another. Let death penalties be introduced for spouse killers and the problem will be solved. To those partners with extra marital affairs learn to stick to only your partners and thats what the Bible tells us. As christians if the worst goes to the worst divorcing is the only option or rather parting ways to those in relationship. NOT KILLING!

  5. This is problem is not just coming from the current generation in these marriages. I have encountered a situation where you make report over a spouse ill behaviour. To my surprise this family left behind the men folks and the group elderly women that came are the type that have daughters that murder spouses.We have lost values in women and our culture is slowly dying because of many useless elderly women,drunkard bana bu kombe .The introduction of vernacular subjects will help the upcoming genelation not this lost one.

  6. Revise laws which empowers Women than Men. For example in divorce cases women are on merit side regardless of who sued or circumstances that led to such. Therefore, Women have abused this right to such an extend where they can misbehave and will end the marriage and get a lion share.

    Local courts are not adding value to the rule of law reason is simple and straight forward CORRUPTION especially at Kitwe Boma.

    Ministry of Justice should come in to plan for the revision of such laws if we are to see reduction the killings of husband and wife, man and girlfriends.

  7. These things are not new for Christ sake. The only difference is that this new generation is using conventional weapons such as knives and guns. Us we used witch craft which was worse than what is happening now. When we attack, no trace. Ask my comrade KK about Muchape, he had a policy to deal with these things. Your are talking about 5 or 10 cases, us it was 1000s dying mysteriously.

  8. The best way forward is to pray for God’s intervation, we are His creation bearing His likeness, He has authority over us & He cannot fail to deal with us & all that which concerns us, no matter who you may be. The problem is people just hear & talk about prayer & not do it, let’s not look at the hugeness of the problem but at the power of prayer.

  9. ..instead of probing on Auditor Generals report…wasting resources pafyabupuba…..matters of the heart are not easy to control..just diverting attention from real pressing issues..

  10. Sexual liberation is the key. when that comes into play, Jealousy is eliminated. allow each other breathing room to mingle and play with friends. If for some reason you slip or hit a speed bump, its ok to talk it over and forgive each other while replaying the encounter with the lover in your head. Tell your spouse nobody can ever be better at it!Have your woman dress like a ho fo you. Women , tease him good.

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