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Chief Mwanachingwala thanks President Lungu for evacuating him to India for special treatment

General News Chief Mwanachingwala thanks President Lungu for evacuating him to India for special...

FILE: First Lady Esther Lungu when she visited Chief Mwanachingwala who has been unwell for two years at his palace in Mazambuka. This was on Thursday, January 21,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
CHIEF Mwanachingwala of the Tonga people of Mazabuka district has thanked President Lungu for saving his life after ordering his evacuation to India for specialist treatment.

Chief Mwanachingwala said he wants to personally go to State House to thank the President for his gesture.

The traditional leader said President Lungu has demonstrated that he is a President for all irrespective of tribe.

“I was evacuated to India by President Lungu although I am Tonga because he does not look at the tribe of an individual,” Chief Mwanachingwala said.

He also appealed to Government to work on the road leading to his palace which is in a bad state.

He said this at his palace when Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale paid a courtesy call on him.

And Dr Hamukale told the chief that President Lungu has released money to work on the Kalomo-Dundumwezi road and the Mazabuka by-pass.

Dr Hamukale said President Lungu is committed to developing the country even in areas where he was not voted for.

Dr Hamukale commended Chief Mwanachingwala for supporting the PF administration, and that Government values his counsel.

The chief is recuperating at his palace after undergoing specialist treatment in India.


  1. Instead of lobbying development for his people, he wants the road leading to his palace worked on..! Most of our chiefs are selfish. Always wanting to have a lions share..!

    • What kind of ecconomical benefits will the road leading to his place give to the locals? Or instead of seeking for a proper hospital like the one he was in ku India to be built in his chiefdom.

  2. Instead of thanking Lungu for flying you to India, we should ask him to revamp our medical institutions so that we are not sending people to India or South Africa.
    You call yourself lucky to have been one of those receiving treatment through Lungu, what about your subordinates who have no connection to Lungu?
    Why is the medical treatment only for the Elite? Lungu, if there is any legacy that you want to leave behind you, it should be a legacy where politicians, chiefs, etc stopped being transported abroad for medical treatment instead let us get our UTH to a standard that we are medically self-sufficient.

  3. How pathetic these views of the chief are. His life was saved when he was sent to India for treatment. What happens to his subjects when they have the same ailments? This is an admission that the local health services are not adequate – hence, only the VIP’s should be saved by being accorded preferential health treatment abroad. The ‘commoners’ should just be left to perish.
    The southern province minister goes on to say “President Lungu is committed to developing the country even in areas where he was not voted for”. So the usual/norm is that areas where one did not receive votes, should be neglected? Lungu should be praised for being ‘kind’ to Southern province (a President of the nation, presumably representing a government to which everyone pays tax to?)

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