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Ex Diplomats asked to surrender diplomatic passports and CD number plates to avoid inconvenience


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has again directed all former diplomats to surrender their diplomatic passports and CD vehicles.

Ministry Spokesperson Dorcas Chileshe said, “following the deadline of 31st January, 2017 given to recalled Zambian diplomats, cautioning against the continued use of CD number plates and Diplomatic passports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested relevant authorities to ensure that the set deadline issued is adhered to.”

She said, “Last month, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Harry Kalaba expressed concern over the continued use of CD number plates and diplomatic passports by recalled diplomats who had been in the country for more than six months following their recall from the Foreign Service.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to remind all recalled diplomats of the obligation to surrender the passports and number plates within the required stipulated period. In this regard, the Ministry wishes to appeal to all concerned recalled Diplomats who have not yet done so, to kindly surrender their diplomatic passports and CD number plates to the Ministry to avoid being inconvenienced.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Letter
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Letter


  1. It is very easy by just annulling or revoking the said passports. This renders them useless and when presented at exit or entry points will not work once scanned via the system. If not computerised, have a list of annulled passports sent to all points of entry or exit.

    • PF incompetence knows no bounds. These items are govt property. There’s no reason why govt now has to lead to have them back. Once diplomatic passports have been revoked the holders cannot travel on them. What is so hard about that??? The same about diplomatic number plates. First of all, these are not Zambian; they are foreign and can be readily identified. Secondly, once identified the vehicles should be impounded until registered using local numbers. Is that so difficult?

  2. I know Diplomats recalled from India more that 6 years ago still parading around using CD number plates. If you come across Blue coloured plates reading “87 CD ” then that’s a recalled diplomat from India or their spouses driving around freely. With those number plates they don’t get checked or stopped by anyone from the law enforcement circles be it RTSA or the Police.

  3. There is total lawlessness with PF.

    We have PF thugs driving around with no numberplates instead a plaq of LUNGU 2021.

    Why should people with some form of numberplate bother when we have such thugs as above.

  4. @Kaputo Davies – the other issue in Zambia is how people quickly conclude without getting more information. There a lot of ex diplomats from India driving around using the “87 CD” number plates. I do not know them individually but can tell when I see them using the diplomatic number plates

  5. The contents of the letter is different from story. The letter is talking about Malawi Commission of Inquiry on Maize procurement.

  6. This posturing to the general public over issues if there is a functioning government would be resolved by internal effective policies without pandering to the public.
    Inform Zambians if money has been recovered from ministers who illegally stayed in offices after dissolution of parliament in 2016. Zambians demand for their money from these convicts resulting judgement from court.

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