Gambia Puts Down dog that killed President Barrow’s son

Habibu Barrow

The dog that killed the eight-year-old son of Gambian President Adama Barrow has been put down, a government official has confirmed.

Habibu Barrow died in hospital after being bitten by the dog last month at his aunt’s house in a coastal resort near Banjul.The attack happened before Mr Barrow was inaugurated and while he was still in Senegal for his safety.

The president, who recently returned to the Gambia, missed his son’s funeral as he was he was still in Senegal for his safety following Yahya Jammeh‘s refusal to handover power.

Reports say that Habibu – one of the president’s five children – was mauled by the dog and sustained a head injury.It is unclear why the dog attacked the young boy.
The animal, which had been certified rabies free, was put down on Tuesday, with a quick procedure.

The government official said the dog belonged to the aunt and had not attacked anyone before.He said the attack had worried the family and they were comfortable with the action taken.

“We thought it’s not safe for the community if the dog was on the streets,” the official said.

Many homes in the upmarket area of Fajara, where Habibu was staying along with his mother and other siblings, have security dogs to ward off intruders.

Mr Barrow, who won elections in December, was living in neighbouring Senegal at the time after the previous Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, refused to step down.
He returned to the Gambia last week after Mr Jammeh agreed to leave the country.



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      Supposing he didn’t go into hiding and got killed was that going to make him ‘a man’? Was that going to benefit his family? Are you implying that if he was in The Gambia, this tragic accident wouldn’t have occurred?

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      I agree with Nubian to a certain extent. The man was suppose to travel with his close family. Suppose Yayha captured the enitre family and held them hostage? That was very poor planning. Very sad that the young boy died like that.

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      1.3 Ngolwa

      You don’t know the circumstances of his escape…sad for the all boy and the family is all i can say…

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      A man with a family has to put his family first. If Barrow has brought his family with him to Senegal the child would still be here. Once you bring children into this world, you are responsible for them! You can’t go into hiding and expect them to fend for themselves. I therefore still maintain my thoughts. Barrow is not a man. How can he lead a country if he cant even protect his own kids.

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      But at any moment, they could have become Yahya’s target especially if he tried by all means and failed to get the patriarch. Still, his reasoning was stvpid.

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    The boy was a Sacrifice…Sometimes ascending to power takes more than just the ballot, some of these Leaders get involved in demonic stuff, especially those in West Africa are well known for that…

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      You see what most “educated” people have failed to see on this forum. It’s better to watch and keep quiet, the deep secrets of this world are not for those that cannot handle the truth.

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    Ecowas used Constitutionalism ,Diplomacy and Military Force to dethrone Yahya Jammeh and install President Adama Barrow in power. Yahya Jammeh has since been exiled to Equatorial Guinea. We know that Presidents Jacob Zuma, Ian Khama and John Magufuli have recognised the New President of Gambia. We are waiting to hear a response from SADC ,Mu7 ,Mugabe, Lungu etc. Does SADC accept and condone Ecowas’ Regime Change in Gambia and the rest of Africa? Bravo to Ecowas. Shama….Shame on SADC.

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    I am sure Jammeh sent that dog to kill Barrow but had no visa to enter Senegal so it substituted him for with his son

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    He shud have travelled with his first family under what circumstances. He is either s.t.u.p.i.d or he sacrificed his own son.

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    The situation he was in by then was something else he did not what to do next …pliz comfort him For God sec its not easy to lose a child

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    President Barrow wasn’t considerate of his family at all, how does he run for his life leaving behind his precious children and the dear wife? Let him apologize to his family for his action, the boy couldn’t have died. His family was supposed to be flown out for safety before him, after all it was him who was in the political boxing ring with Yayha.Jamma.

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