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National Heroes stadium ‘ plundered ‘ ahead of the CAF Under-20 soccer tournament

Sports National Heroes stadium ' plundered ' ahead of the CAF Under-20 soccer tournament

Government says it is saddened to note increased theft and damage of property at the National Heroes Stadium in the capital city of Lusaka.

Minister of Works and Supply Mathew Nkhuwa says it is disheartening that surrounding communities are damaging the  property instead  of cherishing the facility as their own.

Nkhuwa has since warned that government will ensure that all perpetrators caught stealing or vandalising property at National Heroes Stadium are dealt with accordingly.

He  disclosed that government through line ministries has put tangible measures in place to improve security at the stadium.

The minister  in the company of Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said this shortly after touring the National Heroes Stadium on Friday  to check on its readiness to host this month’s CAF Under 20 tournament.

Nkhuwa was happy with the adjustments made by the technical team to the National Heroes Stadium which were recommended by the CAF inspection team for its eligibility to host the Junior AFCON tournament.

He stated that the country is now more than ready to host the junior AFCON tournament which kicks off  on 26th February  2017 in Lusaka and Ndola respectively.

And Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said the provincial administration is working closely with the local organizing committee to ensure that the issues of security and hospitality among others is enhanced in the city.

Zambia will for the first time be hosting the CAF Under-20 soccer tournament from February 26 to March 12, 2017 at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka and the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

Participating teams are Senegal, Sudan, South Africa and Cameroun who form group B and will be based in Ndola while Mali, Egypt, Guinea and hosts Zambia make Group A and will set their base in Lusaka.


    • Hospitality with all those street vendors who are blocking drainages.
      Mwakalombe can’t even care for a stadium sure.

    • Stop denigrating the entire race. This happens everywhere where people are disadvantaged regardless of whether they are Africans or Asians or European

  1. You don’t build something and leave it to attend to itself it will be vandalized. The surrounding communities do not care no security time to steal period that is how the human minds operates.

    • Tell this govt of amateur managers how to look after national assets. Its our tax they are sending down the drain with their ignorance

  2. Yes indeed, such massive infrastructure should have had a five star Hotel facilitiy, Shopping malls, Pubs, Restaurants, Tennis courts, swimming pools etc., including a Police station. That way, the local pipo could have gotten jobs thereof and could have safe guarded the place. Sadly since the place was built, only Ghosts play football therein from the nearby Chingwere cemetery

    • I agree with you Nkope. Security must be tightened. Other social amenities must be put in place to keep the people in the surrounding communities busy.

  3. yesterday was saddened to hear that in Chililabombwe, people are climbing street light poles to steel solar power batteries

  4. The location of the heroes stadium is really bad. Strusted kamalondas are needed to guard the area. Njala yatinyokola.

  5. Saddened? Is that the only reaction? You should have left the management of the two national stadia to a private company. Leave the company to worry about security and everything. If you leave anything to govt that spells doom for the project.

  6. This is down to poor planning …you mean there is no security and how does that thing pay for itself..you want the community to appreciate it employ locals only from the surrounding compounds

  7. People need to learn how to safeguard property like the heroes stadium. Surely just look at independence stadium it is sad to look at.a good stadium is built for them they vandalise. Let’s appeiciate please.

  8. where are the police ? why can’t they been put there to guard the stadium ? Are they only good at brutalizing students and not thieves ?

  9. Typical African mentality. These monkeys will always be like this. This is the reason why white man says Africa will never develop because of monkeys like these that destroy any type of development.

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