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Flamboyant ,money focussing Prophets and Pastors rebuked

Headlines Flamboyant ,money focussing Prophets and Pastors rebuked

Gilgal church Overseer William Ng’ambi has challenged fellow clergymen to focus on building the body of Christ by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ than being flamboyant.

Prophet Ng’ambi said it is disappointing that a lot of men of God are concentrating on competing on who is rich and who is driving the best car on the expense of preaching the word of God.

“I have been following and observed the fights and mud smearing among servants of God and it breaks me down. There is so much competition in the body of Christ in trying to prove who is the richest, who is driving what car,” Prophet Ng’ambi said.

Jesus Christ in his time never did a miracle to prove his great anointing

He said it is a pity that People are being deceived by all sorts of miracles being staged in the Church today. Prophet Ng’ambi said Jesus Christ in his time never did a miracle to prove his great anointing. At a wedding in cana, he told the mother that time is not yet. He displayed humility.

The clergyman based in Mzuzu, Malawi said “saints you will perish with miracles, Jesus Christ is our focus. In Revelation 19:10 the bible speaks of teaching the testimony of Jesus Christ as the true spirit of prophecy. Jesus heals and God can do anything but not in the way things are happening in the church today”.

Prophet Ng’ambi said true servants of God are called to win souls for Christ and that should be the focus of every well-meaning man of God.


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  1. If you spoke as Mr Ng’ambi I would have said walasa mudala manje ati prophet futi! You are the same people misleading the gullible!

    • We as a people he failed ourselves. Africans are gullible to say the least.
      We lack critical thinking and believe anything we are told .
      When you criticise pastors you are labelled to be a devil’s agent.
      Yet these so called prophets are more appealing to poor Africans and these same prophets are mostly from Nigeria. A country full of crooks theives and conmen a country so corrupt that the corruption chokes the economy of a very otherwise rich country.
      And they preach of prosperity and they live in absolute wealth using your tithe they are so materialistic that they cannot wait for their rewards in heaven like the rest of the congregation.
      The real prophets were in lsreal just look at lsreal a prosperous country!
      Before you condemn me you lazy cows l am a christian but we must…

    • ………..Before you condemn me you lazy cows l am a christian but we must learn to question these so called prophets otherwise you will be eating grass or drinking doom or a more familiar story drinking urine as directed by Alice Lenshina.
      You are lucky she is dead by now you could be eating f e a c e s !

    • Rebuke the people that follow them and give them money. They are the ones without sense. The prophets and pastors are business men!

    • Deu 26:12 When thou hast made an end of tithing all the tithes of thine increase the third year, which is the year of tithing, and hast given it unto the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, that they may eat within thy gates,and be filled;
      I am just quoting this scripture as one of the pertinent examples of the mind of the most High Creator concerning tithes and offerings. It is an embarrassment that these charlatans will stand and lie to people that tithes belong to Pastors, Prophets, Teachers and Evangelists may you please show me the supporting scripture for your claim as by the scripture standards not even the Levites (Priests) had claim to the whole portion of Tithe.

    • Even Malachi 3 : 8 does clearly state that …… “so that there may be food in the House of Elohim(God)”, what is more appalling is the definition they have attached to the name “Prophet”, according to scripture if I may quote 1King 18:21 – 40, this was a show down between Elijah (Prophet of Elohim) and 450 Prophets of baal (False Prophets) we find that truly the most high Creator showed us the characteristics of a true Prophet whose Job is ; 1. To show people who the true Most high is, 2. The true way of Worshiping the true Most high and 3. Who is baal and what his characteristics are. That is why the scripture says before the end comes Elijah must come first, that is to restore the true Worship including restoring the true name of the Most high and His Son. False Prophets are all…

    • …………. False Prophets are all over the show!!!!!!!! creating more orphans, widows and poor people using the deceitful tactics of the devil who is their master and most high. Most People have have lost credibility in the scripture and existence of our Creator and true Most high. Please note that there is only one Creator of all flesh and the universe He has a name (not a title) His name is Yahuwah and His Son’s name is Yahushua . Jer_23:27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal.
      Run away as fast as you can from these false Prophets before they empty your pockets.

  2. Comment: Old churches are not involved in this get rich fast issue but very common amongst pentecostals, where we have titles like Pastor, Prophet, elder etc. There is even statistics where the richest pastors are tabulated. This competition is never found in old churches such the Catholic, Anglican, Ucz, Reformed and many more.

    • good comments from buga and Cc true observation. people are so depressed and vulnerable in our country today that they do not realise that they are paying tithes to THESE MEN OF GOLD to live lavish lifestyles. too many fake pastors and prophets of DOOM and apostles all just to get rich in the name of Jesus Christ. revelations says, in the end many will come in my name and perform miracles but beware.

    • Iwe Cc most of these churches around are not Pentecostal/Evangelicals. You are just too young to see. To everything original there is a counterfeit. What you are seeing nowadays is CHARISMATIC/MAGICIANS. True Pentecostals are founded on being born again, being filled in the Holy Ghost, flowing in the supernatural of God almighty. If you asked some of these “Prophets/Pastors” as to how they got born again, which Pentecostal church they were mentored from, which Pentecostal Bible College they were trained from, you will be shocked that their answer, that is if genuine answer is given, is no where near. For example, Benny Hinny is one of the top Jesuit Priests and some people do not know. I do not understand why some people can not see and will never see what is counterfeit.

    • Old churches have embedded wrong. Like a white Jesus. Where in the bible is Jesus white. Or eating his flesh symbolic to entering heaven? Deceving spirits are everywhere. Follow Christ and you shall be saved.

    • You mean like the catholic church which is riddled with not only sexual abuse scandals but various financial schemes from the Vatican Bank?

    • In order to understand this subject one needs to dig deeper as I have done @Nzelu is right, first of all, if your picture of Jesus (Yahushua – true name) is white then you are totally lost and if you think only Black Americans are the true Israelites then you are misled, if again you think because the Bantu people are true Israelites and Hebrews then they are automatically saved then you are more lost and deceived for the scripture says ; “whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahuwah shall be saved” for in ancient Hebrew the name Yahushua (Son) means Yahuwah (Father) is Salvation. and HalleluYah means praise you Yahuwah.

    • Noah had three Sons Shem, Ham and Yepheth, Yepheth is the Father of all the white races including the Romans who are ruling the world now, Ham is the progenitor of all the dark races but not Negroes (Bantus) and Shem is the progenitor of the Hebrews and Israelites. This information is what led to slavery and colonisation of Africa. That is why we have genetically engineered diseases like HIV mostly concentrated in the heart of Africa because the white people know who we are but alas! We do not know who we are! Africa is poor as a result of her ignorance and stubbornness, please read Deut 28 and you will realise why we walk under the blanket of this curse the solution is we must return to Yahuwah and worship Him in truth as we have forsaken our Creator as a Chosen people.

    • If you need some references on Ham please search for the Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary and look up for Ham you will be so amazed….. People wake up from your slumber.

  3. @James Buga; I agree with you and the writer of the article. How people have sunken so low as to be told to do crazy things, things that are only in the domain of the mental depraved, I have failed to understand. Poverty is a very cruel thing, even a mad person can convince you to drink poison with a promise of gold at the end or the rainbow. Please, christians, yes christians, stop this nonsense and tell off your charlatan prophet to eat grass if he wants to and also to feed his wife and children too! Envelopes are forever being passed on to the congregants for tithing on top of the offerings which is sometimes 2 or 3 times per service. And then they come with stories of how you should sow a seed for you to enjoy the blessings from on high. Why should that seed always be in monetary…

    • Malachi 3:8 Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask how are we robbing you ? “In tithes and offerings

  4. ……Why should that seed always be in monetary terms? Wake up forever POOR ZAMBIANS! God will hear your prayers, you do not need that charlatan prophet to mitigate for you.

  5. Ati you have a spirit of delayment whatever that means. Plant a seed one to the man of God another to the Church. And see what God can do the call it grace and impartation from a man of God. You must bring first fruits for your man also called father, don’t go to a man of God empty handed. The list is endless.

  6. These same “prophets” advise their flocks to look forward to their reward in heaven, while conspicuously getting theirs right here on earth!

    Beware “wolves in sheep’s clothing”…

  7. Folly of the highest order who appointed how overseer since you are all doing the same thing…brainwashing your people.

  8. this rebuke is just as in vain. the culprits know exactly what they want and how best to deploy the best biblical strategies to blind the unsuspecting congregant

  9. The problem with Zambians is that ever since that declaration by that ‘liar & thief’ Chiluba, they’ve been waiting for manna from heaven but what remains interesting is that Zambia continues to wallow in extreme poverty while even Godless countries continue to thrive.
    I’d encourage docile & small minded Zambians to travel & see how people in other countries live, politicians don’t drive fancy cars or don’t get into politics just to get rich, it becomes a scandal to even misuse $900 of tax payers money in in Zambia its starts with the Tourism President.

  10. God if faithful to all. Read proverbs and Psalms . You will learn how to LIVE and how to RELATE with God in totality, all is there. No need for interpretation. All is crystal clear its straight forward in the bible. As believers lets take responsibility of ourselves. Bible says CURSED IS HE WHO PUT TRUST IN MAN except in our lord Jesus Christ. How do you allow mortal man to cheat you that he/she can pray for money on your behalf. God forbid. We all know that for a farmer to harvest maize ,there is a process to be followed. I believe this process applies in everything that man has to achieve.
    How do you just short circuit process of acquisition of money? I live it to you as food for thought.

  11. The greatest problem I see with many Zambians is lack of knowledge. The Bible itself says it clearly. MY PEOPLE PERISH BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Hoses 4:6. Lack of knowledge is a big drawback in all areas of life, be it spiritual, physical or secular. I see it displayed in man people’s comments on line. I am a Christian and if there is one thing I do not agree with, its the prosperity gospel whether it is preached by an American, African, Indian or whoever it may be. Today there is misinterpretation of the Bible to the extent that it stinks. So many anti-Christ’s and false Prophets are on the loose. Unfortunately they have also found a sleeping Church which is ignorant of the Word of God and this works to their advantage.

    Talking about ignorance, I hear a lot of people talk…

  12. Who has seen the Pastor for bread of knives(life). The man drives a hummer when the church is full of orphans and widows. which car doesn’t he own. together with the north mead counterpart. Now the mouth piece for PF and championing t construct a temple of all nations. My foot they are a rip off. We are better off doing the charity work ourselves without channeling funds into these bottomless pits.

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