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Government to act on the domination of foreign cleaning companies in the cleaning industry

General News Government to act on the domination of foreign cleaning companies in the...

Zambia International Investment Forum 2016 Launch: Zambian Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe delivering her speech
Zambia International Investment Forum 2016 Launch: Zambian Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe delivering her speech
THE Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry will soon meet the Cleaning Association of Zambia (CAZ) following their written complaint to President Edgar Lungu over huge contracts being awarded to foreign companies at the expense of local ones.

Commerce Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe said in an interview yesterday that she was in receipt of the letter by CAZ and will meet them to address the matter.

“I am aware about the letter, their concerns are genuine and I totally agree with them, I will be meeting them soon so that we can chart a way forward and ensure that they too benefit, especially that they have the capacity,” she said.

CAZ secretary general Lawrence Makumbi said the issue had been brought to the attention of the Head of State, due to his commitment to prioritise the awarding of contracts to locals and curbing corruption.

Mr Makumbi bemoaned the alleged domination of foreign cleaning companies in the cleaning industry, which had disadvantaged the local companies.

“Your Excellency, we need this instrument as soon as possible, we have been lobbying for this for some time now and are hopeful this time it will come, as enshrined in the Budget (paragraph 116) that the Government will formulate a conducive legal and institutional policy framework that will give struggling businesses greater chance to survive”, Mr Makumbi’s letter to the President read in part.

He said the letter to the President and copied to other vital ministries was, among other things calling for a deliberate policy to make the cleaning sector a preserve of the Zambian people, as they had the capacity to carry out the works.

Mr Makumbi said while he was not against foreign companies working in Zambia, his cry was equal awarding of the contracts.

He suspected corruption in the awarding of the contracts, a matter his members demanded that it be addressed quickly.

He said the alleged attributive statement of ‘lack of capacity of local contractors’, which was frequently abused by individuals in decision making positions, had not spared Zambians in the cleaning sector, giving rise to numerous challenges leading to the business being dominated by foreign companies.

The perception should be changed as capacity of most entrepreneurs could only be built if local contractors were availed with opportunities as pronounced by the ruling Government on the need to prioritise local contractors.


    • There is no proliferation of foreign registered cleaning companies. People just don’t like facing up to competition and want protection everywhere. Two years ago, they complained about foreigners taking over the poultry and brick making businesses. There was a ban. The question is how many locals have now gone in to those businesses?

    • Who issues out permits? What does she classify as foreign? What is the criterion followed for issuing contracts?
      These are the questions you should be yourself and you will relies that this is a govt of empty tins!!

  1. Zambian cleaning companies dont pay their workers well. which of these can beat NEMCHEM? The minister must direct them to pay workers a decent wage.

  2. We have become a dirty country. Leave the foreign companies who have come to help bring some cleanness to do their job. Zambians alone will lower the standard of cleanness and they will abandon contracts after they get paid.


  3. Most of your comments are foolish .How can they pay decent when they have no contracts that are lasting.nemchem has life long contracts with companies like Mopani .mwalibelella ukuchula z oona.Mopani pays nemchem huge amountsof money and all they do is use Zambians and you find that acceptable .China mwalya

  4. The usual talking shop. A year ago or so the same minister issued a directive that foreigners would not be allowed to be making blocks but would be directed to partner with Zambians. Nothing has come out of this directive and the status quo has remained the same

  5. ….He suspected corruption in the awarding of the contracts, a matter his members demanded that it be addressed quickly…. WHY NOT ENGAGING THE ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION & YOU CONCENTRATE ON COMPETING WITH THE SO-CALLED FOREIGN COMPANIES??BUSINESS IS COMPETITION BANTU BANDI..

  6. I support the view that all ‘small’ businesses must be left to Zambians -cleaning, poultry, brick making, milling.

  7. Madam illegal minister observe your streets, your residential areas even your parliament is laden with dirt. Without expatriate cleaners visitors and even the remaining few donors will stop coming to Zambia.
    We in Zambia are not kin to live in a clean environment. The evidence is there without number to belabour debating on. I confidently say so, as I live in one of the cleanest nation on earth. The minister is just politicking since that is what ministers in Zambia call working for the people.

  8. The problem is most bloggers are workers ( BABONFI) . They do not understand problems faced by hard working Zambian entrepreneurs.

  9. Pipo how can council work when all the powers are given to cadres, these same cadres they don’t even have the capacity to perform there duties, council was functional long ago not now there hands tied they don’t have a say bcoz cadres have taken over there duties, Zambia is our country no one can make Zambia a better country apart from as,remove pipo who are u functional n let those who are able do there job pliz

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