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Barotse Royal Establishment reject summon from Zambian Courts

Headlines Barotse Royal Establishment reject summon from Zambian Courts

His Majesty the Litunga Lubosii Imwiko II (r) reacts during the 15th Anniversary Ceremony of his Coronation in Limulunga Royal Village of Limulunga District
His Majesty the Litunga Lubosii Imwiko II (r) reacts during the 15th Anniversary Ceremony of his Coronation in Limulunga Royal Village of Limulunga District

The Barotse Royal Establishment has refused to accept the summon from the Mongu High Court where the Nabiwa led group representing the people of Barotseland have sued the Litunga, the King of the Lozi people of Western province.

The Mongu High Court has since set February 24, 2017 as the date for the commencement of hearing the case in which Lozi traditional leaders want the court to compel the Litunga to abdicate.

The Litunga upon arriving in Barotseland on Tuesday summoned area Indunas on Wednesday at Limulunga Royal village in traditional and the Highest Kuta, the Mboo Kuta and the meeting was chaired by senior Induna Mukulwakashiko’.
According to information from Limulunga, out of 23 area chiefs, only nine managed to attend the meeting with 15 village Headmen and thirty 30 ordinary people who wanted to confirm whether it was true The Litunga has been summoned by Zambian court.

The Indunas were unanimous in supporting Litunga’s immunity from persecution and they vowed not allow the summons be served on Ngambela or Litunga.

Lozi traditionalists namely Nabiwa Imikendu, Litia Charles Mutemwa, Mukubesa Ilukena and Mumbisho Liswaniso stated that they were Zambians and traditional loyalists with vested interest aimed at ensuring that the Lozi tradition and custom was upheld, promoted and sustained for posterity and cultural heritage.

They stated that a wider majority of Lozis, averaging 92 per cent, was in open disapproval of his Litungaship and would want him to vacate the throne.

The applicants stated that ever since the Litunga ascended to the throne on October 13, 2000, he had been sneaking out of the palace to attend to his businesses around and outside the jurisdiction of his chiefdom without prior notification thereby putting his advisers and subjects in an awkward position.

“That under the reign of the now respondent, the Lozi traditional norms of decency and integrity have heavily been compromised with corruption, indiscipline, dishonesty and irresponsibility within the rank and file with substantive key positions in the hierarchy unfilled,” read part of the motion.

The applicants stated that the Litunga had been a stumbling block to development in Western Province.

The applicants alleged that the Litunga’s failure to seize positive opportunities of government policies in a timely fashion had continued to cost Barotseland and the entire province of the much sought after chance to “dig ourselves out of the myth associated with extreme poverty”.

They also accused the Litunga of hoodwinking unsuspecting well-wishers to donate huge sums of money and gifts towards the Kuomboka ceremony even when he knew that the event would not take place after all.

The petitioners alleged that the Litunga’s actions bordered substantially on fraud and abuse of authority of office.
They also submitted that the Litunga had neither been in touch with the people nor updated the ever-anxious masses over the Barotseland Agreement 1964 and lamentably failed to seize the rare gesture by the government taking into account the recommendation contained in the interim Report of the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Commission, which provide as follows: “The Government and the Barotse Royal Establishment must show political will to finally resolve the outstanding issue of Barotseland agreement by initiating negotiations between two parties to the Agreement.”

“It is our reasoned view that Edwin Lubosi Imwiko as such reigning Litunga of Western Province has lamentably failed in virtually all spheres of governance; WHEREFORE acting for, and on behalf of more than 90% of the Lozi people have an equitable interest of this matter at heart, DO HEREBY pray this Honourable Court to find in our favour and DECLARE that the said Edwin Lubosi Imwiko voluntarily abdicates, failing which the applicants together with the people of Barotseland be at liberty to invoke options of customary nature open to the Lozi tradition to remove the said Edwin Lubosi Imwiko on the grounds of gross incompetence and abuse of authority of office,” submitted the applicants.


  1. Only 9 out of 23 attended, and 92% dissaprove of his leadership? The man must step down if he has integrity. Even Kaunda gave in to multi party democracy.

    • Let me get this right.

      We have the Queen, occupying the reign and being the longest EVER monarchy and you have traditional kings?

      Get out of here, dot forget to shut the door on your way out.
      Backwards the whole lot.



    • Your royal highness nzelu niweka if you want to be rich in this country Zambia.Jameson Chagwa Lungu and his pf colleagues have enriched themselves through unnecessary trips abroad..

    • He is a King and Sata was a mere politician…you think only white people are worthy of being Kings and Queens…really laughable!!

  2. Ecl is a true conman. See how he has dismantled the bre. This president is a true political master dribler. Guy Scott , Fred ,ck miles hh bonse dribbled. Next is trump.

  3. They need a referendum. Let the people decide whether they want him or not. It should be the peoples voice not the indunas going to court.

  4. Kaili he used to play chess in casinos. He knows how to move the pawns. First he makes himself look stupid and humble to his opponents and then moves the pawns.

  5. As far as I know the Litunga is held divine esteem and cannot be removed by ordinary humans. Only death can touch him.

    • @ Ndanje khakis

      And if that is the case, there is discrimination against other Lozis which are subject to Zambian Courts, or to put it bluntly, are you by any chance supporting provisions of the Agreement signed by KK and Litunga which successive Governments of the Republic of Zambia have repudiated?

      If Litunga does not recognize Jurisdiction of the Zambian Judiciary (which is one of three EQUAL arms of Government), how come he recognize Jurisdiction of the Executive or Legislature???

      Can you please clarify his standing when it comes to Part III of the Constitution of Zambia?

  6. Your royal highness nzelu niweka if you want to be rich in this country Zambia.Kamwendo Kadansa Jameson Chagwa Lungu and his pf colleagues have enriched themselves through unnecessary trips abroad..

  7. Just wondering who these disgruntled indunas are representing..! To the contrary, the majority of us lozis are happy with the litunga. Plz carry out a referendum instead of making noise in mongu wen the rest of the province is quite..! Divisions and misunderstandings amongst lozis dates back in time…! The kololos under sebitwane from south Africa conquered the lozis bcoz there were divisions amongst lozis between those for mubukwani and those for silumelume..! Jealous and envy is inborn in most lozis..! Leave the litunga alone. Your time will also come if u qualify to the throne..!

    • @ Mumena Correction my friend, Jealous and envy is not only in Lozis but in most Africans and it is the main reason Africa as a whole is not developed because of PHD(pull him/her down) syndrome. As Africans we dont believe in competition but in elimination. It is for that reason the colonial masters called Africa the DARK CONTINENT.

  8. Not sure the Zambians courts of law over jurisdiction over the Litungaship as to determine whether he should vacate the office. Chiefs are customary law and the Litunga is way above that.

    The Litunga can be removed from office but only his subjects can do so (the overwhelming consensus of the chiefs, indunas from the entire Barotseland). If he insists he could be removed through dissent, boycott, songs and public satire and shaming so long the Indunas and Chiefs endorse it. Alternatively he can even be removed via a coup (yes a coup) or through witchcraft or the sinking of the Nalikwanda (the boat). Indeed the Litunga can even be removed via the traditional Kuta (court). I can’t quite remember my Lozi history but I think there is precedence where the Litunga has been removed and…

    • continued…
      I can’t quite remember my Lozi history but I think there is precedence where the Litunga has been removed and forced to flee into exile before.

      The point is it is never done through the courts of law… it is difficult to tell from where I’m sitting as to whether these Indunas and Chiefs are being used by manyukunyuku (foreigners) of the likes of Lungu and his PF minions or they are really acting in the best interest of the Kingdom. if they are true Lozis, they would know the legal courts are the wrong way to remove dethrone the Litunga.

      Having said that I agree that this current Litunga has been a let down, particularly over the issue of BA’64. But there are better traditional ways to remove him from the throne than using the courts and publicly shaming…

  9. New Rwanda Ambassador Is Trained For Military Operations:Watch Her Closely To Avoid Last Year’s Activities

  10. We Warn Lusaka Residents Again Over Killings:New Rwanda’s Ambassador To Zambia Is Trained For Military Operations.She Was In Charge Of Military Activities In Kigali And Now She Has Been Sent To Zambia.Plz Watch Out

  11. After Burundi,RDC, Rwanda’s Government Is Determined To Destabilise Zambia By All Means:Reason Why Kigali Has Sent A Military Trained Woman Ambassador To Lusaka To Carry Out Insecurity Activities After Lionel Richie Nishimwe Has Failed Last Year. Please Zambians,Watch Out, Before Lusaka Is On Fire Again.

    • Hey, can’t you find better ways of mobilizing support within Rwanda for your political aspirations than trying to antagonize international relations of your own country?

  12. I Had Warned The Residents Of Lusaka Last Year Over Lionel Richie Nishimwe But No One Listened To Me.Now A Military Woman Trained For Military Operations And Which She Has Been Carrying Out In Kigali Is Sent To Lusaka As An Ambassodor.Watc Out Please Before Lusaka Gets Fire Again.It Would Be Bad.I Follow Closely The Ploitics Of Kigali Government.

  13. Kigali Government Has a Criminal Mind Of Using Its Embassies In The Whole World As Centres Of Killings And Criminal & Military Operations. Zambia Is Now the Target After Burundi,RDC,Mozambique,Congo Brazaville,Malawi…, Please Lusaka Residents, Watch Out. Rwanda Has Sent Trained Woman Ambassador To Lusaka For The Same Activities. Be Weary. Never Trust Kigali Government. Zambia’s Peace Is Very Treasurable!!!

  14. The very indunas are the ones going against our lozi culture by trying to dethrone the litunga using the courts of law..! The litunga can only be removed by his people through an uprising or death..! An invisible hand is behind this scheme…not sure where it is from..! The litunga is perceived as a strong Pf supporter..! Could this be his crime.? Plz bo imikendo and your group, stop this nonsense…! U are embarrassing us..! We need development not jealous..!

  15. Zambia Is Now The Target Of Kigali Government For Destabilisation After South Africa,Burundi, RDC, Mozambique: Pleae, Lusaka People,Please Watch Out.The New Ambassador Of Rwanda Sent To Zambia Is Trained For Military Operations. She Was In Charge Of Kigali Military Secretive Operations. I Warned Lusaka Residents Last Year Over Lionel Richie Nishimwe But No One Listend To Me Untill He Nearly Burnt The Whole City If Soldiesr Did Not Intervene Very Quickly. Kigali Use Its Embassies In The World As Centers Of Killings.


  17. Rwanda is now the target of zed grz. The new ambassador was a reknowned soccer player an was club captain for many years. I warned the soccer fans last year over the dribbling skills of this player no one listened

  18. Old centuries news, different method of information delivery, then it was by messenger and drums, now it is the internet. Moving on.

  19. I’m not Lozi but from a distance see a people who are rich traditionally and surely matters of this nature cannot be left to trial and error. There must be traditions that can be applied in a manner that does not constitute washing dirty linen in the highway! Please Lozi people, this development has shocked me!!

  20. This is Zambian indiscipline. In traditional set up you can’t choose your leader including company management & other leaders set except for positions subjected to democratic set up where electoral process dictates. now Zambians demand to choose their leaders staging protests for removal of management even in private firms, family businesses without bothering to know who the owner of company is. Even house maids demand for change of masters without knowing that for each household the master remains the same as long as you change household. Any way the demand by Lozis is a wake up call for Zambia & we should re-align our traditional leadership to exist alongside the democratic structure. Even Chiefs, Republican Presidents, MPs, councilors, etc, we should incorporate the Recall Clause like…

  21. Litunga is a leader worth of respect. He is a true king. Those so called indunas are fighting for recessions to take the western province as a country hence wants the king out who does not want seeing blood among his people. Wake up people

  22. I ask donkeys not to comment on this matter which they can hardly understand. One donkey so far has behaved himself, have you seen any post from Donkey NEZ for example? His mind only pictures things when he paints them into tonga, bemba, ngoni….very tribal donkey.

  23. So to be clear,is this Zambian court in Mongu serving summons upon the Litunga, in Barotseland or Western province of the lozi people? Three territorial entities and jurisdictions it sounds like! Confused like me? Thought so.

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