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Floods continue causing havoc in Southern province

General News Floods continue causing havoc in Southern province

FLOODS have continued to cause havoc in Southern Province with the latest being in Mazabuka where about 20 houses have collapsed with 100 being flooded while two roads have completely been washed away.

Mazabuka District Commissioner Jane Chirwa said the district had been experiencing heavy rains which had also resulted in 17 maize fields being flooded.

Ms Chirwa said of the flooded houses 52 were in Mwanachingwala with 36 being in Itebe and 15 others in Munenga wards respectively.

She said the houses that collapsed where 11 in Mwanachingwala and nine in Itebe wards leaving owners with no shelter while the two roads that had been washed away are Itebe and Shimungalu.

“We have been experiencing heavy rains in the district which has resulted in the collapse of some houses while others have been submerged in water,” she said.

She said the affected families have received donation of food supplies, mosquito nets and beddings from the Zambia Sugar Company.

“Most of the affected areas are those that are near the Kafue plains,” she said. Mazabuka Municipal Council Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya said the local authority could not do anything to the damaged roads because of the continuous rains.

“The roads are still not passable but once the rains minimises the council will check on the site to see how best they could be worked on them,” he said.


    • Why God punishing UPND with these distractions? Yes HH & GBM need show appreciation to those Mazabuka voters, give them some food at least.
      Or is it God testing PF to see if they are fair government?

  1. I thought some cult members said no matter what it would not rain. Well by prayers and the earth’s nature of seasonal shift the rains are here. I hope UPND does not have excuses that they do not believe in the real Jesus, also PF’s ZESCO cannot say load shedding. kikikikikiki.

  2. While southern province suffers the pf government are just looking and doing nothing just because southern overwhelmingly voted for change. The pf cannot differentiate government and their useless party. Let the government be warned that southerners pay taxes and their voting choice shouldn’t be used for mere political revenge and anger. Should lives be lost they will pay dearly. The worst government in history. Lungu must go. All he knows is travelling around doing nothing. Silly little man

    • The question you should be asking is why these floods are too much in Southern province instead of blaming PF. Southern province is UPND and people from Southern province are lucky that DMMU is even on the ground to assist them. HH on the other hand is busy coming up with theories of the ICC, becuse at the moment his cows are safe. He will talk about floads when the reach Namwala. Tongas and their god will never cease to amaze me.

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