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President Lungu expected in Luapula province for a 3 days official visit

Headlines President Lungu expected in Luapula province for a 3 days official...

President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse
FILE: President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse
President Lungu is luapula bound for three days on an official visit to the region.

The President is expected to touch down at Mansa Airport today at 09.00 hours before departing for Kawambwa where he is expected to reach Chishinga Ranch which is a breeding Centre for cattle and goats.

The president will inspect Kawambwa Tea Company and Zaffico plantation before conducting a tree planting exercise at Katungulu Primary School grounds.

The Head of State will address a public rally at the same school grounds to thank the people in the district for entrusting the national leadership of the affairs of the country in the patriotic front for the next five years.

This is according to the programme released by provincial administration in Mansa.

Mr. Lungu will meet traditional leaders at Hill Side Lodge before interacting with patriotic Front party leaders from Chienge, Nchelenge, Mwansabombwe, Mwense and Kawambwa Districts.

The Head of State will also meet civil servants before departing for Mansa to meet Patriotic Front Party provincial Officials over dinner at Teja Lodge.

Mr. Lungu will on Friday meet Chief Kasomalunga before meeting Party officials at Kasoma Lunga Primary School in the water logged Lunga District before inspecting developmental projects in the area and conducting a tree planting exercise.

He will meet civil servants before being airborne for Samfya mainland where he will meet chiefs at Chita Lodge before interacting with PF Party officials.

The Head of State will meet civil Servants before conducting a tree planting exercise at Samfya Primary School and proceed to Chiteta Primary School grounds to thank the people for returning the PF into power in the previous presidential elections.

Mr. Lungu will then depart for Milambo for a tree planting exercise at Chibende Primary School before interacting with Party Officials and thanking the people for the PF victory.

He will then return to Mansa to meet the business community and grace the dinner dance at Teja Lodge.

His final day of the tour of duty in Luapula will start with meeting church leaders at Teja Lodge at 08.30 hours before inspecting Down UB Market which is under construction.

He will then proceed to commission Mansa Hospital Oxygen Plant before going to Chembe to inspect the District Administration Block and Chembe Secondary school which are under construction.

The Head of State will conduct a tree planting exercise before proceeding to Mansa Sugar Plantation.

Mr. Lungu will interact with PF Party Officials before meeting civil servants and depart Chembe for Mansa for a lunch-on with traditional leaders based in Mansa.

He will then meet Party officials from Bahati and Mansa Central constituencies at Teja Lodge before inspecting the up-grading of Kabunda Road to bituminous standard.

Mr. Lungu will take time to visit Kabunda girls Secondary School to hand it back to Catholics for management before conducting tree planting exercise.

The Head of State will address a rally at Mansa Primary School to thank the people for voting for the Patriotic Front Party in last year’s August Presidential elections and depart for Lusaka.


  1. Why is it called an OFFICIAL visit? He’s the President of this country, he can go to any part of the country. If I come out of my house and visit my garden in my backyard, can you say that is an official visit?

    If he is hosting a visiting Leader from another country, then he can take his visitor on an official tour of Zambia. Some of this language we inherited from the UNIP government doesn’t make sense this time.

    • PF spin doctors have decided to call it official visit, after being bored of calling it working visit-whatever that meant, because they are trying to justify the expenditure of our hard earned money on using ZAF planes to go to Laupula and do PF politics in the name of official visit as the term cover over a multitude of sins committed under these official events

    • To me ‘official’ visit means ‘working’ visit. He’s on a tour of duty. That’s what makes it different from a private or campaign tour

    • Someone has just missed eating mangoes, i hear there are lots of mangoes in this part of North East Rhodesia. Someone wants to go and gnash his teeth in some mangoes.

    • Wasn’t he in Kawambwa recently during elections when he promised to revamp it? Now also go to Kabwe at Mulungushi textiles.
      On another note, Mr Lungu should have just traveled to Kazungula within zambia and meet his counterpart instead of flying to Bostwana and driving to kazungula, what was the trip for to waste money. OHH! Ok he wanted foreign trip allowances.

    • @Diplomat,
      Nice try!!! f you can guarantee me that ECL will not be raising his fist – PF symbol, then I will understand your definition as an official visit, otherwise, it is not official because it will be PF Campaign visit.

    • Basically the man is just lazy, he thinks Presidency is about working visits and dancing..why doesnt he become a National Planning Minister and let people who can lead take over.

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker I see you have come back to your senses! You must have joined the Green Party and you have become born-again! I salute you

    • @Lombe, official/working visit means PAID.
      Party visit to copperbelt to fight Kambwili have no allowances. The problem with that Luapula visit is mixed with meetings with civil servants lodges and PF rallies.

  2. Lots of “tree planting exercise” and “party members meetings” in this official visit!

    Did he got training on how to plant the tree? Lets hope that its better at it than his senile geriatric godfather from Zimbabwe.

  3. Non resourceful activities..that money could have been diverted to relieve the poverty in the same areas. Whats the point of having a PS, DC and provincial Ministers in these areas? Zambian should rise up and voice out on some of these irrelevant trips the president undertakes. I am somehow now getting sick of it.

    • That washed away spot in mamba needed only 100 bucketful of tipper loader trucks to fill it up, am sure whatever will be spent on this luapula trip would have covered that cost so that, the coal can be exported to other parts of Rhodesia, not only that mamba has a coal powered plant that has kept this country going after the water level lies at kariba, instead of investing this money into a lucrative venture, someone decides to go and throw a tea party in kawambwa for pf cadres, priorities bane. Any thank mamba collieries for bailing out government.

  4. Sometimes its best to allow a person to run his affairs the best way he sees we look forward to his visit to sikongo and sinazeze

  5. When is Lungu gonna make an official visit to Misisi ,Mandevu and Kanyama to inspect the abject poverty which PF has brought?

  6. This is just a drinking and eating spree and a getting together with fellow PF cadres. You can’t call it work. It’s more to do with PF party meetings and nothing about state obligations.

  7. This is what illegitimacy does. Lungu is so afraid and uncomfortable to hear the Petition open discussions tumoro. Lungu is haunted by the stolen Election and the Petition that has refused to die away.The public Petition Hearing puts him on trial and reminds him how he stole the 2016 Elections and how he illegally and unconstitutionally inaugurated himself in power. Lungu is uncomfortable to hear the the Judicial Complaints Commission preside over a discussion on how Concourt dismissed the Petition illegally and used the 14 days expiry lame excuse. Everyone knows that it is govt practice that Civil Servants including those that work for the Courts do not work on Saturdays ,Sundays and Public Holidays . These days are excluded in the 14 days calculation for the Petition Hearing. On this…

  8. @Zulu. U are so right. The calculation of 14 working days is very basic. From 19 Aug 2016 when the Petitioned was filed and accepted by Concourt the expiry date of 14 working days were supposed to be 8th Sept and yet Concourt made that illegal decision on 5th Sept and not on 2nd Sept when the the 14 calendar working days expired. Concourt used the 14 days expiry technicality to block the Petition Hearing. In delivering justice time expiry technicalities are not allowed. Besides Concourt’s Constitutional mandate was to Hear,determine and dispose off the Petition. It was illegal for Concourt to dismiss the Petition becoz they have No such powers to do so b4 hearing the Petition. Lungu is equally embarrassed to listen to this Public Petition Hearing Tumoro in Lilayi. This is a National…

  9. Basically his just getting out the house for some fresh air. Nothing economical to be achieved for the masses

    • Any excuse to run away from the office …he just came back from a 2 day visit from Botswana now he is going for 3 days so by the time he comes back its Saturday the week is done…last week was the same.

    • true but when is the president going to sit down in his office and do some state work like sorting out the big mess in the country and maybe reflect on stepping down as a failed states man.

  10. President Lungu should spare a moment to reflect on the plight of Late FTJ Chiluba’s family in Mwense . Late President Chiluba was more attached to the welfare of the urban people, particularly Ndola, at the exclusion of developing his own family’s farm estate in Mwense . It is a pathetic sight to see Chiluba’s sister is striving to work at the Deaf Centre in Kanyama. Late President Sata also devoted his resources in Lusaka at the exclusion of developing a family’s estate in Mpika. Luapula Province is a stronghold for the PF Government. Only Presidents Kaunda, Mwanawasa and RB Banda planned well to develop family estates in Sinda Misale, Ndola and Chipata respectively.

    • You’re right Musangu doesn’t look like a place where a Republican President grew up….not even a clerk would neglect his origins like this. Hope Mwata will not be too ashamed over the derogatory remarks he made against ECL when GBM him visited him.

  11. Lazy is always on the move …expect another useless Press Briefing at an airport tarmac near you. What a useless man!!

  12. This is one of the most pathetic articles ever written. I mean, thw writer should have just stuck to his Luunda-Kasai as opposed to abusing the Queen’s language like this, it stinks!

  13. Tumoro Friday ,10th Feb the JCC is holding a Public Hearing on the Dismissal of UPND Petition following Mr Sinkamba’s Complaints. The Petition is said to have been dismissed becoz 14 days expired. Khakis, the Petition is very much alive. Clearly under Lungu’s directives Concourt illegally dismissed the Petition Hearing with an excuse of the expiry of 14 days which was wrongly calculated and interpreted by Concourt. Lungu was pulling the strings behind these so called Judges. Judges are supposed to serve and uphold Justice without fear,favour and prejudice. The Concourt judges miserably failed to deliver Justice over the Petition. Petitioners Constitutional Rights have been violated becoz they have not been heard and the merits of their Petition determined and the Court has not declared…

    • Mwansa, (Hamwanza) if Lungu instructed the Concort to dismiss the so called petition, what makes you think he can’t throw that nonsense you’re are dreaming of? Forget it. You have better chances of winning a lottery than realizing those dreams, just wake up before 2021 finds you still dreaming.

  14. UPND still in a deep sleep and dreaming, wake up wake up for how long are going to be dreaming? May I ask why this petition never took off? was it going to finish if they had started it on the 10th or 12th day to meet the deadline of 14 days even if only working days were counted? comrades it is not Lungu’s fault that the petition flopped but HH, GBM and their lawyers fault due to delaying tactics. Even in an exam if you are late that’s it no extra time. so you dull UPND stop taking us backwards. it is time to work wake up otherwise 2021 will find you still sleeping.

  15. State House has BED-BUGS (Nsanya) in the mattresses, thats why VASCO-DAGAMA is always running away.

    The “In-Tray” on his desk is full. The country is on AUTO-PILOT.

    He goes to Ghana for several days, arrives, the next day ati “I’m going to Eastern province”
    He goes to Eastern province for weeks, arrives, the next day ati “I’m going to Ethiopia”
    He goes to Ethiopia for several days, arrives, the next day ati “I’m going to Botswana”
    He goes to Botswana for days, arrives, the next day ati “I’m going to Luapula”
    If there was an inauguration in Gambia, he would have go-godelad for an invitation.

    Next week, you’ll hear that he’s managed to score a trip outside the country.

    I hear he gets $75,000/night each time he’s out of the country & $25,000/night for local…

    • CONTD…

      I hear he gets $75,000/night each time he’s out of the country & $25,000/night for local trips. Allowances have become more important than governance.

  16. Yayaya! I can see that the UPND are still nursing their wounds. As long as you continue snatching your teeth colleagues in UPND, you are not going to reach Canaan and more especially that some candidates have dents in personalising state resources, Sin may still be hunting them until they seek forgiveness otherwise, they may end up where they are. If colleagues in UPND always oppose anything, then you will end up opposing people who want to elect your party. Even this advice I am offering for free will be opposed by UPND.

    • If he stays quiet, he’s not working. If he visits the nation, he’s not working. You want TVZ showing him working in his office. The way I see things you may have to wait up to 2026 to have any hope of winning an election

  17. Guaranteed. Mealie meal will remain at the same high price by the time he leaves Luapula. The visit changes nothing to the common man. Nothing

  18. This nigga will either die outside the country or crash in a plane. All he does is being a tourist. What a useless mofon he is.

  19. I wonder what is in Lungu’s trays in his office. Cobwebs? Surely, checking on an administration block, a school, standard of a road, visiting a ranch – isn’t this for his subordinates in all kinds of roles? And for them to report to where required? Isn’t there a reporting hierarchy of some sort – beginning with when he meets his ministers? What do they discuss? Are there concrete plans from each ministry which we should be hearing about? How about a major press briefing outlining where we are, where we are going and taking questions?

  20. This president even if he keeps on visiting provinces in the country there is nothing he is doing in these areas. When he drinks beer and if he is drunk he just entertain people by dancing like someone who is insane. All he does during these visits is to give brown envelopes and bribe chiefs whilst poor people are suffering the ideology Mr Sata did not believe in. Shame! Me as the spokesman for paramount chief Mpezeni I am speaking on behalf of the chief, the time he had come in the province, our chief, paramount chief Mpezeni had refused to meet Lungu but Lungu the chief that he was going to give him a brown envelope and as you know that our chief love money so much he succumbed to the temptation he is totally different from the King of kings paramount chief kalonga Gawa Undi of the…

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