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Street vending debate: Copperbelt Minister Vs Lusaka Province Minister

Columns Street vending debate: Copperbelt Minister Vs Lusaka Province Minister

Vendors sale second hand clothes in the Central Business District of Lusaka.

By Isaac Mwanza

The difference between Lusaka Provincial Minister and Copperbelt Provincial Minister is that education does not always enable people make the best of decisions to modern problems such as street vending.

The difference between Lusaka Mayor and Kitwe Mayor is that when age is catching up, a human being stop living in the future and begin to just think of the present.

The difference between Democracy and Authoritarianism can be seen in the emergence of association for street vendors and prostitutes in democratic states.

Here is what you need to know about street vending:

1. Street vending is used by shop owners and people with capital to bring goods in a country and avoid paying taxes at all costs. This is reason why things on the street are cheaper.

2. The major beneficiaries of street vending are not always street vendors themselves but the owners of the goods which are removed from the shelves in those shops and given to street vendors to sale.

3. Street vendors rob the country of millions of the much talked about taxes

4. Street vending does not contribute to creation of smart cities as was talked about by President Lungu in his address to the 12th session of Parliament.

5. Alleys in Lusaka City were not created for purposes of vending but pathways and vehicles that offload good to stores. Now that they will be filled with street vendors, will Lusaka Mayor create a runway for helicopters to be landing on top of stores or he wants to experience how congested Lusaka will become as vehicles offload goods from the main roads in Freedom Way, ChachaCha, Lumumba and Cairo Road?

No doubt, Kitwe Mayor and CB Provincial Ministers are a gift of the Copperbelt and a treasure of Zambia’s future.

Where the hell did the PF find the Lusaka Mayor? I will not be surprised that while the CB is finding real solution to the problem of street vending, Lusaka Mayor and his councillors may soon call for a day of prayers in Lusaka on street vending, drainages and Garbage collection.


  1. One day Lusaka will be called the dirtiest city in Africa because we always put people with no brains to lead us. So the lusaka mayor does not see anything wrong with that. It is hell when you drive through lumumba rd and freedom way because lusaka law makers can not reason and see beyond their noses.

  2. Well Done copperbelt better minister and mayor again I blame ourselves by just talking. We can make this lusaka minister work and rethink his stance on street vending by going to sale tomatoes and vegetables outside his house. And I mean from where his wall fence starts to the end. From 06hrs to 18hrs and throwing dirty any how and everywhere. And answering the call of nature right there. Let’s do a Sunday market at his house. These people think they can take us for granted in the name of politics

  3. There is no city in the world without street vendors. This article is a personal view. We need researched writings and not personal views. Mr Mwanza, what evidence do you have that the goods on the streets are cheaper because they don’t pay tax? Matter of fact, their are goods on the streets that are more expensive than in shops. I found second hand shoes in Soweto selling well above the new ones. It’s not education that’s a problem between the civic leaders. Very soon this matter will no longer b an issue as business will come to normal. What we need visionary leaders who understand the plight of the poor too. It’s better to promote street vending if you can’t create jobs.

  4. This country is not for the few who want to enrich themselves and facing stiff competition from the vendors. Let’s create healthy competition. Capitalists believe competition is a sin hence they buy competitors out of business so that they remain monopolizing. E.g. Coca-Cola bought Cadbury Sweppes n sent the promising Crush drink into oblivion


  5. Lusaka Minister and the mayor think for tomorrow not today population is growing fast you find that by 2020 all the street will be covered by then you have even retired the politics and you start condemning the present ones in the office. God bless you

  6. Giving street vendors goods from the shelves to me the shop owner still has to pay tax for that is considered a sale. tax inspectors are not dull.they will simply compare stock, purchases and sales.

  7. Street vending should not be allowed as streets are not made for selling of goods and services, we all know the dangers that comes with street vending and we also know that every well meaning government has to find decent solutions for its people. Allowing street vending simply shows how irresponsible the government is, and further shows how unconcerned the leadership is in ensuring that our people are given decent jobs and places of work. But again what do you expect if you have leaders who can not drive the economy well? only one option people to take to the streets. I therefore age our government to be serious in addressing issues and problems affecting our people seriously

  8. when this mayor was elected, I indicated that i was uncomfortable with the fact that people had opted to vote for the party instead of looking at the other candidates who to me were better placed for the job. one blogger on this site criticized me for that. it takes an analytical mind to foresee certain hidden attributes in someone. A chick that will grow into a cork can be sported on the very day it hatches. Nothing good will come out of the mayor and Lusaka province minister.

  9. Better to have street vendors than create a pool of thieves and prostitutes. You have job hence you can comment carelessly. I pray that you get jobless and see the pains these go through. The best way to end street vending is create jobs. If you have not employed one person….KEEP QUIET!

  10. Matter of fact,no matter how many jobs are created street vending will never cease. Let’s learn to live with it. Some businesses have grown big from street vending. It’s time we started respecting those individuals as entrepreneurs and not street vendors. With all your education you have just ended being an employee. Matter of fact,some of you bloggers are employees of the same street vendors you are castigating. Tell degrees to make you an employer and not an employee that you are. Great business can arise from the very street and they will employ you or you children. Do not despise small beginnings

  11. the author of this article is a dull cadre and MMD die hard.What you dont realise is that Kitwe mayor is only creating space for PARK RITE the company collecting car park fees from us.

  12. The point is we can’t eliminate street vending BUT we can organize it such that it happens only in designated areas. The problem is we don’t think ahead fast enough. We get overtaken by events and end up in reactive mode always. Agony of not having the right people in right positions. This is the main reason I hate our brand of politics. It allows mediocrity in service provision since being party cadre is top selection criteria for office bearers.

  13. Politics away from venfing. A section of Matero to be precise around the Catholic Church, Matero Stadium and behind Melisa are still using pit latrines. UNIP put up water bone toilets to three quarters, but substantive governments and Matero MPs have turned a blind eye to that part of Matero. As you change Mtendere and Kalingalinga think of Matero pit latrines.
    About street vending whatever you want to call it, more do the one in Lusaka City its dirty, very dirty and s public and environmental nuisance.

  14. Street vending is a vice and should not be tolerated in Zambia. Problem with Mwakalombe is that he is mixed up between informal sector and street vending. Street vending is a public nuisance and therefore should be treated as illegal and the earlier the government realizes this the better for all concerned.

  15. President Lungu should rethink Mwakalombe and Kalumba combination where ever PF got these two. Where as the President can do nothing to Kalumba please give us a better Lusaka Province minister is a mess for Lusaka mark my words. Soon Lusaka will be the dirtiest city in the world. I hate people who think urinating and throwing litter anywhere is ok. That is what the mayor and the minister believe in. There are no toilets in the streets no one is providing bins for the street vendors. OK ba Kalumba you want them to Remain in the streets provide toilets and bins so that the don’t litter the street.

    • You right the president must fire the lusaka minister,for crying out loud this is the capital city of Zambia and the president is in here. Please we need fresh air. What’s the proud of the nation?

  16. Here in Kitwe marketeers have welcomed the move by the council and urged the former street vendors to go back and take up their places at Chisokone. All these cries ati emo tusingila abana are all to hoodwink the council into allowing them back on the street. Does it mean that those at Chisokone don’t have children to look after?

  17. Just privatize Lusaka! It is a failed experiment! Other provinces should just move on with a Federal arrangement! Let us decentralize power if we are to see meaningful development!

  18. mwebantu: 1+1=2 not 10
    Bushe cant you make a difference between the two.
    Street vending ifiko maningi imwe the mayors do something or mukalwa ichifine chabule mpela.

  19. Zambia continues to fail itself as a country..!! why is Lumwana Copper and rest of the coppermines not helping the country as a whole ? with one of africa’s largest coppermines for the last 10yrs or so and the country is still in Dire Straits.

  20. u cant remove people frm street wen unemployment level z high. u id.iots, streets employ more people than this f. gov. where do u think these street vendors wil go.find them wat to do as far as am concerned no one likes to be n de street it povert making our broters and sisters to sell in streets

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