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Man Commits Suicude for Failing to Clear K300 Debt

General News Man Commits Suicude for Failing to Clear K300 Debt

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo
Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo
A male adult identified as Boyd Mulabanya aged 36 of white Village near Mpika Weighbridge in Muchinga Province committed suicide yesterday for failing to clear a K300.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the incident, Mrs Katongo stated that that the deceased got a credit of K300 from one of the residents on 08th February, 2017 whom he promised a goat the same day he got the money.

After failing to meet the obligation, Mulabanya went into hiding and when he showed up home, he was reminded by his wife to pay back the money to the person he owed but he instead committed suicide.

In another peculiar incident police have announced that a male adult aged between 38 and 40 nicknamed Sam Jobek died yesterday, 12th February, 2017 after collapsing at Intercity bus terminus when he wanted to go answer the call of nature.

“This happened at about 02 00 hours when he wanted to go to answer a call of nature but he fell down and died. The deceased was initially taking alcohol beverage in one of the makeshifts at intercity,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She said the body was currently lying at UTH mortuary awaiting post-mortem as police suspect poisoning.


  1. These are chaps from muchinga who danced to chesters twafuma kumanda ukushika dudumwezi, now they are been buried because of poverty mwa lungu, no K300 pa pocket, dudumwezians bali na nziiii, busy farming.

    • Its so sad that lungu is letting people commit suicide,,,, he has even neglected his fellow chakolwa,,, awe shuwa! Rest in peace

    • So painful, we have lost Boyd, pali $30 chabe. And sound like school fees or 2 bags of ammonia nitrite. Let’s share problems guys.

    • @ndobo, was Lungu there when Judas Iscariot committed suicide? Your man got money on the premise that he would bring a goat to the lender. This is shows that the man was a habitual cheat. People like this have always been there. In fact how come you haven’t killed yourself since you allege that it’s Lungu who’s making people commit suicide?

    • @Divide and Rule, learn to separate politics of tribalism from real life issues. Just after elections last year, 2 men in Southern province committed suicide (Mazabuka and Monze)- how can you say that “dudumwezians bali na nziiii, busy farming”…

  2. Meanwhile mwanakwtwe has still not paid back the CEEC loan and is busy dancing around in night clubs getting bonked by fit young unemployed boys. This is life under pf

  3. U guys u ve a prblm u ve never 2 skul u dn’t knw hw 2 read den u r sayin u nid wrk by da way it’s nt every1 in da country who wrks even in America it’s da same he hd money he ws drinkin lungu z nt da cause of dat death plz u guys u shud change ur mind set.

    • @osks and learn how to write english by the way who told you that only those who have been to school are the only ones eligible to get a job?those who cant use their mind can use their hands

  4. @David & Rule,NEZ and all you UPND cadres you think if HH won 2016,this man could have paid back this K300 debt?This is why your party upnd lose elections because instead of you feeling sorry for such a person,you including HH mock such innocent souls.now can God spare you if you mock such poor people?NEVER!!Zambia is a very poor country with high poverty levels especially in villages.HH can be in state house for 10 yrs and still high poverty levels will continue.Zambia needs more than 100 yrs to reach the American level!!BUT TRIBALISM IN UPND MAKE YOU IGNORE THIS FACT AND ONLY SEE HH AS ZAMBIAN SAVIOUR-AMAZING!!may their souls rest in peace!!

    • Iwe wankala prophet to be able to.predict that under hh poverty will continue. My friend if your party pf has failed then speak for yourself. Not until upnd take over can you judge them on their performance. You are a hopeless dreamer. Tell us pfs plan.. ndwiiiiiii

  5. In Zambian history-UPND is the only political party which celebrate people’s sufferings.really this is a taboo.UPND forget that by so doing,they irritate a lot of voters!!if promises to turn Zambian people’s lives into Americans,then HH could have won elections long ago because our economy has been bad since 2013.but many voters know that HH only know how to politic minus offering any solutions.when late Michael Sata was in opposition,he used to explain clearly how PF will do better than MMD if he won.sadly for upnd,all one hears from HH and his cadres is Edgar Lungu is VISIONLESS,UNGA WADULA,MOCKING POOR ZAMBIANS,ECT!!Is this win HH votes?BIG NO!!HH is miles away from state house because majority voters in 6.5 provinces do not know what he can offer.only his tribesmen understand him…

  6. What of you NEZ who tells you that under HH poverty in Zambia will come to an end?please spare us!!am learned enough never to believe in UTOPIA world which you bantustans believe in!!HH will never be our saviour.he is just a politician like any other politician currently in Govnt,so never expect miracles from HH.if anything,PF has done extremely well since 2011.all PF needs to do is control high prices for some goods (e.g;mealie meal,fuel) and control the fall of our kwacha against US-dollar then HH will have nothing to condemn PF about!!!

    • What is so special about a young energetic able bodied young man committing suicide over a K300 debt? What is so special about a young full blooded able bodied young man drinking Jameson or Orion on an empty stomach? You make it sound like it’s the in thing mu pf for young men to worst their lives such a manner, you such a disgrace to God.

    • Bibo whatever your name means, my language and race is no tribe, if you are a tribe were you coming not me, have you ever heard anyone from Europe call themselves English tribe, French tribe or Germany tribe, NO, so why should you piece of bog call my people a tribe? I don’t even understand what you mean when you say tribe.

  7. @Divide & Rule:you guys in upnd are cased-SIMPLE!!!are these the first Zambians to die like this?how many Zambians have died like this since 1964?surely has such deaths only started now under PF and president Edgar Lungu?THE ANSWER IS NO SUCH DEATHS HAVE BEEN THERE SINCE 1964 AND WILL CONTINUE EVEN UNDER HH!!yes this is very sad thats why upnd shouldnt be mocking such lost souls.the politics being done by upnd is very discusting to say the least!!AND ITS ONLY UPND WHO CAN GO AROUND 3.5 PROVINCES CHEATING POOR BANTUSTANS THAT SOON ICC WILL DECLARE HH AS 2016 ELECTIONS WINNER-WHAT AN EVIL PARTY!!SINCE DID ICC BECAME ECZ TO DECLARE A WINNER IN ZAMBIA?GROW UP AND MOVE ON!!!at the rate upnd is moving (irritating voters),any political expert can only anticipate a 6TH DEFEAT for HH in 2021!!!

  8. Indeed one can be learned but minus God’s wisdom,such a person sounds like an empty tin.HH is a UNZA graduate,but certain things he does live much to be desired.surely how can ICC declare HH as a 2016 presidential winner when ECZ have already declared president Edgar Lungu as a winner then all international organizations such as EU,AU,UN,ETC also agree with ECZ?who is HH to nulify RESULTS ENDORSED by all these powerful world organizations and nations such as UK,America who have recognized president Lungu?really HH should stop embarrasing himself and start preparing for another battle in 2021 which still wont be easy for his upnd as it will be 6.5 provinces(PF) against 3.5 provinces(upnd)!!!

  9. This death was avoidable but for the current mismanagement of socioeconomic status. The wife (also) may have said something that angered the young man. Kukamba azimayi sitileza manje kakambidwe. I miss Matipi. rest in peace.

  10. This is normal. People do bizarre things all the time. I remember a man who hanged himself some years back because the wife denied him a “leg “. I bet Mwanawasa was to blame?

  11. PF you will finish people with the level of poverty that you have brought to this beautiful country. We told these people to vote wisely, why has death become so common every where. 300zmw someone kills himself and these cheap liquor that is being manufactured by these fake investors seems a life saver for some people ending up losing their lives. To add salt to injury, the vision less one in leading in consuming jamason and his followers are following suit by consuming illicit beverages on empty stomachs because the can no longer afford to buy food. Four and half years more of total misery.

  12. The man died at 2PM AND HE WAS DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE? WHAT DRINK IS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE? Why can someone be drinking daytime ofcourse he was drinking between 8:30 to 14hrs when he must be in the OFFICE WORKING, NOT SURE HE IS A GRADUATE OR NOT. Why allow makeshift shops sell alcoholic beverage drink during working hours? What type of call of nature was he going for ? KUNYA OR KUTUNDA/ IF ITS BOTH THEN IT WAS DANGEROUS TO DO TWO MASTERS AT A TIME UKU ULUNYA UKU ULU SUNDA

  13. But ka Lungu ka mambala, pipo are dying mysteriously, kena kale shana shana fye. Ka mambala!!!!! Dununa reverse, muchili mule tongoka ba mambala. Mukose!!!

  14. Can someone tell me how else is one supposed to die? The bible says that Jesus shall come like thief, unexpected, hence the so called untimely deaths. That time when you die your Jesus has come for you.

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