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Sola kiosk innovation brings extra cold refreshments to rural areas

Headlines Sola kiosk innovation brings extra cold refreshments to rural areas

Empowering small-scale retailers: Zambian Breweries’ innovative new Castle Lite solar kiosk at Luangwa

An innovative new solar kiosk system is set to empower small-scale retailers, particularly women, in rural areas where renewable energy holds the key to providing a low-cost alternative source of power to communities.
Zambian Breweries has taken delivery of the first three units of the new retail distribution points, which will use the sun’s rays to keep supplies of Castle Lite premium lager extra cold in those ‘off-grid’ regions of Zambia where electricity might not be immediately to hand.
Solar kiosks have been quietly arriving in Zambia, and are designed to tap into the sun’s rays via special panels on the roof. The energy from the sun keeps bottles and cans of Zambian’s popular beer cold and refreshing.
The move is in line with the government’s policy of encouraging additional renewable energy supply – including solar generation – in order to meet the current power deficit and work towards universal electricity access by 2030.
The three environmentally-sustainable and user-friendly solar kiosks – also known as E-HUBBs – came from Germany. They will be set up in February at three locations: in Luangwa village in Lusaka Province, Kasamba in Southern Province, and Mamvule village, near Mumbwa in Central Province.

Retailer Mary Banda explains the benefits of the innovative new solar kiosk at Luangwa to the international team who helped set up the initiative.

Castle Lite is the lead brand for the innovation, although other Zambian Breweries drinks will also be sold from the kiosks.
“Our Dream is to bring people together for a better world,” said Zambian Breweries Marketing Manager, Nomonde Donsa. “We are committed to not only empowering retailers for our products but also in the use of renewable energy. We believe these solar kiosks will greatly help in that aim, especially in those areas that do not have a reliable electricity supply. The solar kiosks are bringing a low-cost and alternative source of energy to communities.”
The solar kiosks had come at the right time and would benefit those areas where there was limited electricity supply, she added. “We hope the solar kiosks will help generate more awareness of Castle Lite, especially in the areas where they will be launched. It is our wish that consumers of our products get the very best Extra Cold product experience.”
Zambia has an average 2,000-3,000 hours of sunshine per year yet only some 3 percent of the population in rural areas has access to electricity, according to the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).

Zambian Breweries’ innovative new Castle Lite solar kiosk at Luangwa.


  1. Lovely…. instead of drinking seated on crates or trees like my days in the 80’s when a beer was worth a life…. we could only afford chibuku. Its was called SAP ( Structural Adjustment Program) and IMF for those of you toooo young.

    • Yes the only shop in the street that has its own power supply and pays for itself and its a bar…yet the clinic down the road can only dream of such luxuries when its overwhelmed these selfsame clients from the bar.

  2. Good stuff! But why is this considered only beneficial to women retailers! Do Zambian men not sell liquor ….oh tooo busy drinking it, clever girls!

  3. When i saw refreshments i thought it was water and healthy fruity drinks but alias this Zambia were alcoholism is promoted with no shame..all i forgot we are a Christianity whatever than means!!

  4. giving rural dweller iced beer is not innovation. How about electrifying schools and hospitals. While rural people become alcoholics with not resources these so called entrepreneurs benefit!

    • Kiosks are good, beer is not a good idea. why can’t we make our own kiosks too, notuntemba nato tulefuma ku Germany? we must watch out Zambians.

  5. Unbelievable! Selling alcohol to peasants from morning to sunset and you expect the country to develop. Guys get serious with life

    • I am sure there is also a boom baster system to play tunes 24/7 as this is not interrupted by ZESCO’s tricks..even Hubby’s have an excuse to keep away from the dark loadshedded homes.

      If only beer was food …Zambia would move mountains!!

  6. When villagers can’t afford simple salt you see it fit to think they will afford beer. You lost hyenas. Pf government have no sense of priorities

  7. Zambia breweries is empowering its own profits and emptying poor zambian pockets in areas that havent been fleeced before.. notice no mention of cost.. schools need electricity better use of solar panels.

  8. Where my chief is we used to have ice cold coca cola in the 1960s. Yet we had no ZESCO or electricity. Zambia could have been well advanced by now if the white man had waited to give a black man independence which has made up depended on the white man. Why should it beer to have cold drink there? Beer is not good but it is nice to see Lwanga looking clean for the first time than Lumumba road

  9. I know the German Company SOLARKIOSK which provided the technology and know-how. They run schools and hospitals with their technology, for example in refugee camps in the middle East and hopefully soon in Africa as well. SOLARKIOSK focuses on the advantages of Solar Energy and Zambia is the perfect country because it is blessed with sunshine and great people.

  10. advocado and masalamuso are both dreamers from an outside star. There is one so called school container without scholars and one container called mini-clinic far from refugee camps without doctors and patients, being solely a gift to the government as presentation for commercial marketing to attract business.

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