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President Lungu happy with his Ministries work in executing his vision

Headlines President Lungu happy with his Ministries work in executing his vision

PRESIDENT Lungu is satisfied that ministries have started working in line with his vision to deliver effective services to the people.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda said the President is impressed that ministers and their staff are working to present progress reports to him as directed last year.

Mr Chanda said this at State House yesterday shortly after the ministries of Home Affairs and Higher Education presented quarterly reports to President Lungu.

He said Mr Lungu is satisfied that the enhanced briefings are encouraging dialogue within the ministries, between ministries and State House.

“Yesterday [Tuesday], he (the President) received a briefing from the Ministry of Local Government and today [yesterday] he received two reports from the ministries of Home Affairs and Higher Education,” Mr Chanda said.

He said President Lungu will continue getting the usual briefings one-on-one with the ministers apart from the quarterly briefings during which ministers will be accompanied by their staff.

“With the presentations so far, the President is satisfied that the ministers understand the directive he gave for the report submissions,” Mr Chanda said.

He said President Lungu will take a break from receiving reports today as he will be in North-Western Province for duty but will resume on Tuesday.

He said two ministries will be presenting reports per day until they have all made their presentations.
“The President wants a much more open environment where ministries have a spokesperson apart from the minister. He hopes that issues raised will be resolved in the next presentations,” Mr Chanda said.

Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said in an interview after presenting his ministry’s report that the staff had an interactive time with President Lungu during the process.

Mr Kampyongo said the ministry shared with the head of State a number of achievements and challenges faced in the last quarter of 2016.

He said among the issues discussed was the dual citizenship on which the ministry has made progress as the process is expected to start within this quarter.

“Very soon, we will start attending to appeals and priority will be given to those who lost their citizenship because of acquiring citizenship elsewhere,” Mr Kampyongo said.

The minister said Government wants to restore the citizenship of those who lost their citizenship so that they can start enjoying their rights.

He said the Citizenship Board has already been appointed and all that is remaining is for the Ministry of Justice to finalise the process before it can start operating.

Mr Kampyongo said the ministry also shared a number of development projects from all departments, especially the housing projects.

“This is all meant to improve service delivery to the people as the workers will be coming from a conducive environment,” he said.

He said security details of policing during last year’s general elections and challenges which saw violence in some places not contained due to manpower and transport challenges were also shared with the President.

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo said her ministry shared with the President programmes in the ministry, changes, policy, legislative and curriculum review both at university and Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) level.

talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Minister of Higher Education Prof Nkandu Luo talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Lungu with the Minister of Higher Education Hon. Nkandu Luo (in red) and Senior Private Secretary Daniel Siwo (L) after the presentation of a quarterly report by the Ministry of Higher Education at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

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  1. Well well. The majority see most key ministerial positions to have failed. If he sees them that way he is failure.

    Words fail me on he president.



    • Since when did blind Lungu possess a vision?
      This Dagama Lungu on 14~9~14 said that quote~ “I have no vision for this country” whatsoever!
      Those who expect economic growth from a visionless man who thought he can use a dead person’s ~Sata~vision are jokers. Visionless Lungu is merely politicking by crawling in dununa reverse. The same blind Lungu last week tweaked that PF bandits & mini~stars are corrupt but to date NO one has been fired.
      When is the prices of mealie meal reducing after visionless Lungu’s “fruitful meeting with the millers” almost 2 months ago? Even load shedding tears were supposed to end last year December as insinuated by PF bandits.
      Dagama Lungu should tell the nation about his visionless economic conditions. Where is the 500,000 jobs blind Lungu lied to…

    • …create by the end of 2016? Everything by PF bandits is cheap tick~tock~tick~tock~propaganda fairytales.
      Lungu has no vision, but a dead person’s vision. Now blind Lungu is claiming to have a vision is rhetorically laughable.
      How much is mealie meal are~ Lungu?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Of-course, you will be impressed, Marking your own Grade 12 paper. let we the citizens talk?? not rubbing urself in the back

    • This guy is a total joke, full of nothing but hot air. What vision is he talking about? He uses words that he hardly understands. He has chanced his way through life with very little to show. No real achievements or value added.

  2. I thought LUNGU was VISION-LESS. So the ministries are doing nothing becoz he has their lazy-bumz leader has no VISION. e.g.

    – Min. of Agric has failed to deliver inputs to farmers
    – Min. of Works & supply has failed to construct durable roads
    – Min. of Home affairs has failed to contain foreigners entering Zambia at free will. Chinese enter in containers.
    – Min of Finance has failed to bring interest rates down
    – Min of Energy has failed to end load-shedding, supply cheaper fuel
    – Min of mines has failed to stop under-invoicing of mines
    – Min of Tourism has failed to market Zambia as a prime destination
    – Min of Health ahs failed to provide quality health services
    – Min of Local Govt has failed to provide even simple services like a functional fire brigades
    – Min of lands has…

    • CONT’D
      – Min of lands has no control of cadre allocation of plots

      Pleaase tell me one ministry that is performing.

  3. Those two female journalists interviewing nkandu luo, are just wondering what they are looking at, the disgusting on their faces tells it all.

  4. These quarterly reports are the way to do things! Well done Mr President but also see to it the Ministries are working within their budgets- excessive expenditure is the enemy of development.
    We want Ministry of Finance and Agriculture to be examined and quizzed as well. These two ministries are not operating well.

  5. An illegal minister presenting a quarterly report to the vision less one? So he thinks if they go to state house with sugar coated reports to him they are working? What he needs are auditors who can go to these ministries any time and conduct audits privately and then present their report to him. Honestly if someone is stealing you expect him to present a report that lays it all or if someone is ineffective you think they would be foolish enough to say we are incompetent? This leader needs proper advisors and not cadres that have flogged state house just amassing wealth at the expense of development.

  6. The crime rate in Lusaka in becoming a big risk mainly on account of a dysfunctional police and the Home Affairs Minister does not see any thing wrong with that. Just look at his list of achievements and challenges and you can see that we have a lot of misplaced priorities in this country.

    What we need in this country is a public performance management system similar to that of Rwanda with a clear set of Public Service Charters premised on key public acceptable performance measures (Public-service driven KPIs). This is should never be a matter of a minister dreaming up achievements in his office and claiming he/she has made achievements. Whatever can said and done, the ultimate people who will judge the performance of ministers are members of the public. These will be the basis upon…

  7. These will be the basis upon which these public officials are numerated. But in country such as ours where the levels of mediocrity are so passive; I am probably just dreaming!!!!


    Ministry of Home Affairs
    . Reduced incidents of Crime in crime-prone areas in Zambia
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    Ministry of Health
    . Reduced incidents of infant mortality rates.
    . Reduced incidents of health-rated mortality rates
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    Ministry of Agriculture
    . Crop output per year
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    Ministry of Finance
    . Reduced public domestic debt
    . Reduced rate of inflation and fiscal exposure
    . Reduced rate of public finance hemorrhage
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    . Tax collection against targets set by…

    • Impressive @ ba Critical voice……please email such to the ruling party and respective ministers…dont assume they know and neither assume they wont be reached….until we begin to effect change, it wont happen…I have learnt from you

  8. ZRA
    . Tax collection against targets set by government
    . Increased rate of tax compliance
    . Tax refund turnaround fix targets
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    Bank of Zambia
    . Macroeconomic targets including stable inflation
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    Ministry of Transport/RTSA
    . Reduced rates of road accidents on Zambian roads
    . Improved Public Perception Index

    . Reduced road maintenance costs
    . Reduced rates of road accidents on Zambian roads
    . Increased road mileage and comparable cost of road construction (per km) to SADC targets
    . Improved Public Perception Index


    • Absolute ZERO.
      Mind you, do the corruption, thuggery, incompetence, embezzlement and disregard for the rule of law qualify as “vision”?

  10. Then came home affairs minister kapyonga to give his quarterly report carrying the entire ministry with him including security guards, am not a fan of the touristic wonder mama nkandu luo but her idea of carrying only 3 ministry officials was adequate. But ba kapyongo had to put his ministry on halt,ministerial convoy had to burn fuel, so wasteful, that typical of a pf cadre, Everyone’s input into that report was suppose to be done at the ministry, a ps, one director fimofimo would have been enough to help him present the report.

  11. Oh he now has found his vision? The question is what vision?
    Continue riding on Sata’s legacy and enjoy while it lasts.
    For us on the shop floor, your presidency has been a total disaster. It’s TAX left right and center. No breathing space. We were better off with Guy Scott. At least he could have done better except Zambians judged him by the color of his skin. Don’t take Zambians for a ride. When they come to the point where enough is enough, they will act. They don’t care if they have to replace you with a Frog. Ask KK.

  12. Power assumed by illegal means breeds illegal ministers posturing to Zambians without shame. Nkandu Luo and Mwanakatwe are illegal ministers linked to Lungu who himself is president of half of Zambia and illegally sworn in by a PF cadre as president. illegality breeds illegal and fake rule.

  13. What is Nkandu Luo doing masquerading as Minister of Education? This is Shambles. As for the vision, this country is nothing but a comedy show!


  15. Guys, do you notice that Nkandu Luo’s arms are slightly bigger than her legs! Is this not the “improper fraction” we learnt at secondary this one? And the face, “incobeni ncobeni twapenga, what manner of facial aesthtic repulsivity is this?

  16. This is good to note. The go’t is now working in its stride and we are getting away from hate politics. It’s time to make hay while the going is good and not wait until next general elections are due. There is length and breadth in the time ahead, time to really push to improve the economy and how gov’t works.

  17. So you UPND dunder heads think that only a Tonga can do the Right thing ?? So to you its only HH who can take this country to greater heights ??. But then again only Zambians in 3 Provinces think like that especially those from Southern Province but Hello!! Zambians in 7 Provinces are firmly behind Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF. After ECZ announced ECL as the winner riots only took place in 3 Provinces whilst in the other 7 we rejoiced. And you dunder heads are So dull to the extent that in your heads you believe that the elections was stolen from you no wonder you keep on losing.

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