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HH visits Mast Newspaper Director Mrs Mutinta Mazoka M’membe

Videos and Audios HH visits Mast Newspaper Director Mrs Mutinta Mazoka M'membe




  1. THIS is now political torture. The government is now on the wife of Mmembe. What will happen if PF loses the 2021 general elections and some other party wins? Remember this kind of behaviour follows those that are perpetuating it. Do not blame any one when you are also subjected to the same. Remember you will have companies as well after your political life. This is a WARNING to PF leadership

    • Suppose it was a common man or woman from Kalingalinga who tore a Police Search Warranty, what would be our reactions people of Zambia. Would we let the law take its course or we would say tolerate the fellow?

  2. I’m closely watching tge transformation of Pf from a modest party with objectivity for the poor and voiceless into a monster steadily breaking rules of justice and perpetrating violence. HE ECL has to do something to reverse this trend. This party wasn’t founded on authoritarianism or far right principles. Zambia needs opposition

  3. Her arrest i believe has nothing to do with politics but purely with the breaking of the law of our land. let us stop thinking like children who are influenced by emotions let the law enforcers do there job… we can not just say release her we should find out why she is there? and if she deserves to be arrested she must be.. tearing a search warrant is an offence and she has to pay for committing a crime and disturbing the process of investigation.

  4. Stop thinking of people who Not progressive in life like HH who’s got No heart at all for poor Zambians.HH HAS never contributed anything to this country Zambia.HH has failed his workers at green belt fetrizer company,just selfish thinking of his own and Not the poor Zambians.For me HH is very useless just a pretender that’s all.

    • But you are currently thinking about him, by just commenting about him, i wonder if your mother even thinks about you? When last did she call you to just say morning? Yet for you the first thing immediately you woke that came into your head is HH.

  5. When the police come knocking on your door with a search warrant, you don’t shower them up with invectives and tear up the warrant. Treat them with respect and cooperate with them if you have nothing to hide and they will reciprocate in a similar manner. I have been in such a situation before personally. But what I saw of Mutinta Mazoka – Mmembe on Muvi TV was an extreme display of arrogance. The police won’t take that lying down. My advice to Mmembe and wife Is that they humble themselves and stop behaving like they are above the law and superior to everyone else.

    • what search warrant iwe they refused to produce it. why are you so blind to the truth? Would a normal person resist the authority of well meaning officers in uniform? Ask yourself that. We have a problem in Zambia.

  6. When did mutintà mazoka become Mrs Membe? Can someone remember a wedding? There is no record of such a marriage at the marriage registry? Surely Mmembe has a better taste for women this one only shows off her face in those sun glasses. Just look at Mmembe’s former and real wife. This one she just walked into Mmembes house when he needed Mazoka’s wealth? She is so desperate that she just does what Membe commands her to do including running the Mast for him and spending nights in police cells on behalf the so called husband. Tells you some doesnt it? A husband using his “wife” as his proxy in filthy police cells. Only possible with UPNDonkeys and their associates.

  7. The only person who looks decent in those puctures is Hon Mrs Mazoka. Mr HH is just posing for the cameras for political limelight, talking gibberish as usual, has found an opportunity to appear on camera, which ECL does not have to as he is the real President of Zambia. All things happen for ECL including cameras because he is the real Excellent. Ama donkeys can only pretend. Pity for Hon Mrs Mazoka, wondering why her daughter has to be used by both HH and Mmembe in that filthy manner.
    When I see HH talking like that I see how powerless he is, I see tgat after all he is NOT the President but a common citizen like me. You argue? If he was The President he would simply command the police to release that thing.
    Now I also observed the people surrounding HH in the pictures – all from the…

  8. This country needs to get rid of the children of shameless migrants from malawi, Congo and Tanzania who have dominated the political corridors denying the original stone age inhabitants to participate in the management of the state affairs. Very sad. I dont think even the British colonial police officers behaved this way. Tearing a search warrant is contempt on the authority of the court and obstruction to the law enforcers in carrying out their duties and therefore a separate case all together far from the initial warrant purpose, because a warrant is normally very specific of what is to be targeted and achieved. The police should have, with the pieces of the torn warrant have gone back to the station and open another case for contempt and obstructing law enforcement officers , then…

  9. then her case is opened, where it is her Vs the State and therefore an arrest warrant is again issued. This is a civil matter where the arrest has to be sanctioned by the court. She is not a hard core serial murder deserving on the spot arrest. Educate these officers.

    • I doubt if these pf vigilantes can understand what you talking about, they are spiritually, socially, scientifically, technologically, biblically and regally backwards.

  10. We are with you our president. Even though the post wrote negative things about you. You understand that it is just freedom of speech and the importance for people to air their opinions. You are a man of love and reconciliation unlike that dog lungu who hides behind national prayers

  11. If it was a joint warrant where herself and husband are sought and subject of the warrant or household warrant where any member of the family dully identified to be relevant, part thereto, and very material to the case, then if such a member tears the warrant it is an automatic offence. If the warrant was only for the husband then the arresting police officer must face the music. Together with the instructor who gave instructions fore the arrest to go ahead. Obviously the arresting police officer must have called the station commander of what was happening and the instructions given to arrest. If the arresting officer acted with self instinct, without superior mandate, that officer must face the music again.

  12. If politicians care about us the poor and the over crowded cells and prisons let them fight for everyone not only those close to them or part of them. Please visit the prisons and see how people are suffering and how bad the environment is.

    • There’s thousands of people incarcerated in our prisons and HH has never taken time to visit. But because this one is political booster, he suddenly finds to visit her. The Bible says when you hold a party don’t invite people whom you expect to invite you too, invite total strangers and your father in heaven will reward you.

    • If I am not mistaken, HH did visit some people politically locked up on the Copperbelt.
      The issue I see here is that regardless of what he does, if he was to visit other imprisoned persons, it will be viewed the same. He will be accused of trying to gain political points. However, in my opinion, I don’t think this visit is even a political booster as opposed if he visited other detained people. But doing so, I am not so positive that PF would have even allowed him to do so.

    • Gen Kanene, we can all night but the answer is “it’s political “. I can tell you that when Kambwili goes behind bars some time in April /May, HH will be the first to visit him. Why? The answer is obvious.

  13. You think your pf vigilantes would allow him to do that? You have a short memory iwe, you don’t remember what happened to nevers mumba when he tried to visit kamfinsa prison. You don’t remember what happened to GBM and HH when they tried to visit a prison in luanshya and chimbokaila.

  14. Kikiki hh tried so hard to be given attention but was ignored. He got back with the same anger he went with. Police played on his mind.

  15. @David and Rule:let me ask you,what has HH gained by visiting arrogant Mutinta Mazoka in police cells?NOTHING apart from confirming that he doesnt sleep over his fellow tongas who vote for him like termites!!HH is a desperate politician whom i and all my family members have vowed never to vote for in our lives!!!if the M’membe family have cases,let the police deal with them.why support nonsense?nobody is above the law!!HH is a lost politician-period!!!

    • Is it not this woman’s husband who called upnd a bantustan party? So if hh becomes president, some people will not have to pay tax? I assume those that will not pay tax will include hh, gbv and membe?

  16. “come again” “kibo mani” “they are all running away” “we want bond we want bail” “this is what we are talking about but the citizens of Zambia don’t seem to be concerned” “dictatorship” “the cells are congested” “they are looking for the husband” ” they have arrested not only the wife but several other people’ the wife and the guard” ” one man is issuing instructions” “we are going to force headquarters, since arresting officer is there” ” they are dilly dallying they fear retribution”…finally its sinking you are alone in the quest the majority not with you to get into plot 1. hand over upnd to some else GBm aleyisa aleyisa!!!!favour

  17. Money has made all of us serious slaves. Can you imagine stopping whatever you are doing just to visit a law breaker just because of the equation below:

    Popularity + symphathy = more votes = president = more money.

  18. HH has lost even the little respect he had.the public in Zambia today know how selfish this HH is.i wonder who advises this tonga man as he looks f00lish daily.thank God GBM has stopped following him blindly!!Fred M’membe owes the Zambians millions in unpaid taxes-but this is the man HH supports.Fred called upnd a bantustan party and HH tribal for many years,but HH has forgotten all that-amazing!!!its true that only lunatics know what HH stands for politically!!I HAVE FAILED TO SEE SENSE WHICH HIS FELLOW TONGAS SEE IN HIM!!

  19. Looking presidential,acting presidential does not make you president.David of the bible dressed awkwardly,smiled awkwardly and looked after animals and yet became king of Israel.Learn to be humble,mwayako naku church bamikopa mu news paper(MUST) muli mu church naba kashi every time moving alone leaving your wife.Only appearing in church during elections.Come 2021 wina azalila nafuti nafutiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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