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Zambia Police still don’t know the the whereabouts of Fred M’membe and Nchima Nchito

Headlines Zambia Police still don't know the the whereabouts of Fred M’membe and...

Mr Fred M'membe
Mr Fred M’membe
FRED M’membe and Nchima Nchito are on the run following the Lusaka Magistrates Court issuing a warrant of their arrest on Wednesday for alleged impersonation, disobeying lawful court orders and masquerading as advocates of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation).

On Wednesday, police raided Mr M’membe’s house along Nangwenya Road in Rhodes Park near the Lusaka Show Grounds where they only found his wife Mutinta who turned violent against the police and tore into pieces the warrant of arrest against her husband.

By press time yesterday, the police officers effecting the warrant of arrest did not know the whereabouts of Mr M’membe but had camped at his house for most of the day searching for the journalist turned fugitive.

Mr M’membe is currently at large but social media reported that the embattled Post Newspaper (in liquidation) owner had sneaked out of the country four days earlier and was allegedly heading for Jamaica.

Mrs M’membe was by yesterday evening still being held in custody at Kabwata police station after she was bundled there on Wednesday and the police are reported to be holding her following the violent scenes at her home on Wednesday during which she was shown on television haranguing the police and tearing up the warrant of arrest they were carrying for her husband.

Mrs M’membe could be charged with contempt for tearing up the court order for the arrest of her husband.

Mr M’membe is wanted by the police for disobeying lawful court orders to surrender all the assets of the Post Newspaper now in liquidation contrary to section 127 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

According to the warrant of arrest directed to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, Mr M’membe is said to have concealed or was privy to the concealing of the property of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to sections 353 (I)(b) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.

Mr M’membe is also said to have prevented the production of books or papers affecting or relating to the property or affairs of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to section 353 (I) (f) of the Companies’ Act Cap 388 of the laws of Zambia.

“You are commanded in the name of the President forthwith to apprehend the said Fred M’membe and produce him before the court at Lusaka Magistrates Complex,” the warrant of arrest read in part.

The court has also ordered the arrest of Mr Nchito for allegedly impersonating and acting as principal partner in the firm of Messrs Nchito and Nchito Advocates and an advocate of the Post Newspaper (in liquidation) contrary to section 378 (I) of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

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    • Hahahaahaahah! He is Jamaica stoned on the beach with Reggie vibes,,,, while lungu and cops are digging through all the holes

    • Does the liquidator know what he is doing? He needed to keep the Finance team who maintain the asset registers and accounting records. Mosho is behaving like a typical lowyer and not a liquidator. Employees who know the most about the assets of a company are in middle management and not the CEO. Lawyers look at the Company’s Act and pursue the Directors instead for accounting records.

    • @Ndobo you asked us to help your blood cousin Mmembe, and Ba Katele gave advise. No hurry, the court wrote “president directives”, Lubinda said courts are independent.

    • If he left the country four days prior, he is not running from the cops whose order was issued the day it was served.

      The article wreaks of disdain for Fred.

      This is a classic case of why Zambia and other countries whose citizens think like this will always lag behind in development. Advice: This is not the right way to handle a corporation that defaults on taxes. You personalize a corporation? You can hate the directors and want the decaffeinated but you don’t shut down the company. This is tyrannical!

    • Fred is a hero & freedom fighter. You celebrate today but when you wake up tomorrow he will still be standing. By the way who do you think warned him off? His side in the intelligence community.
      The only time FTJ’s plunderers will stop is when he’s dead. Chagwa is not in control of this evil. The emasculated Richard Sakala is just a mouth piece. The real force are Xavier Chungu, Aaron Chungu, Amon Sibanda, Stella Chibanda, etc & their congolese connections of Katebe Katoto et al. Not even AlaBee knows what’s up here.

    • No hero or Freedom fighter ever used his wife as a shield…that is cowardice ..you know why the Lion is called King, it will protects its pride with its life.
      There is absolutely no heroism here!!

  1. Shenk! LOL! He will turn up soon and deny ever being on the run. Lipila ndalama iwe or make peace with your persecutors and prosecutors

  2. Thete was a time when the late President, FTJ, complained bitterly that he was being politically persecuted and prosecuted. ..Mmembe in one of his editorials mocked FTJ , and he rudely asked told to chill and face the competent courts. .
    What has changed now, why are they running away like rats if they are innocent. ..?
    I have always told you. .Mmembe is a coward. This is a man who would run away a leave the wife behind. This is a man who would set the country on fire and run away to Jamaica. ..

  3. Men to Boys! That’s the Fred case. From King to Fugitive! Mambala thought he was untouchable. Pay back iwe we got plans to fulfill using that money you owe us!

  4. This accounts clerk turned night school lawyer and wanna be scribe is and has always been a coward who never faces the consequences of his actions. He should have been there for his madam but bolted! Last time he hid in an embassy, the other time he hid in a private car with tinted windows to evade being caught only to ‘resurface’ when the heat was off. His non-declaration of taxes is now shifting and he is obstructing justice. What kind of man is this? Umulandu ta bubola he can ask his fat desk lawyer ex-dpp friend with whom he owes dbz billions what that means. People who are innocent don’t hide they face the truth and FM is a tax evader.

    • Imwe mwe mbutuma, Fred is separate from the Post. ThePost is a corporation. It’s separate from it’s owners, whose affairs are governed by a board.

    • If a director of a company in liquidation is busy hiding documents for company properties in order to later convert them to other use, then he is committing a criminal offence. This director though separate from the firm as an entity should be followed by the long hand of the law. So who is Mbutuma now? Shut up if you are Fred’s beneficiary!

  5. it will take Zambia forever to develop, if we continue with such things. we have turned against each other based on political grounds and jealous of each other lets work hard and support the right things…. these people being attacked they have a positive impact on Zambians. if government cares for the people let them find a better way of dealing with such cases and not harassing people… we are tired of fights that will not bring improvements to the nation…. we have a lot of pending cases in government that needs thorough investigation they are busy stealing from mother Zambia and harassing wrong people….

  6. Mmembe is a conceited narcissistic and egoistic individual. His “making ” and “destruction ” of presidents made him big head. But he’s just a mortal like me. His match has come from an unexpected source and the sooner he realized his mortality the better.

  7. I can now see the connection with that useless threat from the arpatheid Union. Mmembe is in RSA and very soon Zuma will deliver him just like those trucks he hid there.

  8. All wrong… the person is always separate from Limited Company and I don’t know why they are pursuing Mmembe if they have the keys to the company property and it’s coffers.

    Meanwhile the people who let him evade tax are walking freely. The overzealous PF vuvuzelas here keep referring to him paying tax when they have confiscated his company and are liquidating it. As it is Mmembe (the person) had no crime over this tax and debts The Post owed because the company is under receivership / liquidation.

    What we are seeing at the moment is political persecution. As for Mrs Mutinta Mmembe, she did well to tear the warrant. Why were the cops serving her a warrant when she was not the one it was issued for (did she get into their pockets and started ripping it? She had the right to have…

    • continue reading
      She had the right to have access to her property and she should be the one suing the cops. Besides when did ‘contempt of court’ a non bailable offence? Lungu is a coward to persecute a woman just so he can punish her husband that he has beef against.

    • A warrant to arrest a spouse can be served on whoever is found at the individual’s resident, who should simply respond if the person being sought is around or not. The police with the warrant have the right to enter the premises and search for the person on the warrant of arrest. The receiver cannot and has no right whatsoever to tear a legally issued court warrant.
      Please ladies and gentlemen, stop promoting anarchy just because you don’t like who is in state house.
      M’membes’ wife deserves to be arrested for behaving so unreasonably and illegally. Police will arrest you even when you are obstructing them from carrying out their duty, this is an offence under the penal code. So if Mutinta M’membe decided to take the law in her hands then it is up to her to extricate herself out of…

  9. “Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed —and no republic can survive” JFK

    • I dont think that man would be relieved at least she may find real men in there not a man who is in a relationship for convenience!!

  10. To me Fred is a great a guy. You can call him anything you want but he has been a voice for so many and was even a voice for PF. One should come to terms that this is Zambia when you don’t agree with the PF philosophy you are an enemy. It’s disheartening to see President Lungu allowing such things happening. I can rest assure you the President after Lungu will reverse the post because the all move has not been objective. How many workers have lost jobs so far after the closure of the post so many and their families are now suffering. There are so many companies in Zambia evading tax but there has been no closure. President Lungu has sworn in a seed of hatred and vengeance in this country. One need to look at both sides of the coin before you condemned Fred. We are young in democracy and…

  11. Reading through all the 20 messages, I can conclude that Fred is not loved and people have waited for his down fall. Am sure even HH is only interested in his relative ,mutita. This Fred has been an emery to the nation,even GBM is not interested in him so let Fred show up and dance to his music he created.

  12. Lets hope those pf vigilantes keep vingile on mmembe’s house have been provided with mobile toilets by kampyongo, we don’t want to see bujus shiiting behind trees or the building, like that cop making rounds on social media who was shiiting behind a ramshackle police post, kkikikik.

  13. PF cadres are happy with the harassment of Membe little do they know they could be next. Not too long ago the president was threatening a poor woman she was going to be arrested for not being able to send her child to school

  14. If he is in Jamaica, the home affairs would know, because they would have flight records. Unless M’membe took off in his defunct Zambian Aiways.

  15. The Almighty God of justice is WATCHING.At the end of the day,the one who is wrong shall be subjected to judgement of which the wages of sin is DEATH

  16. The most shocking news is the role that HH is exhibiting by his open support to persons who steal public funds and evade paying tax to ZRA. It is quite clear that Hakaimbe has been a secret agent for a Cartel that evolved during the Mwanawasa era and nurtured by Sata. HH’s role is just subjecting the Tonga people in urban areas to traumatic and stressful states. In shame, the Tonga cannot freely socialize with non-Tongas. At funerals the Tongas wear PF regalia to gain sympathy. Let HH come to his senses and FREE the Tongas, Let HH emulate Kavindele who channels his money to development for the sake of the poor.

    • Your mental faculty needs some panel beating at chainama hospital. It’s id iots like you who are snitching on tongas in public institutions.

  17. Why are Police wasting time? if he is on the run let them run an advert “WANTED PERSON” because that is what the post used to do even without verifying on allegations. Yes he is still a suspect until proven guilty by a competent court of law. Yes the Post is a corporate entity separate from its owners but the action of the owners calls for such owners or directors to be held responsible for their actions. What action did the owners take to ensure all taxes and other financials obligations where met when they fell due? FM is just trying to complicate matters for himself. Let him own up and face the allegations head on and clear his name. Of all the things how and why did madam FM tear the ARREST WARRANT?

  18. He that laughs LAST laughs LONGEST. Surely this SEED of HATRED that never existed in ZM will truly grow and someone will HARVEST and eat of IT, no matter how BITTER.
    Either of the two, ECL or FM will eat of it and SURELY die.
    Time alone will tell!!
    If you plant HATRED please be courageous to harvst of it as you would when you plant of GOOD. God bless one that has a last laugh.

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