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FDD expels Chifumu Banda, defers Convention

General News FDD expels Chifumu Banda, defers Convention

(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda
(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda
Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda has been expelled from the party for gross misconduct.

The FDD has also suspended with immediate effect its Lusaka province chairman James Musemuna.

Speaking this morning at a media briefing in Lusaka party national chairman Potipher Chungu disclosed that Mr. Musemuna has been suspended for bringing the name of the party into public ridicule.

Mr. Chungu has told journalists that this is in relation to his continued remarks against the party leadership.

He notes that Mr. Musemuna has since been given seven days in which to exculpate himself.

Mr. Chungu adds that his party has also reprimanded Yotam Mtayachalo for masquerading and issuing statements purporting to be FDD Chama District chairperson when in fact not.

Meanwhile Mr. Chungu has announced the postponement to a later date of his party’s national convention which was scheduled to be held on the 24th of this month.

Mr. Chungu has explained that this is due to the fact that the party has not yet managed to raise the 6 million kwacha required to hold the convention.

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  1. See there isn’t a point trying to save face and been forced to hold conventions just as a way to show that you are democratic due to peer pressure by media. Look in upnd our constitution has been followed to the core and supported by all members. People want hh to represent them so why waste time when we know whether convention held tomorrow or yesterday our members will overwhelmingly vote for the greatest leader in Zambia hh. We know hh won those elections so why get rid of pfs threat. Kikiki by the way I have received threat calls today from pf cadres. Let me warn them that I will not stop telling the truth. Just like mmembe I am not scared of another man.

  2. NEZ
    Tell us how your HH won the elections.
    He was beaten pants down or let me say he was wired.
    As the international and local observers.
    Don’t cheat yourself.UPND cadres are really bunch of dull chaps.
    H.H won from 3.5 provinces and ECL won from 6.5 provinces and consider the voting culture in Zambia.
    How can you claim to win when you lost in LUASKA and C/B.
    Be mature comrades.

    • Bj indeed you are a Bj – a bloody joke. Look young man this is the main issue been contended. The legality of lungus elections. How can you claim to win Lusaka with many polling stations lacking g12 forms which are a constitutional requirement before results are announced officially? Don’t be childish my friend. The election was a farce and if you think observers care about zambia and not their per diem then you my friend are a dogs tail.

  3. Terrible…..tell be how non human bloggers would communicate……so are we talking burds, animals spirits. Please use you talented vocabulary to enlighten all human and non human bloggers

  4. @6.1 NEZ, if you think that is evidence probably HH and his running mate and lawyers should have been presenting it to the Concourt during the 14 days which is more than enough time for a petitioner who knows what he is doing or participated in the ballot. But lol and abracadabra now you are trying to present it to Bj, who is not the Concourt. From day one your HH announced that the elections would be rigged and started searching empty trucks for evidence but failed to present the evidence that they “found”. Next we hear that HH is presenting the “empty” evidence to the High court but not Concourt. What is the matter with UPNDonkeys kanshi mwebantu?

  5. @8 Masalamuso, now you are asking me! Even if I explained to donkeys how they should communicate would they be able to listen or even understand if they cannot understand a simple count of 14 days up to now? Ati Courts don’t sit at weekends, if the donkeys had presented evidence the Concourt would have been compelled to sit though the weekends but there was none presented so what should they sit for?. In USA the Circuit Court sat through last weekend to consider the petitioners evidence and they passed an interim verdict against President Trump.

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