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State House Warns HH

General News State House Warns HH

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda

State House has warned opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that he will be arrested as many times as he breaks the law just like any other citizen.

The President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says in a democracy anyone who breaks the law must be arrested by the Police.

Mr. Chanda states that Mr. Hichilema should therefore not force State House to comment on matters that are before the Courts in which he is appearing.

In an interview with QTV News by telephone, Mr. Chanda has also challenged Mr. Hichilema to substantiate his claim that there are political detainees in Zambian jails and Police cells.

Mr. Chanda says the UPND leader should disclose the number of political detainees he knows of who have been incarcerated in the last three years of President Edgar Lungu’s tenure.

Meanwhile Mr. Chanda says President Lungu has not yet decided on whether Zambia should withdraw membership from International Criminal Court (ICC) or not.

Mr. Chanda says as a lawyer, President Lungu is mindful that such a matter of national concern needs national consensus before a decision can be made on behalf of the people.

He states that President Lungu will therefore need an endorsement or objection from the Zambian people on whether Zambia should leave the ICC or not.

Mr. Chanda says if need be, the Head of State may even extend ongoing consultations on this matter to Parliament before arriving on a decision.

He states that as things stand, the Republican President has no position on whether Zambia should stay or pull out from the ICC.

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  1. Like I said the decision of Zambia’s withdrawal from the ICC will be made when EL visits Sudan. Watch this space

    • Some people choose to be *****s in masses if people. Is Amos telling us that he doesn’t know that Obvious Mwaliteta is still behind bars….. Even HH himself.Amos and his group should not threaten the Zambian people who chose the right leader but they stole from Zambians. ….. Let them work instead of threatening Zambians.one day it will be Amos and his master begging the same police they are abusing today.

    • If HH is breaking the law, that is a statement that should come from Police and not from State House. The fact that State House is issuing these threats to arrest HH, tells alot…and no need to go into details.
      Those who can see and understand, do figure out what is behind. But those who do not want to, they will understand once things turn against them.
      Please stop abusing the Police, in a democracy, the Police should be independent and not receiving instruction from Chanda. Including the Civil Service, should not be getting instruction from PF, as service shouldn’t be based on party affiliation

    • Ba LT why are you giving us a one sided story? Which law has HH broken that Amos is referring to? Are they trying to prepare us for the imminent arrests after what they are doing to Mmembe?

  2. Kikiki, how does he force them to comment on issues in court, what does he use to make them surrender and starting yapping on issues currently in court?

  3. Kikiki our president is giving the sick rats sleepless nights. How can you issue such a remark. It is for the courts to decide whether hh has broke the law and then sentence him. It seems under pf anything goes. There is no structure and it is all lungus law which is been enforced. Slowly this is turning into Uganda and Zimbabwe. Zambia is a failed dictatorship. Only way to save ourselves is the death of the rat

  4. President Lungu should no’t tire himself with the issue of ICC. Only dictators in Africa are scared of that institution.

  5. Kikikikikiki Lungus’ vuvuzele is angry on behalf of his master. Amos, stop ranting and frothing, why are you in panicky mood when you know very well it’s the legitimacy mace issue causing you ka boss to have sleepless night? Who doesn’t know that? HH is making the right noises.

  6. Amos Chanda’s warning to HH is incorrigible. Is Chanda referring to the Petition or what charges?What crime has HH committed to be arrested at the Direction of State House? At the recent AU Summit Lungu voted for an AU Motion for Member States to withdraw from ICC en masse. By voting for the AU Resolution, Lungu committed Zambia to pu?l out of the ICC and what remains now is discussing the mechanics of exiting the ICC and the Timing thereof. Amos Chanda should be aware of all this as he attended the AU Summit and Zambia is on the list of AU Member Countries who voted in favour of the Motion. Amos Chanda is back tracking from this decision becoz most Zambians do not Want to leave ICC and see No Reason for leaving.

  7. Zambia is for all of us and nowhere shud just decide as an individual to withdraw from ICC. That shud not even be entertained. Even though I don’t agree with the operations of ICC I also don’t agree agree with the operations of AU which fails to term it’s leaders who.abrogate their constitutions. Our withdraw from ICC shud ‘ve simultaneous with the withdraw from AU….??

  8. It seems AMOS CHANDA Doesnt sleep on HH just like NAKACHINDA ON NEVERS MUMBA ..UKO TIYENI NAYO BOLA, BUT HH is very quiet what is he planning, is he training militias so he can ambush us?? Please check him out

  9. Humble request to Lusaka times: Headline is what makes Chanda big headed. He has come to think he is state house. Just say Amos Chanda has said. Same thing with ministers. Don’t say the government has said when it is just one minister’s opinion. We should avoid the snare where personal opinion becomes government policy. That is what continues to make the politicians behave as though they own us! All citizens were born free and should not be made to live in FEAR and think it is a crime to express one’s opinion. The way you are treating fellow citizens is the same way every citizen risks being treated. HH and Fred may have their own issues but such level of mistreatment is not acceptable!

  10. Amos, I repeat you are a civil servant not a PF spokesperson. Can the constitutional Court rule on Amos’s job description because PF is misusing our tax for its partisan purposes

  11. There is nothing to discuss concerning whether zambia should remain or pullout.Zambia has always been and should always be a member of ICC.we know what pf and Edgar are upto….when have you ever listened from the zambian people.since you have been doing things to suit your selfish desires and never in the interest of the Zambian people

    So drop that topic.

  12. Stop embarrassing us you also,how many warnings are you going to give HH? Just act we have head those threats and he has gotten used to your warnings that he can do whatever he wants. Looks like the law is different for him.

  13. Only fools can still listen to lies comrades, its like a story anyone who knows and read the novel called Animal Farm Will understand the type of government we have,All animals are equal but others are more equal than the other, another interesting part is that our country’s economy is not doing fine n everyone is effected bcoz there’s no special shops for those vuvuzelas we buy in same shops OK n another thing comrades let’s learn to analyze the situation at hand yes we have pipo we which I understand very well but when things are not OK let’s give the right advice to those we support so that we don’t look foolish like them,that way u will see everything will be moving at the right path comrades, it’s not the matter of me am a die heart no as we die heart from our various political…

  14. @1.2 JAMES, so you do not know that Mwaliteta is not a political detainee? He is appearing in court for aggravated robbery as he and his group used force to rob the ECZ team of ballot mayerials and even cell phones! There is no bail for sich a crime. Everybody knows that unless the UPNDonkeys, and i am sure you know the problem with all donkeys which is that the animal cannot see issues as human beings do. Amos is very right, tell Hdonkey to point at a political detainee in Zambia.

  15. Iwe ka Amos, ukutumpa, just shut up, we want to be heard , we want the petition to be heard, not threatening HH, it’s a free speech, that’s what democracy I’d, even Trump is been critized, you never hear that they will be arrested. Free speech Wekanangwa iweee!

  16. It is weird and unprofessional for a so-called state house fimo fimo to issue a warning without stating on what grounds or basis it is made. Further, it is embarrassing journalism for the Lusaka Times not to take Amos on, ON what he is referring to. Did he wake up from a nightmare and out of no provocation decide to issue the so-called warning? Or is it a psychological ploy to prepare Zambians for a frivolous and baseless arrest of HH?

  17. Stop embarrassing yourself Amoms Chanda. What crime has HH committed to arrested. Its seems you have nothing to do. All you know is arrest people. Time will come for you mark my words you are not smart.

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