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High Commission Concerned About Zambians Living In South Africa On Asylum Permits

General News High Commission Concerned About Zambians Living In South Africa On Asylum Permits

Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba with the audience at the Zambia Association in South Africa annual general meeting in Kempton Park, South Africa on 28th January, 2017
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba with the audience at the Zambia Association in South Africa annual general meeting in Kempton Park, South Africa on 28th January, 2017

THE High Commission of Zambia in South Africa has expressed concern over reports that some Zambians living in South Africa were on asylum seeker permits.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has said that it was inconceivable that there could be any Zambian living outside the country on account of not being safe in Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba pointed out that permits for asylum seekers were granted to people from countries that were at war or were facing various forms of instability that did not make it conducive for human habitation.

“Zambia has never been at war with itself or with another country. Zambia has been a peaceful country from the time we gained independence. Even the times we needed to change leadership, we have done so without significant physical conflict to scare away anyone. In fact it is Zambia that has been receiving refugees all these years because the country has been found to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world,” Mr. Mwamba said.

“It is therefore strange to hear of Zambians living in South Africa on permits that are meant for asylum seekers. I wonder what reasons they give to authorities when they go to apply for these permits.”
The High Commissioner said Zambians should be proud of their country and be wary of what they did or how they conducted themselves so that they did not portray a negative image of the country.

Mr. Mwamba was commenting in the wake of reports that foreign nationals, including Zambians, living in South Africa on asylum seeker permits were being arrested by authorities when they went to renew their documents.
He said the High Commission planned to start negotiations with South Africa for a special permit status for Zambians owing to historical relations between the two countries.

And African Diaspora Forum (ADF) project coordinator, Nkanyezi Ndlovu confirmed that foreign nationals from various countries were being arrested each time they went to the South African Home Affairs offices to renew their documents.

Mr. Ndlovu said the arrests intensified in the last three weeks when ADF would receive reports of as many as 200 nationals being arrested in a period of three days.

He said renewal of documents went on smoothly before this and that the only problem had been the short extensions that they used to get.

“These arrests seem to have intensified over the last three weeks. We are receiving over 200 reports of arrests in two to three days through our hotline. There are also a lot of other cases that we learn about through other avenues. So there are a lot more of our people that have been arrested while others have already been deported,” Mr. Ndlovu said.


    • That is why I support Donald Trump . There is no need t have all these foreigners in our Country. They should go back and develop their own countries. South is for South Africans. We have to many criminals from Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria Zimbabwe and Congo. Like Trump, Zuma must hunt down all these criminals and deport all of them .

    • What can one expect from a PF Cadre like Mwamba…This guy actually poisoned and killed FTJ….Iwe Mwamba, in your narrow and low IQ, from today on-wards, it must register in that small brain of yours, that asylum has many forms, that apart from war (which your small brains only knows), there is Political, Economic and Tribal. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those asylum visas are held by Tongas, and Lozis. Get your IQ upgrade

  1. Kiki when nez has continously told you that many Zambians are economic refugees pf cadres have gone onto insult me and call me angry. Well there you have it. The same south Africa union you were insulting for getting involved in the mmembe case is actually taking care of Zambian asylums kikiki pf is worst government

  2. Whta about those that were persecuted by PF? Cozwe have alot in prison bak home. Mayb Mwamba has smoked chamba from malawi. There are many in diffrent countries and they have proof to that effect. mwamba, wake up from yo slumberland

  3. If someone from Zambia has some qualification and doing some noble job in RSA then is very easy to get a permit to leave and work in RSA – I personally have many kith and kin doing that currently. However, if there is no education and you just go to RSA and work in hair saloons without a certified career then your stay in RSA will be limited. You may extend the temporal permit a few times but after that you are not allowed to extend any further.
    Most Zimbabweans work in the farms in remote areas and these normally leave and work in hiding in those farms while getting almost slave wages. They can’t complain because if they do then the farm owner will make their presence known and have them deported. SO THESE GUYS OPT TO APPLY FOR REFUGEE STATUS BY CLAIMING THAT THEY BELONG TO OPOSITION…

  4. Mr Mwamba, there is what they call Economical Refugees. that is the reason zambians are given refugee status, trust me i found educated zambians working odd jobs but leaving better than when they are in zambia jobless.

  5. ” …said Zambians should be proud of their country… ”

    No way any one in correct frame of mind would be proud of a country governed by thieves and a clueless drunkard whose mission is to plunder. I am ashamed.

  6. I really6 do not know whether Mwamba is normal or urgently needs the attention of Chainama Brain Surgeons. Was it not recently when his boss and the IG were displaying the new military armory they have bought to fight Zambians? Who tells this fool you are even calling ati His excellency that Zambians are not at war with invasions on private property in the name of collecting taxes? Who tells this fool that Zambians are not at war with hunger? Unemployment? Lack of medicine? Corrupt Masquerades? Ah ine ici, ine ici, kuti nacitobamo amapi!

  7. @sementi did you loose your memory or you were not yet born, south Africans were once refugees in other countries just a few years ago.some people from Zambia, Botswana etc. were bombed and killed by Boers, for sheltering south african refugees , they risked their properties and now that RSA is independent they also must be prepared to host other refuges who come to their country without being so selfish.

  8. Comment: experience of life , u have to experience it , have u ever suffer before in your life , we can talk what ever we want but the person who experience it is the one who feel pain

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