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Generation of electricity in the Zambia has improved-Minister of Energy

Economy Generation of electricity in the Zambia has improved-Minister of Energy

Energy Minister David Mabumba
Energy Minister David Mabumba
Minister of Energy, David Mabumba has said that there has been a steady improvement in the generation of electricity in the Country. Mr Mabumba said that current power generation stands at 1 573 megawatts against peak demands of 1 900 megawatts.

Mr Mabumba has explained that power generation has improved in the past few months due to increased water levels. Mr Mabumba said that the Kafue Hydro Power Station has increased generation from 630 to 820 megawatts while Kariba North bank is producing 380 mega watts.

Mr Mabumba added that water levels in the Kariba Dam are rising rapidly and power generation is expected to increase. Mr Mabumba further said that the current load shedding being experienced in the country is due to a deficit of 327 megawatts.

And Mr. Mabumba said that the 20 million U.S dollars Oil deal with Saudi Arabia will soon be concluded and a team of experts is scheduled to travel to that country to seal the deal.

He was speaking during a joint press briefing with Chief Government Spokesperson, Mulenga Kampamba in Lusaka on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has observed that the reduction in hours of loadshedding being experienced lately will spur national productivity.

CSPR noted that this will ultimately lead to a reduction in poverty levels in the country.

CSPR Executive Director Patrick Nshindano noted that most small businesses have struggled while others have folded as a result of loadshedding.

Mr. Nshindano stated that the availability of power can help the country come out of poverty given its contribution to national development.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nshindano said that President Edgar Lungu directive to his Cabinet ministers to present quarterly reports on the various developmental projects will result in quality service delivery.

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  1. This is another opportunity for all ions cretins to congratulate the working govt for the things citizens are seeing. To speak contrary to this can never attract votes to your tribal party.

  2. @HH Oval head: Apart from Zambia, all countries in the SADC region have electricity 24/7 and fuel is not as expensive as in Zambia. Why should we congratulate the Govt for doing what they were voted into office to do? Try researching before commenting,


  4. This one lookslike a kaponya though i hear he is very educated and knowledgeable one of the best PF ministers Mabumba man continue giving us updates, i have recorded these figures if u are going u turn in few months will challenge U

  5. This is not an improvement. It is just a return to the status quo.

    Improvement will be when alternative or additional facilities are built and functioning to capacity, with the usual standard safeguards against failures to deliver power when water levels reduce at the various generation dams.

  6. I hope the saudi story is not one of these bedtime.Firstly the minister was suppose to mention why there was a delay in having this deal concluded and then tell us how soon it will be concluded.We have heared this story before.

  7. Flash back

    Lungu in SA
    President Lungu’s economic diplomacy has continued yielding results. He is currently in Saudi Arabia where he is signing big deals that include:
    1. Oil deals which will see the cost of fuel go down to as low as K5. 5. per litre. Negotiations have been going on and finally the deal will be signed.

    2. Funding of 10 more irrigation dams. Zambia is fast becoming the food busket for central and southern africa. President Lungu wants to expand investment in irrigation.

    3. Funding of phase two 600MW solar plant. The 600 MW phase one is being funded by World bank through IDC.

  8. How is the fuel coming from Saudi Arabia, our lo al transporters are currently up in arms over foreign transporters.

    Coming by truck from Saudi Ara ia must be more expensive than from Tanzania how will a transporter justify travelling all the way back to saudi arabia EMPTY. $20 million is not really a large amount of fuel. Like peeing in Lake Kariba

  9. “And Mr. Mabumba said that the 20 million U.S dollars Oil deal with Saudi Arabia will soon be concluded and a team of experts is scheduled to travel to that country to seal the deal.”

    So the deal has not been concluded but he has a figure of 20million …empty tins are so transparent just let him yap on

  10. Why do we Zambians love to do deals rather than conduct on going business. One deal falls we look for another deal. Lets negotiate professional business partnetships which benefit both parties. DEALS,DEALS DEALS everywhere

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