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PF committed to its 2016 campaign promises

Headlines PF committed to its 2016 campaign promises

PF Supporters in Solwezi
PF Supporters in Solwezi
LUANSHYA member of Parliament Steven Chungu says the Patriotic Front (PF) is committed to fulfilling the campaign promises it made to the people of Zambia during the August 11, 2016 general campaigns.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mr Chungu said the PF government had so far recorded a lot of success in infrastructure development in the health and education sectors.

He said President Lungu had the passion for the welfare of the people of Zambia.

Mr Chungu was speaking after touring a number of projects being undertaken by Government in Luanshya.

He said the government was working hard to improve peoples’ lives.

Mr Chungu said the clinic which was under construction in Kapululu area would serve about 2,000 people once completed.

“I am hopeful that within 30 days the clinic should be operational,” he said.

Mr Chungu said the clinic would also have a maternity wing and an outpatient wing.

He commended the corporate world for contributing towards the construction of the clinic.

Mr Chungu said in the past the people of Kapupulu area were travelling long distances to access medical services in Luanshya’s New township but that the situation would improve.

He said Government was also putting up a mortuary at Fisenge Clinic.

Mr Chungu said Government had so far done about 80 percent work towards the completion of the ablution block at Fisenge Secondary School.

He said the school was also covering Baluba and Kasongo areas.

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    • And what was the promise: one of liquor consumption and dancing?. PF was only dancing and drinking. They have continued doing so and now because they have no agenda, they are already wasting time talking of Lungu wamuyayaya…Nothing to deliver!!

  1. Jobs kaila, it is very easy to build things all you do is borrow. We cannot base everything on structures when others focus on jobs. Jobs will empower people than these cheap Chinese built infrastructures

  2. It would be nice to read something like: “Zambia has finally woken from it’s lethargic slumber and has opened a factory producing tooth picks, spoons, paper clips and created 100,000 local jobs bringing unemployment rate in Luanshya to zero”. That would news worth reading, not ati Lungu cares about people when we know he cares more about whisky and prostitutes.

    • @ 3 Wantanshi, Spot on!!
      Let these dreamers who talk about “P.F, development” – peeling wafer thin roads, floor beds, & expired medications in hospitals, Scandals Kambwili /Dora, & many more committed & concealed by the Alcoholic dancing President, perpetual load shedding, uncollected garbage, & blocked overflowing sewers, while the Kwacha continues to DANCE a downwards Chikokoshi spiral like Chagwa continue to dream, & hallucinate.
      Dream on dreamers!!

  3. There is too much focus on the “infrastructure” and not the quality of services rendered. Most of these places do not even have an x-ray machine …you can imagine if the radiotherapy equipment for Cancer treatment is broken down in Lusaka both Levy & UTH … what more these outlying posts. Look at the state of UNZA, CBU ? Yet these people are busy just putting up structures …. to what end? Small wonder we don’t see any significant improvements on most Global benchmark indices despite all this so called infrastructure. Government needs to take a step back and now work with what we have.

    • Besides these campaign promises, at what cost have they come to the economy? Looks like lessons are never learnt in Zambia. This cycle we are going through is no different from What Kaunda did. Lots of infrastructure coupled with a lot of borrowing and then ……….you know what happened.

    • Waooh très jolie. J’aime beaucoup la couleur de tes yeux, mais je t’écris concernant tes sourcils, ta ligne est si parfaite!! Quel est ton secret? J’ai lu que tu utilisais des stickers ( je ne sais pas comment ça s&pll17;a#pe28e, mais les trucs pour tracer la ligne) ou du moins que tu ne voulais plus t’en séparer pour cette nouvelle année. D’ailleurs Bonne Année à toi!! =)Et continues comme ça ton blog est ultra chouette!!

  4. Kikiki madness. Sometimes it’s wise to keep quiet rather than issue silly statements like these when you know that so far you have failed lamentably. These types of statements are tailored to gullible illiterate Pf cadres like ndanje and friends who will believe anything. What happened to more money in our pockets. Develop Zambia in 90 days Kikiki maweh

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