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Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga is being used to cover corruption-Saviour Chishimba

Headlines Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga is being used to cover corruption-Saviour Chishimba

UPP’s Savior Chishimba
UPP’s Savior Chishimba
UPP President Dr Saviour Chishimba has strongly reacted to assertions by Chief Government Spokesperson and Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga that he is misleading the nation in the exportation of Maize to Malawi.

Dr Chishimba said the Ms Mulenga is being used by the defender and supervisor of corruption President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to issue an ill conceived and totally misleading statement on such a serious economic crime which was facilitated by Hon. Dora Siliya.

He said genuine and hardworking PF members like Hon. Kampamba Mulenga are being used to wash the dirty linen of the corrupt MMD looters.

“Hon. Kampamba Mulenga is an innocent and decent political novice who is being instructed by the defender and supervisor of corruption President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to issue an ill conceived and totally misleading statement on such a serious economic crime which was facilitated by Hon. Dora Siliya.

“Bad leadership and corruption have become the method of running public affairs under the MMD run PF Government. Genuine and hardworking PF members like Hon. Kampamba Mulenga are being used to wash the dirty linen of the corrupt MMD looters,” he said.

Dr Chishimba said the President and his ally in the maize saga Hon. Dora Siliya should concentrate on clearing their names instead of abusing Hon. Mulenga.

“We sympathise with the Minister for being put in such an awkward position of defending the corruption she did not participate in.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his ally in the maize saga Hon. Dora Siliya should concentrate on clearing their names instead of abusing Hon. Mulenga.

“The high price of mealie meal has primarily been caused by the corruption of grain hoarding cartels who are being aided by Ministers like Dora Siliya to make super normal profits on lucrative international markets on the blood and sweat of peasant farmers,” he said.

He also noted that the sporadic imposition and lifting of maize exportation bans is meant to facilitate the creation of opportunities for the selected few grain hoarders who work in collusion with the corrupt government officials.

Dr Chishimba has since demanded for an apology from Government.

“We give government a 7 day ultimatum to withdraw the statement and apologise to Zambians. Failure to do so will leave us with no option, but to go into details and disclose the latest evidence in our possession,” he said.


    • There is no corruption in PF

      Blacks are born to be poor.

      You must accept you are not as good as whites. Stop comparing Europe with zambia.

      Corruption is in the DNA of every Zambian

      You are born to steal

      Saviour is talking from his back side. Ignore him.

      Corruption levels in Zambia now are prevalent with why African country.

      It is what it is.

      Brutal and although it stings. It’s the bottom line, I’m afraid.

      Guy Scott would have been a better president.



    • Mushota

      “…There is no corruption in PF..”

      “…Corruption is in the DNA of every Zambian..”

      Is PF a foreigne party or a white party??
      You definitely need to change your mental medication….ask for a weaker dosage or change altogether.

    • I also wondered why Kampamba got involved in maize exports. Mulenga is further away from commenting, she can comment in parliament as a free MP.
      Ministry of Agriculture, arttoney generasl, ACC and ZRA have spokes people too, its their mess.

  1. The sacked Malawian minister was found with 223,000 US dollars in cash in his home. Why haven’t our sleepy Zedian police searched Dora’s home? They were going to find telltale evidence but because they await PF instructions they will wait from Mmembe’s house for fresh instructions.

    • I highly doubt you could find more than $10K laying in a drawer under her beauty cabinet she is too smart for that her funds are probably offshore…when has ACC ever used off shore accounts as evidence? They are ill equipped if you dont bank in ZANACO ….Malawi is a small country and its Politicians are new to this filthy game hence the reason why the minister didnt know what to do with the new found loot. I remember some petty thugs back in the day who stole so much money at gun point that they didnt have a clue what to do with the money that the just started buying Hungarian sausages and T – bone steaks for everyone in the bar in the compound.

  2. Chishinka Mudala….I’m enjoying the way you are pushing them. I wish other opposition parties can join you in this crusade. There silence is suspicious because the evidence is available from the corruption in Malawi. Edward Lungu is a pure puppet of RB no wonder he is in a hurry to withdraw Zambia from ICC. IZAMUNYOKO CORRUPTION and RB and MMD Chaps won’t be present to save him. I foresee him spending some time in jail. The wisest thing he could have done to hoodwink us was to fire Dora just like the way Mutharika has done. Mutharika is not fighting corruption because Chaponda came as a special enjoy -in simple language he can as President Mutharika to Zambia and whatever he did was Mutharika. So firing him is just a game of politics otherwise he is safe. Nomba ba Lungu bu novice…

  3. What did Zambian’s expect when you voted for an unrepentent Corrupt thieving crooked lawyer, who had his licence to practice revoked?
    In any functioning Non failed nation, this Edward Chagwa would’nt even be allowed to run a Chicken coop, as he would steal the farmers chickens.

  4. Man if you have evidence take Dora to court like your friend Tayali did. Otherwise am beginning to think you are using this issue to gain political mileage.

  5. We all know this was a fishy deal but at the moment all resources are being pushed to fight mmembe even police are camped at his home whilst young girls are being murdered in their backyard chilanga. Misplaced priorities.

  6. Ba Saviour Chishimba which corruption are fighting when you are also corrupt? My brother you need clear your name from the auditors report. Anyway bakolwe basekana ifipato. Lol!

  7. I think we all know that kampamba got to that position through using her god giving female skills. So a person who did not genuinly work her way to leadership will always be compromised and controlled. To make things worse she is working under a chap who stole an election in day light. It is very sad that government ministers in zambia spend their time defending and promoting partisan issues and are biased. Here in the United kingdom where I am visiting, the government is totally separate from the political sphere and ruling parties come and go but skilled civil servants and government officials remain because they are not meant to be partisan. Lungu must go bane

    • NEZ if you are not using your God given skills then you are using the devil given skills in your business. This explains why you are so bitter.

  8. Impapa yanama nangu naibola shani taiyumfwa ukununka. PF is very corrupt. and they will never agree to the fact that they are corrupt. Nangufye mukabaconkole cimuti kumisula tabakasumi bacimbwi aba. Last wednesday Zambia Railways had a nasty derailment just north end of Kafulafuta station and their north bound passenger train ended at Kapiri Mposhi. All the passenge rs went by Rossa and Toyota Hiace buses plus one Canter for luggage. It was shocking. The officials who came from Kabwe refused. to use tickets used by those small buses. They demanded that they provide them with tickets used by big buses. Why? They inflated the fares for the sake of stealing money from Zambia Railways. Hey Chriss Musonda can u investigate those chaps!

  9. Lies have short legs. The s.hit has hit the fan. Wait and see who will come out clean. So far Dr Chishimba has managed to convince alot of people including Tayali who was used as a mop by Dola.

  10. I like the way Saviour is pushing this “MMD run PF Government” tag to the stir the hornets nest…really laughable as such a tag does not go well with hardcore Kaponyas who took a biting from MMD when they were in opposition when Lazy was nursing a hangover and making money getting them out from jails.
    Saviour has a far more better tactic putting pressure on these crooks than the whole opposition especially UPND who would happily welcome the likes of Dora without hesitation.
    Keep up the good work…sadly such one man crusade are easily compromised as they need to keep the lights on in their homes ie foooolish Father Bwalya is a typical example.

  11. Saviour is not the author of this article. There is too much demeaning of and mentioning of Ecl and Dora a sign that it must have been issued from the verandah. My argument is that such a broad contraband can’t be done only by two people. I would ‘ve loved to hear a lot of names than just Dora. Just see how he is praising the minister exhorting her like an angel. Catch words like genuine Pf members should ring bells in your brains. Fake fake fake article….

  12. Something is missing from Dr. Chishimba – the “Kapwepwe’s spectacles” to complete his imitation of tribal superiority associated with the original UPP’s cryptic (hidden) regional policy.

    There is rich data in history of Chinsali. KK was born in Chinsali – a home he loved and developed a family Estate called Shambalakale. KK assigned his son Panji to run a prosperous farm in Chinsali. Dr. Chishimba knows best how the Chinsali people harassed KK’s family by destroying the crops. A wise team in the Presidency relocated Kaunda to Sinda Misale out of reach by the Bembas. This is the reason why Kaunda’s children REFUSED to have their beloved Mother, Mama Betty, to buried in Chinsali. Dr. Chishimba must tell Zambians his real hidden motive for reviving UPP. The people of Luapula and…

  13. The peoples of Luapula Province, along with the Lungus (Mutatis etc) , the Mambwes and Tabwas in Northern Province should be on the look out to offset Dr. Chishimba’s monstrous political programme. He deliberately dwells on flimsy corruption issues attributed to non-Bembas to gain a political corridor in which to pave way for the revival of Bemba superiority. Curiously Dr. Chishimba cleverly skates away from corruption cases linked to his name-sake Chishimba Kambwili. The bloggers who support Dr. Chishimba seem to emerge from UPND where GBM is embedded to snatch political leadership in that Party.
    Food for thought.

  14. Dirty Chishimba, Oops Dr i mean, i can smell your negative tribal vibes 15 continents away! Not a good sign. Your politics stink. The minister of information is doing her statutory job. You are patronizing her as a novice puppet because she is not in line with your tribal agenda. As a Doctor you cannot be this condenscending but yet spill so much vitriol on Dora because she is is prey for you to advance your agenda.Show us your platform that is issue based and implimentable. In case you want to learn basic politics read the early works of Hon Kapwepwe, Kaunda, Wina, Mebelo and the early trade Unionists. Earn your Doctorate sir!

  15. Hi, Mushota, Thank you for making me understand who you are. From the time I read your name, I have taken time to analyse your word combination and your thinking. Today, I m proud to say remove that female picture from your blog name. You are a male who wants to confuse people by ID, as you want to win sympathy from the masses who think you are female.

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