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Errol Hickey dies

General News Errol Hickey dies


Iconic broadcaster Errol Hickey has died.

He died at a hospital in Lusaka on Sunday morning after a long battle with cancer.

Mr Hickey as Chairman of Radio Phoenix was respected by many for having pioneered commercial broadcasting in Zambia after founding Radio Phoenix in 1996 in the aftermath of Zambia’s return to multipartism.

A few years ago, Mr Hickey lost his wife Ursula to cancer.

He had given up control of Radio Phoenix two years ago as his health started failing and some private investors from Botswana bought shares in the radio station.

He also operated a Lodge, Sunset Villas and an events management company called Events.

Mr Hickey was born in Salisbury, in pre- independent Zimbabwe, but came to Zambia over 50 years ago.

He is survived by a daughter Joana.

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  1. very sad indeed, erol was a goodman. Rest in peace and deep sympathy to the bereaved family.May the Lord comfort you during this trying time. We mourn with you.

    • Bati medical people mulipo pa LT, all this time you have been telling us that cancer is not contagious. You need to do more research bane.

      He is the only broadcaster who tried has much as possible not to show which side he belonged, i think everyone was given chance on let the people talk show. With post newspaper turning into pf mouthpiece in 2011, while deadNBC was mmd, now pf.

      RIP big man.

  2. All the articles am reading about Errol Hickey’s none states the cause of death or his age…are we supposed to google this.

  3. Are you Jayed with Weed?
    He died of cancer and so did his wife!
    They should bring back special paper 1 and 2 for people like you.
    RIP Errol.
    You ran your race and i believe it was a good one!!

  4. @ Jonquin, agree with you, but I already know that where Jay Jay comes from the weed is considered standard cigarette among men and the hallucination that it creates is part of their reality. Just watch them in various courts of law.

  5. The late Errol Hickey was also a pioneer of Zambia’s Disco entertainment industry.His “Studio 22 Disco” located at Findeco house was Zambia’s top Disco in the 1980’s alongside Hannif Adams “Room at the Top” at Building Society building
    RIP Mr Hickey

  6. Awell respected broadcaster.
    I worked with Errol on a project in Chililabombwe in 1994. ZCCM was about to kick off privatisation of the mines. Konkola in Chililabombwe was going to be the flagship. Errol was commissioned to make a video on the Konkola mine to show to prospective investors. As a senior official, I had the honour of working with Errol. The then GM, Mr Ben Chileshe (late) hosted a lavish dibber and our wives were allowed to interact with Errol.
    A great loss to the broadcasting fraternity.

    • Bashi Profiti….You are a retard…so your wife interacts with Hickey and it’s time to detonate with excitement?…ufwile ulunchishi sana sana iwe!!

    • That’s Bashi Profiti’s opinion of the deceased which needs to be respected. Baffles me why people would use unpalatable language because they don’t like the other person’s opinion.

  7. The only Zambian journalist who ever made documentary films of international repute. His skills especially shined in the documentary about the Kuomboka. RIP sir.

  8. Very sad news, I knew him from the mid seventies when he was with times if zambia, a pioneer of radio. Bravely dealt with his illness. Radio Phoenix was sold to Zambians living, in Botswana. Zambia has lost a dynamic and generous man.

  9. I first met Errol Hockey in April 1982 at a restaurant called Mr. Rooster when I was looking for an advert for a school magazine at Kabulonga Boys. He gave me brilliant ideas on how to do adverts and make the school publication self sustaining. What a good man he was, MHSRIP

  10. Here today gone tomorrow like the sun rise and sunset is our lives. You were able to luminate what was useful and helpful to sustain life. I still remember your soft spoken voice appealing for old toys to your listeners to help the less prevalige in society.Indeed you have left a footprint of your good deeds. MYSRIP

  11. His help-line project was a truly noble cause. I can just hear his voice on that advert….helped a lot of people through that program. Your reward is waiting for you Mr Hickey.

  12. The iconic Legend in the name of Errol Hickey has passed on, we mourn and celebrate your life. A true champion of media freedoms in zambia and pioneer of commercial FM radio transmissions.
    RIP Errol.

  13. Helpline on radio Phoenix did reach out to so many needy people in our communities. Errol was a great guy,,,setting up the first privately owned radio station. Identified some of the greatest Zed radio presenters -Moses Nyama,Zack Power, K-Smash,DJ CJ Chellah Katwishi,Pamela Munyanta,Gesh….and others….No single radio station has had such a combination of talent at the same station.Indeed only the best is good enough on radio Phoenix. RIP Errol

  14. Mr 89.5 was among the greatest….Yes the best DJs on the Zambian modern radio emerged from Phoenix FM between 1996 and 2006.Today some of them are proud owners of some of the best radio stations in Zambia but they still sound like Phoenix FM.
    Rest in peace Errol

  15. Errol a great son of the media.You changed the way the airwaves…..89.5 was a big frequency for “Let the people talk,Helpline,Face the media,Manzi valley,shopping basket,Traffic Watch,Local Rhythms Count Down among other great programs”
    Thank you for informing, educating and entertaining us thru your radio station.
    RIP great one.

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