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Mufulira residents want by-law to collect 10% mining revenue for community development

Economy Mufulira residents want by-law to collect 10% mining revenue for community...

Mopani Mines

MUFULIRA residents have petitioned the council to pass a by-law authorising 10 percent of the total revenue collected from all mining activities to be allocated towards community development.

The residents have also petitioned the local authority to create a local mineral revenue sharing mechanism that will be managing and administering the 10 percent allocation.

Speaking on behalf of the 1,000 petitioners on Wednesday, representative Martin Kampamba said the allocation was expected to foster development in host mining communities.

Mr Kampamba said such communities had suffered negative effects such as water and air pollution, displacement and environmental degradation due to mining activities.

“Following a consultative meeting with stakeholders held on December 8, 2016, we agreed to petition our local authority to pass a by-law authorising 10 percent of revenue collected through property rates and annual business fees to be ploughed back to our communities for development,” he said.

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  1. Dream on!!
    The Dununa Revers Bandits you woke up early to vote for only think of their bellies first, & thus will go with the Highest bidder who offers juicy financial kickbacks. Unfortunately the mines do offer the juicy packages, & will pay your Corrupt P.F, officials/ to pass decisions favourable, & beneficial to the mines.
    Unfortunately for you Cadres, once the mining carcass, is cannibalised, your beloved P.F will give you leftover hooves to roast & eat. [email protected]!!!

    • Its amazing how ignorant people can be. Why would a mining company pay you 10% of mining revenue when its pays taxes to the government? Have you ever heard of a double tax. You are picking the wrong fight. The money goes to Lusaka. However, you have a F.OOL for a president and monkeys for ministers. Thats where you must go fight for your share. On what basis will the council pass a by law which overrides the provisions of the mining tax law? and well as the mining permit provisions?

      Just continue drinking Chibuku and dance the way you were dancing during the elections

  2. Just take 100% from the mine you diserve it and I trust you will spend it well.
    On a brighter note just take over the mine !

  3. I support the petition 100%. Since the central govt in LUSAKA is not able to account for the pollution and other environmental effects. ICHIKALIPA CHUNFWA UMWINE

  4. Keep dreaming with that illegal chikopo as president it will never happen. Mining firms pay inducement to that corrupt rat. You think he cares about you and me? As long as he is getting travelling allowance and cuts from maize gate he is OK and not concerned. Good luck with petition because pf are scared of petitions

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