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President Lungu Mourns Regina Chiluba and Errol Hickey

Headlines President Lungu Mourns Regina Chiluba and Errol Hickey

President Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu in Prayers
FILE: President Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said that he was deeply saddened by the passing away of late Second Republican President Mr Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba’s widow Regina who died today after an illness.

In a statement released to the media today by State House, the President described Mrs Chiluba as a strong and supportive spouse who firmly stood by the late President.

President Lungu also extolled Mrs Chiluba’s tremendous contribution to the success of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD)particularly in mobilising the women to rally behind the former ruling party.

The President has extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved Chiluba and Chifunda families and urged them to find fortitude in the Almighty God as they mourn.

“Her passing away is not only a great loss to her family but also to the entire nation and particularly the womenfolk. On behalf of the Government and the people of the Republic of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, we wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. Our prayers and thoughts are with them during this difficult period. May her soul rest in eternal peace,” the President said.

Meanwhile, the President has regretted the passing away of Mr Errol Hickey, a pioneer in the development of Zambia’s first private radio broadcasting.

The President hailed Mr Hickey for his ingenuity and unwavering commitment to take radio broadcasting to the level that it is in the country today.

President Lungu has said Mr Hickey an icon in the media industry will not only be missed by the media fraternity but also the entire country.

The President has extended his profound condolences to the bereaved family and wished them God’s solace and strength as they go through this trying moment.

“On behalf of Government and the people of the Republic of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, we commiserate with the bereaved family. May the Soul of Mr Hickey rest in peace,” the President said.

And Government has released the following statement


Government has learnt with sadness the death of Mrs. Regina Chifunda Chiluba.

Mrs. Chiluba who was widow of the late Second Republican President Dr. Fredrick Chiluba died at UTH in Lusaka this afternoon after battling with cancer.

Mrs. Chiluba was former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Women’s Chairperson. She worked tireless to mobilise the party at all levels.

Government conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family on the passing on of Mrs. Chiluba.

We ask the Lord God almighty to strengthen the bereaved family during this trying period.

Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, MP

26th February, 2017


    • I feel sorry for Lungu..Which God does he talk to with that level of hypocrisy? In days of Moses, this guy could have already been struck with a thunderbolt…Lungu is an embarrassment both at local, national and international level. Thanks to Zambian Retards and tribalist that identify with him…elo mukose, the meltdown is real…sub-humans!

    • @Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on command and @ ndobo, stop smoking the weed (ifimabange) imwe you even politicize (napali imfwa) during death only some one with dobo in his mind will write the way you are doing……. are you already in your graves?

    • You are not God to forgive sins. You are not holy yourself and should think of your wickedness and need for insulting people who have already reconciled their lives with God.

      Remember, you today of being declared dead could come sooner than you think!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr President heartfelt condolences indeed soothe the bereaved and are most welcome. However with so many deaths arising from diseases requiring colossal amounts of money to treat and in evacuations, consider it an opportunity to start thinking differently on approaches towards affording citizens quality health care. For many a Zambian family dependent on government provided facilities admission into any of our health institutions is akin appointment with a death panel. In all fairness forget evacuations accessed only by the privileged few and arm our hard working health personnel with materials and working environment that would bring the best out of them! Mr President what is it that you would like Zambians to unite in praising you for if not healthy living?

  1. I got this news hours ago as I am currently in the United Kingdom on business and leisure/ family visit. Our press officer informed me about this and it is a sad day for zambia. Let us please remember that we all zambians at the end of it. Whether this woman wronged anyone or not, our tradition as zambians is to respect the dead and atleast remember their good sides as we mourn them. It is very cowardly to talk ill of some one when they cannot defend themselves. That is why for me I constructively criticise lungu whilst he is alive as I have nothing to fear in showing that lungu is incompetent. We in UPND mourn with the familiies of the deceased and hppe you heal soon. I thank you all and god bless zambia.

    Chief strategist of UPND,
    Blogging Live from cold brighton UK

    • Is this the first time you are in the UK ayi? Why keep reminding us about your where-a bouts? Ubufontini, you dung beetle!

  2. At the time when GRZ is hounding and victimising private media, isn’t it hypocritical to pass condolences to promoters and founders of private media?
    Deep personal condolences to Errol’s family both in Zambia and Zimbabwe

    • Errol was a respected journalist not like your Mmembe or MUVI. He managed a credible media institution that did not take sides for political mileage. From your comment, you have adequate of Errol and Zambian journalism development. I advise you to do some deep research before you comment.

    • These are real media people, unlike the tax evaders.

      This why they survived long on the scene, pioneering and contributing to the media for years.

      They have done their business ho honourably and responsibly – paying their taxes without stealing, and contributing to national development.

      So why should the president honour such men?

      You blo.ody hypocites. Today you can extol Errol Hickie’s achievements and condemn Fred M’membe???? Isn’t it RADIO PHOENIX that was at one point shut down and threatened with withdrawal of licence during the campaign period last year AND one journalist from there was in-fact fired through the influence of Kambwili. You will perish in hell if you practice hatred with such disgusting inconsistency. Remember that when you die you will face the LORD alone, and not on Facebook! Atleast even when you hate somebody, hate with consistent principles. Losers!


    Sad that useful sensible people like Errol Hickey and Regina are going, leaving us with high numbers of clueless donkeys all over the show, especially in southern sudan?.

    • You mean leaving us with sewer teethy rats like that president of yours. Here in UK I was meeting the Zambian high commissioner and he was very vocal against lungu. Now if an employee of lungu can call him clueless why should a nobody like you support him kikiki ubufontini

  4. @Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on command. What is it that you make it rain on command? other urinating. Which I believe is within your control.

  5. People like Errol Hickey are real media people, unlike the tax evaders.

    This why they survived long on the scene, pioneering and contributing to the media for years.

    They have done their business ho honourably and responsibly – paying their taxes without stealing, and contributing to national development.

    So why should the president honour such men?

  6. Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on command. What is it that you make it rain on command? other than urinating. Which I believe is within your control.

  7. NEZ, The President of the Republic of Zambia Hus Excellent Chagwa Lungu prays to God, genuinely, and all things are going well for him. Othewise why do you think that he became President in 2015 and again in 2016? God allowed rigging? come on donkeys! I know in your response you will introduce the petition song, but ask yourself why God allowed Chagwa Lungu to continue in 2016 when he could have annointed HH. Instead HH is singing the “petition to be heard” tune which will soon be thrown out by the Courts. God creates but he certainly did not create the petition, why did He allow HH to go through such agony?


  9. Mangoma a kulishakila lelo akulilela lihandu mwata! Ona licelete zemu bona ze li bulaisize ba bang’ata! Chiluba nyangela ka mukana neiziba kuli na yambilwe ki kakotwe ka ncwa ya lifasi yana nyomwetiselize mwa sinena sa Vera McTribouy. Kono yena ona koo kwa lifu kona kokumunati ku somisa kwateni!

  10. Why this hypocrisy of pretending to love someone when they are dead? What good did Regina do to this country apart from snatching someone’s husband? In the same way we will remember someone for stealing from widows and orphans! God is not mocked. It is an appointment awaiting all of us. What we sow is what we shall reap! The question that remains is what criteria MOH uses to evacuate patients. We should be ashamed that 53 years after independence we are still doing this instead of investing in our own professionals and institutions. Who recommended this waste of resources on a patient with poor prognosis? Is this the new teaching?

  11. Chiluba was one of the greatest presidents Zambia has ever had and none can beat him.
    He changed Zambia and zambians way of thinking; empowered every one, he made zambians start to think and own businesses.
    Great man he was no one will forget him.
    However he was human like everyone of us; no human being is perfect.

    • I don’t know what constitutes one as a great president when that Nigga all he did was looting from the country. The people in his cabinet all were thieves. What crap are you talking about? Mwanawasa was one any Zambian should label as the greatest ever President Zambia has ever had. Sata was trying, but never finished. Kaunda lost it when he held on to power for a long time, the rest are all jokes of what a president should be.

    • From your analysis, there is a hidden point you are implying that only a Tonga can make a good President. You are supporting Mwanawasa just because he is a Bantubotatwe. If you do some findoing out, Mwanawasa had his own issues which were saved by his death. Your HH stole during privatisation but you still worship him and want him to be President of Zambia. Tell your thieving HH to stop bothering being a republican president because he is equally a shameless thief.

    • @Asigai, I am not an HH supporter/cadre due to the way he acquired most of his riches at the expense of Zambian wealth. I do not think he is what we need as Zambian person to take our country forward, God forbid, if HH ever be the Zambian president then you will see a lot of Tongas in government positions, a lot of kick backs that would enrich them(Tongas) and their tribes, its how Tongas opperate, very disgustingly tribal people and that is not what we need in Zambia as a country to progress. So just because I am calling out Lungu for being a worthless plunderer and visionless iligitimate president does not mean I endorse HH, so don’t get those facts twisted. I am just calling out facts as I see them, not based on party lines that I am not even affiliated with, for that matter, so get…

    • There is a civil way of putting your frustrations before others. We are not interested in your insults and vulgarism. try to put your views across in a sensible manner. Then you will get the respect from other readers. as it is now with your current writings, you can get a response that befits your attitude and level of articulating ideas.

      Whom are you trying to please by your insults? what are you trying to achieve? Nothing but making yourself appear unreasonable!!!

  12. Well Mr Mwanza, died of AIDS, Chiluba stole MR. Mwanza’s wife without knowing she had kaswindi, so Chiluba gets it and dies before the ARVs kicked into help him lasts long. Regina has lived long with the desease. This is what happens when married people do not keep it in their pants. So don’t just say after an illness, you need to call it as it is. AIDS. We trust the media that you will educate and warn the young who are the future of the this nation, but things like these are why the young have continued to be careless with their lives because the media and our elders are embarrassed to disclose if one dies of AIDS. Chiluba should have respected his marriage to Vera, ugly as she might have been and the use of Jaribu, she might not have brought him Kaswindi, not Mr. Mwanza, first…

  13. ..first ex-wife who lived in Barlastone Park Lusaka, Regina and Chiluba all dead. Fathers and mothers out there, respect your marriages. Ku langa langa ku letelela ka. Ni warning iyo.

  14. With that said, if she believed in God, may he have mercy on her soul and accept her into the heavens. I hope she repented on the sins of stealing another woman’s husband, Chiluba.

    • Nsimandelele, why write such long rubbish when it clear that your father eloped with your mother, raped her and give birth to a bastard called yourself. It was your father who gave VD to your mother. It also because your mother had syphilis that is why you have a deformed brain and writing all this nonsense.

      That [problem is that where you came from you are raised like wild dogs devoid of any guidance of how to behave in modern society. You give more attention to raising cattle than human being. The result is a confused people who behave in the most strange way in modern society. Just take a look at what your peers are writing, it tells you are the same breed. One can only imagine a Zambia led by such confused *****s!!!!

  15. All of you heathens and Peons dancing to the devil”s tune of death in the light of the untimely passing of a noble Zambian and first lady, The late Mrs Regina Chiluba, may your vulnarable souls forever be embellished in Lucifer”s blood of hate, deceit , confusionist and evil, Your day to answer to your maker will come sooner than you think. One cannot fathom where this Unzambian habit to spit even on the defenceliess dead emanates from. Surely its ok ,if at all, to relentlessly insult the living as often you do. But please show some semblance of self and national dignity by praying for and tanking the fallen especially when in their own way contributed and sacrificed. Thank you Mrs Chiluba, may you rest in peace and forgive these inconsequential thankless Lucifers,

  16. The life we lead is a mirror for us to see ourselves. No one is perfect but we should try to do good whilst we are still alive, after death there is no repentance.

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