Chief Kambwali challenges Luapula ministers



 Chief Kambwali has challenged the eight Luapula Ministers currently serving in President Lungu’s Cabinet to unite and change the poverty levels of the Province by implementing more poverty reduction programmes in the Province.

Chief Kambwali thanked President Lungu for appointing eight Cabinet Minister from Luapula as a strategy of reducing the poverty levels which currently stand at 82 per cent in the Province.

The Chief said President Lungu has given Luapula people through the appointment of eight Ministers a test to see if they can use their privilege to serve in their ministerial portifilios to reduce the daunting poverty for the people of Luapula.

The traditional leader predicted that there might be no other chance for Luapula to have eight Ministers in one Cabinet if this opportunity is not used properly to develop the Province.

He emphasized that if this chance to develop Luapula eludes the region, then Luapula will continue to remain backwards for millenniums to come.

Chief Kambwali reminded the serving Ministers to focus on the campaign promise that the late President Sata made to the people of Nchelenge of building them a Science and Technology Institute.

He disclosed this when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila paid a courtesy call on him on Saturday.

The Chief said Government should consider providing vehicles for all the Chiefs in the Province to ease their movements when going for their medical attention and reviews including attending meetings in Mansa and travelling to Lusaka when need arises.

He said he is happy with the cadre of civil servants working in Nchelenge because they are dedicated to their work.

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila disclosed that the President is equally concerned about the 82 percent poverty levels in Luapula and the Province being the poorest  in Zambia.

Dr. Nsemukila said that is the reason probably the President appointed more Ministers from Luapula in his Cabinet to see how best they can help him to improve the human economic and social development index for the Province by reducing the poverty in the region.

He confirmed that if Luapula will fail to develop, the President will not be in the blame but the blame will be squarely on the civil servants who are tasked to implement the Government policies that should improve the living conditions of the people.

The Permanent Secretary said it is the role of civil servants to push for the implementation of political promises for the people to see results for their benefit.

Recently President Lungu when addressing a public rally at Katungulu Primary School grounds in Nchelenge stated that he will from 2017 to 2021 focus on Luapula first because it is the poorest province in Zambia and then western Province to reduce poverty in the two provinces as they are still economically backwards.


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    blaming civil servants without giving them the necessary resources is evil. go to any provincial administration and do a budget tracking, you will find that 80% of funds under control 99 (funds sent to provincial admin for onward transmission to provincial departments/ministries and districts) is utilized by the PS and Minister. how do you expect the civil servants to work?

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      @ Mana from Hell/Buck teeth, it hates to realize that the majority of the terrorists with crocodile-like dental formula are from semi-desert Lozi land. That is why we are suffocating them in our prisons.

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      5 feet stunted cyberbully with yellow teeth laughing at tall people. The pygmy that cannot digest milk. 50% of Zambians are stunted and everyone knows which part of the country they inhabit.

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    Mana from IMF must learn how to contribute positively.However, this is the culture some political part has introduce in Zambia.These are the results of such a political party’s attitude towards national issues.I think mana from IMF is one of its graduates.Chief Kambwali is right and those Ministers from Luapula must take his concerns seriously if Luapula is to develop.And to the chiefs, please entice your subjects to set up some industries in the Luapula.This will be real development unlike that from the government.The government is there to create a developmental enabling enviroment.
    The districts should be hubs of development.But this will depend on district civil servants, who I believe are led by the DCs.REAL DEVELOPMENT SHOULD COME FROM THE PEOPLE THEMSELVE, GOVERNMENT’S ROLE IS…

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    It’s a commentary on the excessive levels of stup!dity for a govt to have a province rich in resources, water, fertile land, wild life minerals, fish and others to still record poverty levels of 82%! And this is an area with less than a million people!

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    Harry kalaba is moving too much and must be careful, he will end up like late ftj without anything written to his name. Luapula produced a president but nothing he did apart from just appeasing his friends from other provinces with corruption so that they can love him to continue. It is a lesson which those ministers with brains and heart for the people can easily learn from but alas they seem to follow the late foot steps. Luapula should have been richest province in the country.

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    MISDIRECTED SENTIMENTS ARISING FROM WRONG UNDERSTANDING OF ISSUES!! YES HAVING MINISTERS CAN HELP TO DEVELOP THE PROVINCE, BUT THE FIRST THING IS WHERE IS AN ARTICULATED PLAN OF HOW THAT WILL BE DONE? What programmes will be pursued to end household poverty,to give people incomes to allow them to live decent lives? YEAR IN YEAR OUT WE HEAR OF DEVELOPING LUENA SUGAR with an outgrowers’ scheme than on the ground! Revitalizing the rubber plantation with outgrowers scheme, nothing on the ground! Revitalizing goat rearing with linkages to international markets,nothing on the ground! Promoting the growing of palm oil to allow people develop some “plantations”,nothing on the ground.Promoting rice and fish farming nothing on the ground! THESE LIERS!!

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    industry’s and agricultural sector must work had water is available in lwapula do something.Harry kalaba n other MPs were are u remember ur promises work had lwapula must be the richest province in Zambia.

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    How many people have you touched? No one is too poor to help. It is the responsibility of every Zambian to help. Those clothes you are not using can help someone

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