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Insight into the Malawi Zambia Maizegate Scandal

Videos and Audios Insight into the Malawi Zambia Maizegate Scandal


  1. The urine urine smelling nthwenu Dora is giving Lungu is enough to ensure she is not fired at all costs

    • Just listen to you tube interview and comment accordingly. I have listened and nowhere has the enquiry mentioned any wrong dealings from the Zambian side. I never knew until today that malawans can be this crafty. They duped the Zambian govt that they urgently needed the grains when in fact not. Because they were thirsty to steal the donor fund they cooked up figures to sound like hunger was rooming in Malawi and yet the grains were just going straight in storage rooms to be sold out to private sector and not individuals. The entire process was a scum intiated by Malawi and for Malawi and no Zambian benefited from that dirty deal apart from the revenue collected. Xavier chishimba only picked this story in parts and linked it to zambians without fully understanding the implications. Sorry…

  2. I am sorry, I do not see anything that GRZ did wrong here. The government waived an export ban and the Malawian rats went into the maize field to play. What has that got to do with Dora Siliya or Edgar Lungu. Government to government deals are signed by Presidents not a kambwanga in a ministry. Mutharika and Lungu are not signatories. If any Zambian is involved, it was to make profit from selling or transporting maize. What is wrong with that? That is just good business sense.

  3. Now what is the nonsense I’m hearing in Zambia about Dora this and that. Why are we so jealous of Dora. She is very innocent in this as well as the Govt. From now on ,I have stopped listen to the cheap nonsense from Zambians regarding corruption. I will be supporting Dora and PF govt
    Don’t convince me otherwise… I made mistake before by rejecting MMD govt only to find that it was the good govt.

  4. I do not either see Dora involved in the scum.
    This only belongs to Malawians, it is not pointing to any other people;it was an in-house case.
    Malawians are really crafty how they build up lies.
    The maize was not for the staving people, but general business as was necessary no emergency at hand.

    • People honestly you cant reason and think between the line? I didn’t know Zambians where this dull, all what the Malawian counterpart is doing is being professional by not trying to point out the direct (corrupt) link with the Zambian government (its called Diplomacy). He mentioned that the people (from Malawi) who come to agree for the deal in Zambia met with ECL and Dora Siliya, and in return the minister of Zambia authorized and gave the go ahead to the PS to issue Trans-globe with the license to export the maize….now the funny part is, how did Dora authorize the PS to issue the export permit to a company that is non registered in Zambia to do business? already that is not right, so what more do u need to know that Dora was involved in the deal, if she wasnt then she didnt do her…

  5. I think some chap in Malawi fancies Dora and is upset she said NO!

    Cried Wolf this time, next time there is a genuine emergency in Malawi and they need our Maize, we’ll remember this and pay them back in kind.

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