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Inonge Wina and Nevers Mumba visit Regina Chiluba’s funeral house

General News Inonge Wina and Nevers Mumba visit Regina Chiluba's funeral house

Vice President Inonge Wina speaking to Justice Minister Given Lubinda at the Funeral Church Service of the late former Deputy speaker of Parliament Mukondo Lungu at UCZ saint Andrews
Vice President Inonge Wina speaking to Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Vice President Inonge Wina today joined scores of mourners in mourning the late second republican Frederick Chiluba’s widow Regina. The Vice President was received at the funeral house by Office of the Vice President Permanent Secretary for administration Stephen Mwansa, and Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Peter Kasanda.

Mrs Wina who was accompanied by her Senior Private Secretary, Ambassador Sheila Siwela, later she joined mourners in singing solemn Christian hymns which were mostly sang in local languages.

And former MMD president Dr Never Mumba implored the mourners to mourn with confidence knowing that Mrs Chiluba is in God’s presence. Dr Mumba recalled that Regina surrendered her life to the Lord during a crusade on the Copperbelt where he was a main speaker.

He explained that God does not forsake his children hence his appeal to mourners to mourn with comfort as she is in God’s presence. Dr Mumba urged the mourners to treat the death of Regina as a reminder to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

Among the mourners present were former first lady Thandiwe Banda and minister of National Planning and Development Lucky Mulusa.

Regina Chiluba passed away on Sunday after a long battle to cancer, the funeral is being held in Kabulonga house number 12B Servo Road.


    • @Nostradamus- Regina was a second wife to Kafupi and ECL already passed his own condolences! What do you expect the guy to do? Day of national mourning? No disrespect to Regina, but the history around her is not how I would want my daughter (or I am sure not how Nostradamus’s wife) to behave! MHSRIP

    • This is LT for you.The hatred they have for Nevers will soon kill them.They even refer to him as ‘forner MMD President’.LT is a mouth piece for Rupiah/Mutati faction.Lets just wait for the genuine courts to conclude the illegal convention issue,and see how LT shall report thereafter.

  1. Why should nevers refer to the fact thet he was the main speaker when Regina gave her life to the Lord? A modest person will just refer to the fact that she is a born-again christian and should be mourned as such. Why should the limelight always be on you Mr. nevers?

    • Ba General.Fought finding in Nevers all the time.Mind you,this is s reported write-up by hateful LT.This is not the original written speech by Nevers.Please check facts before you utter anything on an innocent person.Othrwise you risk being a useful i.d.i.o.t.and the lover of hatred and being the anti-Nevers campaigner.

    • You are right. Is he trying to gain some points or what is he trying to tell us. Many people had an input in Regina’s spiritual life e.g. Pastor Mabvuto Mwale. Some of us knew her even before she had children while married to Mr. Mwanza


  3. I think Nevers subconsciously suffers from paranoid personality disorder. He has some ideas of grandiosity. ……at a public fimofimo where I was the main speaker.

  4. Look at all the grudas below the article, is that the money the stinking thief Chabala Kafupi FTJ Chilubaba plundered from our Zamtrop account? Now they store all that money and they’re both dead, what was the need of stealing if only to have one’s character soiled and to die in shame? Thieves, they stink and never learn.

  5. Death is death. Let’s not politicize it. What Our late Republican President Chiluba did let’s not relate them to the death of Regina or to his any other family members. Our bottom line is death.

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