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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Things would have escalated had we allowed our supporters to get into the streets, HH tells Commonwealth Chief

Headlines Things would have escalated had we allowed our supporters to get into...

UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango briefs visiting Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo as HH looks on
UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango briefs visiting Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo as HH looks on

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says the party leadership restrained its youth supporters from rioting to claim the stolen victory on the aftermath of the August 2016 elections.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND chose the civilised route of going to court where it was let down as the petition was not heard.

He was speaking yesterday when he met a delegation from the Commonwealth led by Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo which is in the country from its London Headquarters.
Mr Hichilema was accompanied by UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango.

“We discussed a wide range of issues regarding the governance of our country from the political environment to the economic situation. We reiterated our call for peace and unity in the country despite the challenging and oppressive environment,” Mr Hichilema said.

Mr Hichilema also called on the International community to be proactive in handling issues as opposed to waiting until there are hostilities and instability in a particular country.

“We maintained that things would have escalated out of hand had we allowed our supporters to get into the streets to claim the stolen victory. We chose the civilised route of going to court where we were let down as the petition was not heard,” he said.

He added, “We put a strong case on what we want to see in terms of reforming institutions of governance such as the Zambia Police, Electoral Commission of Zambia, the Judiciary and others as we believe citizens should have confidence in these governance institutions as a way of ensuring stability and promoting economic development in the country.”

HH in deep conversation with Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo
HH in deep conversation with Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo

HH speaking to Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo (not in picture) in Lusaka on Monday
HH speaking to Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo (not in picture) in Lusaka on Monday

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    • He actually makes sense and has a noble head between his head is HH.

      Keep your head high. You are right tested before you reach the pinaccle of your political career.

      Life has a way of equalising itself when you take short cuts. Be warned PF



    • That’s only thing I respect UPND is restraining youths from rioting. You remember PF vs MMD in Ruphia times? Pangas. Last loads of pangas where taken from GBM and Miles storages.

    • And what did the visitor say? HH thought the commonwealth which declared the elections free and fair didn’t know what happened. Am sure she laughed at these fulls telling her all sorts of lies. No wonder she remained mute. That’s the best medicine you give to a full.

    • Am sure the young lady was just saying ivi vipuba navo vikali kudandaula to this day! And these guys honestly, wouldn’t they realize that the Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo was privy to happenings around the past elections? Anyway what do you expect from the likes of Marita ”Mushipi” and the fossil in the picture! Lick the wounds all you want, with us ni ECL chabe…nafuti nafuti we shall dununa and shika Dundumwezi again!

  1. As if he stopped his supporters from taking to the streets…! The truth is that hh had wanted his supporters to cause havoc but the smart people of Zambia advised themselves not to riot..! U lost…just accept it..!

  2. HH stop lying your supporters went into hiding and just started burning markets in the night. To date they have just turned to the media just like yourself. Giving fake news. Grow up and stop crying,you’ve a life beyond the presidency.

  3. I think cadres just realized that they were not even supposed to take to the street in the first place. No election was stolen from anyone.

  4. Why still stalking about the past grow up upnd people let him finish 5 years you vote again chagwa won’t reign.

  5. Zambia need a president who is wise like H.H. otherwise we are being led by useless president in the history of this nation in the name of Edgar chagwa. We want H.H. God help us please

    • You cannot compare HH to ECL in leadership skills and competence. HH has never held any public office. He only managed to become UPND president simply because he is Tonga and rich and not that he is a capable leader. ECL held various public positions and had good experience on governance and politics. That is why he keeps beating the selpromoting HH. Forget it, HH will never ever lead Zambia because of his attitude, regional politics, and lack of respect for Zambians from other regions.

  6. We as Zambians require Visas to enter the UK, why are we a part of this commonwealth, when Jamaicans can go to the UK pretty much as citizens? Moving on, we are a sovereign nation built by Jesus; we answer to no monarchy. Even our greatest father Jehovah gives us free will.

    • Country created by Jesus… Lol! Zambian borders were designed by ruthless colonialists and imperialists. These can never be Jesus….. Do not ignore your history…

    • Jamaicans face the same ruthless Home Office, just like everyone else. There is no “common wealth” for every former colony. I think its a pointless organisation the common wealth, a backward one. Prince Harry’ play area.

    • @de pal. Am glad, am not the only one who sees these countries as a sham,worse still the Commonwealth. Ati zambia. What is zambia but the British imaginary demarcation of what they perceived as rhodesia and all that other nonsense.

  7. Firstly why are we still a part of this clubhouse called the commonwealth. Some nations within it benefit from the rest. I would rather we pay dues to the AU.

  8. Was going the Petition route wise given that HH & GBM were dealing with Criminals and Election Riggers who have no National Interest at heart? HH & GBM have no choice now but to take their Petition to ICJ where they can expect Justice. The sooner this is done the better becoz these criminals are looting and ruining the Zambian Economy further.

    • UPND, HH and GBM can go to the ICJ or the moon. ECL and his government will be supported by international witnesses such as the Commonwealth, EU, ECOWAS, SADC, The Carter Center, AU, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Dpain, China, Japan, etc. All these and many others witnesses, observed and declared the election free and fair. They cannot all be wrong. You lost and you will lose again in 2021 because your leaders never learn and understand Zambian politics. They are too regional,

  9. Its surprising; so the delegation from the Commonwealth led by Deputy Secretary General-Political, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo didn’t say anything, they just listened to Hichilema and Nalumango?? One would be tempted to conclude that there was no substance in whatever HH said!

  10. HH will never stop amazing me. If the elections was stollen from him as he puts it, I am sure the voters would have protested like they did in Southern Province were he won. The fact that the rest of the country did not do anyhting other than celebrate means that he lost in other parts of the country. Ubushulu ba HH bweka bweka. The other problem with HH is that he uses Sata’s tactics. Michael Sata was good at what he did and what worked for Sata cannot work for HH. HH should be original.

  11. Nalumango actually called on her cadres to ‘arise in numbers and claim their victory’ this was after realizing that HH was trailing and headed for defeat. The small ex-pastor nervous then stormed dead nbc to air and incite the ‘youth of upnd’ not ‘mmd’ to fight for victory was in sight…Alas the next stop was for malita mu ship way who whilst in near undress spewed scorn on the ecz claiming all manner of unseen forces. When the truth was known all scampered only those with cash have remained standing. The rest like rats are underground licking what never was. But hey do listen to them….

  12. Ati the situation would’ve been worse. What can be worse than the namwala crime against humanity committed by upnd zealots. I hope hh remembered to tell the lady in namwala upnd displaced people whom they perceived to have not voted for him.

  13. There he goes again…which youths? zambians are docile especially knowing how brutal ZP is. no one would have heeded his call even at the time to use violence coz we love peace. 6 months later those same youths have moved on nga iwe WAMU YAYAYA? rubbish

  14. Look at that woman looking like Kenyapithecus! Telling lies to the young lady and am sure the young was was in her heart of hearts like..”hurry up you losers I got some serious business to do”.
    The fact that the skirmishes were in his strong hold, Monze and Mazabuka in particular and NOT the rest of the country was a clear indication that the issue was approached in a sober manner by sober youths! Don’t cheat dignitaries iwe chee color! Aren’t you the same guy who has been calling on your youths to rise up and take what ”stolen” (whatever this word means in your vocabulary) from them? Damn Hypocrites! Stick it up yours!

  15. Sata threatened RB by going to the street if RB rigged hence Mambilima refused to rig for RB for fear of the unknown. HH will never rule if he does not use the MCS way. ECL was happy to know that HH won’t be violent even if he robs his victory. It’s an old Bemba strategy.

  16. That is what HH did he said no matter what if he wont win he was not going to agree but alas Zambian people did what they think was right. When Zambians want change no one will stop them. Kaunda was the President when we changed he couldn’t rig I am sure he tries to but people wanted change and it happened. HH tried to rig in his strong holds but the will of the majority of Zambians did not let him.

  17. Continue with the current mediocrity if you can’t make any sense of what HH is saying. Whats so hard about understanding sensible sentiments? Some bloggers wouldn’t know what sense is if it bit them in their butts!

    • It’s dullards like you, HH, Namulango(!) and NEZ who make sense out of rubb!sh! Some of us, including Dr. Ojiambo,who have the power to discern have not time for such crap!

  18. What a loser and a filthy liar this Hungry Hyena chap is, so those that were attacked in Namwala and in Western Pro were just a figment of the imagination? When this sa.tan,ist Hungry Hyena and its partner in crime GBV were calling for an uprising in their own words what was that? When blood thirsty animals like Spanka, chiyaya, bucketbrainshalungu and co were advocating for violence online what was that? Go to hell the only 1mbeciles that believe your usual crap that smells like chiyaya’s rotten feces are your dunderhead blood thirsty animal followers that disagree with what I’ve said.

  19. And the same Commonwealth’s monitoring body also declared the elections free and fair, so this 1mbecile Human Hyena (HH) thinks they believe him? What an infinite loser! This Commonwealth Dep Sec is there merely to see why this Hyena chap is such a bitter, frustrated and delusional cretin. The answer is its ego is bigger than its Oval Head!

  20. And let’s not forget HH is under investigation by the ICC for the Western Province and Namwala attacks. The chap is simply a hopeless bitter, frustrated, demented, delusional, crooked, pathological liar! To hell with it and its team of blood thirsty animals may they all burn in Hell these sa.tan.ists!

  21. HH and the entire UPND are so delusional. No election was stolen and no youth was restrained from going to protest in the streets. His relatives in Namwala and Choma burnt houses and shops of PF supporters. I just dont know when he will realize that he doesnt teeth to bite, politically. He is a perpetual loser and will always be.

  22. Looking at the face and demeanour of HH from these pictures, I am sure that Dr Josephine Ojiiambo went away with the impression that this hh is an arrogant donkey with an oversized ego. I hear that immediately after meeting hh she phoned Lungu in Israel because she could not hold back her laughter at the “president” that she had met!!!

  23. So you now agree that your petition will never be heard? So whats your next step mr hh? Are you gonna unleash your youth onto the streets to try and overthrow the legitimate government? Do you have the courage to get locked up? What exactly is your idea of justice? Is it when the courts and Concourt rule in your favour?
    Yaba this UPNDdonkey is really a shame although he does not realise it. How could he, a donkey realise that he is speaking gibberish to an international diplomat?

  24. After this the Deputy Commonwealth SG went to see Acting President Inonge Wina to discuss substantive issues.

    • The bast*rds just budged into Dr. Ojiambo’s itinerary! She meets Mama Inonge Wina, Harry Kalaba and other VERY important dignitaries, in that order and then leave.

      These losers had no slot in her program! In their usual style of storming into area un-permitted, they took the young woman by surprise! No wonder there was NO comment from her quoted, meaning she was bored with that lopsided tantrum…monologue!

  25. Didnt hh forget something? This was his chance to reject the declaration of free and fair elections by the Commonwealth Observer Mission. Or what was he afraid of? Probably embarrassing too. Awe mwe, ba UPNDonkey aba awe shuwa!

  26. Which youths did HH and upnd retrain?in 3.5 provinces?surely can upnd supporters withstand PF supporters in 6.5 provinces?HH is a dreamer.let HH try to throw his few youths into our streets and see if anyone of them will last there for 5 minutes!!!THESE ARE LIES AS USUAL FROM HH,TRYING TO PLEASE HIMSELF BECAUSE NO YOUTH DARED TO PROTEST ON OUR STREETS EXCEPT THOSE DIE HARD TONGAS WHO WERE BURNING TYRES ON ROADS IN SOUTHERN!!!HH MUST LEARN TO SAY THE TRUTH BECAUSE MAJORITY ZAMBIANS DANCED DUNANA REVERSE WHEN ECZ DECLARED PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU AS 2016 WINNER!!!it was late Michael Sata who retrained youths in Lusaka and CB from protesting when he lost in 2006 and 2008!!

  27. I don’t ever remember him making any announcement on this issue. In any case it’s not too late, let him order his militia to the streets and it will be worse for him.

  28. My question is, why coming here to re-ignite the election cries of the UPND? The Commonwealth had observer people on the ground or could get a report from the EU or even any other agency instead of them coming here for another fact finding bullsh*t. I will never trust any British organ. They don’t care at all because their preoccupation is imperialism once a country fails.

    • They plant civil strife so that they can send “peace keepers ” to the trouble areas and create employment for themselves.

  29. I dont remember any of the UPND leadership condemning the violence that led to some Zambians being internally displaced for the 1st time since independence. In fact they categorically denied that any violence had taken place despite the overwhelming evidence.

    • True and the closest they came to talk about violence was to accuse government of planting the Namwala attackers. HH neither stopped or condemned that violence in Namwala. He’s a pathological liar.

  30. In the same breath why hasn,t HH stopped morons like NEZ, Buck teeth, Spaka like fimofimo and others from spewing hate speech and insulting the president on this site? He is a pathological lier indeed.

  31. What UPND is doing by complaining now is like applying top dressing fertilizer when the maize has dried up already. It just shows that HH has no forgiving heart. It is also clear from the way he handled his former vice Dr. Banda. He also thinks his followers follow him blindly and cannot tell sense from non and would have misbehaved for no good reason at all had he blown the whistle. I shall not fight the other on behalf of HH nor indeed ECL because it shall be my own brother to be hurt.

  32. HH must stop trying to tell lies. His cadre Nevers Mumba went to the press to try and incite the youths to take to the streets. Good Job ZP stopped them

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