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Friday, February 21, 2020

ZNBC unable to televise the AFCON under 20 tournament

General News ZNBC unable to televise the AFCON under 20 tournament

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation-ZNBC- says it is unable to televise the AFCON under 20 tournament because the cooperation owes the Confederation of African Football- CAF- 11 point 5 million Kwacha.

ZNBC Cooperate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Ndhlovu says the National Broadcaster has not been granted broadcasting rights by CAF owing to the unsettled debt.

Ndhlovu has explained that ZNBC has no capacity to clear the outstanding debt in order to acquire the broadcasting rights any time soon.

He has appealed to viewers and listeners’ to follow the proceeding through Radio and television which will be provided through various sports programmes and News bulletins.

But the Football Association of Zambia -FAZ- has engaged CAF on the possibility of giving ZNBC the rights to broadcast the 2017 Under-20 AFCON games.

FAZ President, Andrew Kamanga has confirmed in an interview with ZNBC sports.

Kamanga says it is important that the national broadcaster is allowed to televise the on-going Under-20 tournament to allow as many Zambians as possible to watch the games.

He has observed that it is not good that the national broadcaster for the host country cannot be allowed to televise the games.

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    • If ZNBC has so much debt and cannot meet its obligations, why is it still operating? It should be shut down like the Post was …

      This is in fact a very big scandal. You win hosting a major tournament and CANNOT showcase it through what is supposed to be the oldest television station in the Sadc even before RSA came on board only in 1975!

    • ZNBC as a public corporation should be televising only community building programs. Educational cartoons in local languages for the children and such. The minute Sata brought back Maduma, I knew it was a backward slide.

    • If pf was paying deadNBC for the publicity they give them, that debt could have been cleared, unfortunately they televise pf for mahala, instead more they are making no money.

  1. What?? Did Mulenga Kampamba know about that debt before selling ZNBC.
    You see we told you not to sell ZNBC, government has money, they decided to go and have cabinet meetings in Israel, instead of paying debts so Zambians could enjoy football for a while.

  2. Don’t show it on TV. The stadium needs to be sustained by gate takings. People should go to the stadium to watch the game if you want to maintain a good stadium. If the gate takings are well managed, that money can also be used to pay the players. Lets not cry for Govt help all the time.

  3. ZNBC Management are not innovative and have a terrible dependency on government paying for everything.

    Hopefully it will be privatised in order for it to be autonomous and progressive.

  4. They owe that much because they never paid CAF they money they collected from showing previous games and tournament there is no way ZNBC can give primetime space for free or credit.

  5. It is quite unfortunate to our country. How do you expect my brother and sister from lukulu or Isoka to come and watch a match in lsk? But when collecting TV levy they visted frequently. We were not prepaired to host a tournament. They would have put big screens in various compounds so that peoe could watch and support our lads.

  6. Every time you need to pay or top up your Zesco bill you get charged for a tv licence – Is it ZM 5? What happens to all this money ?????

  7. Where does the TV levy go. Millions of people are paying. There must be very high levels of poor management.

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