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Farmers ‘ grill ‘ the DACO over un activated E-Vouchers

General News Farmers ‘ grill ‘ the DACO over un activated E-Vouchers

Fourty Farmers under the Farmer In-Puts Support Programme {FISP} in Kapiri Mposhi district in Central province says they are disappointed that their Electronic Voucher Cards ( E-voucher System ) have not been activated to date.

The irate farmers who stormed the office of the District Agriculture Co-coordinator [DACO] in Kapiri Mposhi district today demanded answers on why the cards have not been activated by the two named banks in the area.

They lamented that as a result, they were unable to access the needed farming in-puts from the Agro-Dealers despite depositing funds in the [FISP] account with the named banks last December 2016.

Speaking on behalf of other farmers from two farming camps, Liaco Chisenga said that the farmers have been frequenting the banks with the view of finding out when their Electronic Cards would be activated to date.

‘’We have been going to the banks with our Vouchers on several occasion but only to be told that there are some errors with the cards, now our fields have been affected as we cannot access fertilizer from the Agro-dealers”, Mr. Chisenga said.

Mr. Chisenga , who is the Secretary of Chola Central Co-operatives from Lukanda B Block Camp, further disclosed that he was now scared for his life as the secretary, of the co-operative because some farmers were demanding to be refunded their money back as he was responsible of banking farmers’ money.

Among the farmer’s present were those from Lukanda B Block Camp and Ndeke Camp.

Effort to get a comment from the District Agriculture Coordinator, {DACO} proved futile by press time as he was reported to be out of station.

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  1. Hahahahah Ba Daco will also grill the Agricultural supervisors, who will then grill block supers who also will grill extension officers. By the time the e-voucher is running it will take another year. Pa Zed apa bane

    • Meanwhile the the humble mango sucking man of the people, has taken 7 pf ministers with him to Israel to make allowances.

    • It beats me why Lungu chose to take Dora to Israel when she’s failed to run her ministry. Dora should have been fired a long time ago.

    • The farmers (Cooperative) initially put a deposit in the Ministry of Agriculture. The DACOs submit the names/list of the farmers with e-voucher card numbers to the ZNFU, who in turn instruct their bankers to debit their account and upload into the various cards. As long as there isn’t any instruction from the ZNFU to do the uploads, the farmers won’t get any monies on their cards. And of importance to note is that activation and the card being loaded are two different things. The cards are already active and ready for use but not just funded. However, the DACO is always in a better position to update the farmers as he is the link between the same cooperatives and the ZNFU.

  2. I remember the president showing off about how successful the e-Voucher would be. He even called it the Edgar-Voucher.

    e-Voucher is huge mess and failure for Lungu…….. first solution to this is to fire Dora and bring in someone who understands agriculture.

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