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Msoni wants massive demonstration across the country to force Maizegate investigation

General News Msoni wants massive demonstration across the country to force Maizegate investigation

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All People’s Congress Party (APC) President Nason Msoni has called for massive demonstration across the country to force President Lungu to act and ensure that the people involved in the Malawi maize deal are conclusively investigated.

Speaking when he called in during Hot FM’s breakfast show Mr Msoni said the opposition, students unions, the civil society, and worker unions in the country who are worth their sort should conduct massive peaceful demonstrations across the country so as to force Edgar Lungu to act on the people involved in the maize gate scandal.

Mr Msoni  said stakeholders have advised the President to drop Dora Siliya so as to pave way for investigation but the President is spiting in the face of the people advising him by flying with the same minister to engage in more corrupt deals together.

He said he is disappointed with the ACC who have seemingly remained mute on the matter when their colleagues in Malawi have done the work for them by naming the people involved in the deal from Zambia.

Mr Msoni said asusual they are waiting for instructions from the President like they did on former Information Minister Hon. Chishimba Kambwili.

commenting on the  posting on his Facebook page, the outspoken opposition leader said the breakdown of morality in the PF government is striking and worrying.

He said no one believes that a minister who is still subject to on-going serious allegations of improperiety could be seen flying high with the President of the country to an international engagment without first being absorbed or cleared of the questionable role she played in the Maize deal.

The APC leader  said the defiance by the Head of State to openly take on board a scandal laden minister sends a bad signal on the fight against corruption.

He also said the move also pokes the country’s neighbour in the eye who are still reeling from the Maize scandal in the eye.

He said the action by the President was a bad Judgment and reinforced the view that there is a mutual cover-up in the Maize deal.

The delegation to Israel includes cabinet ministers from Foreign Affairs  Harry Kalaba  , Agriculture Dora Siliya, Health Chitalu Sampa , Commerce and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe, , Energy David Mabumba, , Tourism and Arts Charles Banda , Transport Brian Mushimba, among others.

Meanwhile the country’s largest student body has added the voice to have the minister of agriculture dropped from cabinet.

ZANASU Vice President Eddie Miyoba said Ms Siliya was not fit to be in the position until her name is cleared of any wrong doing in the exportation of maize to Malawi.

Miyoba said it is because of people like Dora Siliya that the country continues to be rated as one of the most corrupt country in the world.

“We  the students  demand the dismissal of Dora  Siliya with immediate effect,we purely believe that she is not fit to hold any government position she is no longer a woman of substance and honesty if at all she was.

Ms Siliya was in past allegedly involved the  Airport radder Installation scandal, the Pr Capita zamtel evaluation scandal, and now the Malawi maize scandal.

“It is because of people like Siliya Zambia now ranks amongst the most corrupt countries in sub Sahara Africa, according to the corruption perception index  Zambia ranks 87 from 76 in 2014 representing a huge increase in corruption,” Miyoba said.

He advised the President to drop some of the Ministers involved in corruption if he cares about creating a legacy for himself.

“We really think that the President needs to surround himself with people that care about his legacy, he needs to know he still has enough time to turn things around and that is by letting go of people like Siliya, doing the right thing like fighting corruption works to the benefit of the majority,Sata left the legacy of building roads at least we can ‘SONTA’ but we are still waiting for the current President’s legacy and the direction of his presidency, we are really eager to understand what he wants to do, is it ‘corruption’ or will there be something to ‘SONTA’ in 2021? I guess we have to wait and see,” he said.


  1. To borrow the words from one blogger “montana”.

    Lungu cannot impose his illegitimate Rule on reluctant Zambians most whom never voted for him. Lungu will learn the hard way that Respect and Recognition are earned but Not demanded or forced. The only way Lungu will regain Legitimacy is to prove to suscipious Zambians that he was truly, fairly and democratically elected President of Zambia. This can only be done by allowing the Petition to be heard and considered in an open Court and that Court declaring him the Winner and duly elected President of Zambia. Without this process Lungu will remain illegitimate with dire consequences on him and Zambia as a whole.

  2. What Legacy would or will Lungu establish. The legacy of corruption and devisive governance? Lungu et al are nothing but a joke!

  3. Zambians are toooooooooo docile to demonstrate, I will be truly shocked if this happens. You can literally eat masuku off a Zambians head and when caught just say you are working and the same person you are stealing from will defend you and insult those telling saying them they are being robbed, that is how know Zambians. Please be careful Msoni, chief government spokesperson Pukuta Mwanza will be on your back

    • Msoni is of course puffing got air. We all listened to the malawis commission of inquiry report and nowhere did they mention any wrong dealings from Zambia. How can a seller or supplier be involved in corruption. Msoni thinks we are not aware about that report and trying hard to deceive people. If you know anything about Dora corrupt dealings in the maize deal being out the facts like what happened in Malawi. And zanasu miyoba you are a tonga and I edge you to concentrate on your studies otherwise you won’t graduate. It not in our culture to demonstrate in the streets. Don’t be fulled ba student union. If you want the campus to be closed indefinately go ahead.

  4. Listening to the responses from the Vice President about the maizegate scandal is scandalous in itself and Speaker Matibini allowed the responses. Its a shame to the Zambian Parliament.

  5. Why is the people who are deemed to be educated turn to be so dull, has Miyoba and his minions read the Malawi’s commission report or is it just for the sake of being head?

  6. It doesn’t call for a National demonstration. It’s a matter for Malawians to disrupt their gov’t for purchasing from wrong sources. This is not a Dora/Zambian problem. Don’t cause disruptions in Zambia. Our economy is stabilising and We the People are the only ones to suffer from bad effects of violence and economic disruptions. If any evidence is available, then send it to ACC.

    All opposition and so-called Civil Society need to join the gov’t in improving the economic prospects for Zambians. Nonsense troublemakers should be stopped. Grow up Mr Msoni and change your political perspective. Try harder to win an MP seat and join conventional politics. And plus is Dora not your Eastern Compatriot?

    • And that gullible Miyoba wants to sound relevant! What tribal inclinations can do to some people, is worrying!

      And to Mr. Msoni, president of a one-man-party, please ask you own family to demonstrate/protest on our behalf, some of us have more important things to do like tending to our crop! Remember this is rainy season!..mapopwe mali badala!

  7. I think the people of Malawi are really laughing at some of these stories from our so called opposition leaders. Zambia did not loose a coin in this scandal. A buyer is a one that comes up with a tender committee not the the supplier and as such the buyer chooses the best offer. Zambians can’t be seen protesting on behalf of Malawans never. Its totally insane and stupidity at its highest level. What do we stand to gain at the end of the day? The report of the finding about the whole scandal was read in summary in Malawi and nothing pointed to any involvement of Zambian officials. Please be objective.

  8. iT is a crying shame that someone who deems himself a leader can be party to this ignorant sexist lynchmob execution of an innocent patriotic Zambian woman. Malawis crimes are NOT Zambias crimes and neither does Malawis jurisdiction overlap into Zambia. Look at the chaotic countries around you. Seems like you people are always wishing for civil chaos (war) ! Careful what you wish for cos you may get it. I pray for you sir.

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