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PF must pay CAF and Televise Under 20 Games on ZNBC or Stop Collecting TV Levy-HH

General News PF must pay CAF and Televise Under 20 Games on ZNBC or...

HH speaking to Journalists outside the Cathedral
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

In their usual way of running affairs of our country and also taking advantage of the citizens, PF has failed to pay to the CAF for the live transmission of the under 20 games on ZNBC.

This failure by the PF and its Leader, Mr Edgar Lungu is not only detrimental but also a day light robbery on Zambians who have been paying tax in form of TV levy every month.

We demand on behalf the country that with immediate effect PF pays for the live transmission of the games because citizens have been compliant and if PF and ZNBC does not televise the games live, they must stop collecting tv levy as it is tantamount to theft.

ZNBC is a public broadcaster and must not only be seen transmitting live political rallies that we understand up to date PF has not paid for when Zambians have been paying TV levy.

It is also appalling to the PF leadership to continue globetrotting with a huge delegation around the world when part of the allowances they are spending could be spent paying CAF so that Citizens can enjoy the games.

ZNBC does not belong to PF but to Zambians and it must begin showing content that Zambians are pleased with and not PF political rhetoric.

When collecting TV levy, ZNBC says when you pay it will show, we further demand that since Zambians have been paying let them pay CAF and televise the games live.

This failure by PF to pay CAF and televise the games puts our country on the international spotlight as certain bodies will not be taking us serious with such world activities of great importance.

Meanwhile, we wish to once again congratulate the our Chipolopolo boys for winning the first game and today as they take on Mali we wish them all the very best.

Hakainde Hichilema

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  1. lol…..in one voice we don’t want them in another we want them…yaba..2021 Upnd forward under fresh and energetic leadership…GBM for president!

  2. Here in the UK everyone pays TV Licence to BBC, but don’t get to pick the programmes shown. Most watch other providers who earn money from Advertising than from the people. Most Nationally controlled Media is for the purpose of promoting gov’t immunisations and the people pay fir that reason.

    • we pay TV licence in the UK for a very impartial broadcaster BBC, in domestic politics, where opposition is allowed any time. not in Zambia where they pay to watch PF lies.

  3. Though he is right, HH is talking in the past. Games are already being screened. He should have said this yesterday before ZNBC & FAZ negotiated with CAF. He can only talk about the failure to broadcast earlier games.

    • Please lear to have foresight! This should not have happened in the first place – it is pathetic!!

  4. The president has spoken for his people..meanwhile that mbeba lungu is busy in Israel showing his ugly teeth there and wasting our money.

  5. HH why can’t you pay so that people can watch the game. That way you will be campaigning more convincingly, instead of complaining all the time. You know, you are always complaining and you sound like a broken record. Just “MAN UP”. You are boring.

  6. Little wooden pillock and his whining ways, a complete bore and suffering ‘rich’ man. He has a troubled soul…

  7. HH looks very pale , worried no morale is he ok mwebanthu i hope he stops thinking too much, in politics you loose some and win some. Who is that chinese lady next to HH is UPND Strategizing through chinese now , now problem we in PF will come for you in 2021.. ala kalebalika bane noku nyenga tule nyenga yangu!!

  8. Star TV K250, DSTV K700. ZNBC K3. If PF pays for CAF what are you going to pay for? PF and UPND are all political parties.

  9. Who is supposed to pay CAF? HH uli chikopo! And please learn to buy better shirts, you are rich man for Gods sakes! Poor and hurting soul indeed!

  10. Apa pena hh kuti namusapota… Y do we pay ama TV levy kanshi? Yo slogan (wen u pay it wil shaw) is as useless as u are ba znbc. Iyifye tournament ikapwefye ukwabulafye ukuitambisha either pa znbc mukachimona…!!!

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