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UPND says HH has been denied access a private Radio station

Headlines UPND says HH has been denied access a private Radio station

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND Media has said that their leader Hakainde Hichilema has again been denied access to deliberate on important national issues through one of the private media house.

Mr Hichilema was scheduled to feature on a privately owned Sun fm radio situated in Ndola through remote broadcast this morning around 09:00hrs. Despite airtime being booked and all arrangements made, the radio station proprietor just cancelled the program citing what he termed as “security concerns.”

Sun fm journalist who was scheduled to interview the UPND President Mr Kausa Mbasela, expressed disappointment with the abrupt decision to postpone the interview which was suppose to be done through remote broadcast as it could not pose any security fears.

This is clear that someone from the government high rank may have issued instructions to the radio station proprietor to cancel or postpone this important interview. Politicians and government leaders must know that leadership and positions have an expiry date and whatever goes round comes around.

The cancellation of the program has not only injured the UPND but also the majority of the Zambian citizens who have been denied access to important liberation information.

The ministry of information and broadcasting working together with MISA Zambia chapter must hold every media house accountable if they fail to offer free and balanced coverage to all Zambian citizens and political players.

In 2014 Mr Hichilema had to escape through roof of the same radio station after cadres from the PF led by the then provincial Chairperson Study Mwale armed with guns and machetes stormed the radio station.

Mr Mwale was again at the centre of the attention when his cadres armed with a truck load of stones and machetes stormed Moba Hotel where the opposition leader was scheduled to have a press briefing before embarking on party mobilization programs.

The PF in the province further in 2016, blocked Miles Sampa from disembarking from a proflight plane at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe when he tried to launch the now defunct United Democratic Front. Mr Sampa later snicked into the province and launched his party in the middle of the night.

Mr Mwale who was awarded for his actions with a job as Lusaka Province Permernent Secretary later declared the Copperbelt Province as a no go province for the UPND.

Mr Hichilema has also been escorted from the province by State Police on several occasions whenever he went to appear in court in Lunshanya.


    • I don’t understand Edgar and PF, why is he/they scared of HH kansi??,,, I thought Edgar is Jerusalem in Israel to be batspized, drink holly wine and become a better person at tax payer’s expense
      HH was in chelstone afew days ago eating home cooked nshima,,,now Edgar is jealous of him,,,,

    • Zambia is hosting U20 Afcon use common sense you people with tiny brains. HH is over ambitious so are his few cadres. Why chose Ndola now that its one of the host cities? Does he just want the commonwealth officials to prove his stupidity.

    • Who cares anyway? Sun FM have done well by sparing us the same ol’ sh!t from this dung beetle..petition this petition that, concourt, ICJ, 14 days bla bla bla and all the sh!t that goes with his whimpering!

      Mr Kausa Mbasela, expressed disappointment with the abrupt decision to postpone the interview…

      Please ba LT mwimutamfishe nchito umunenu…there isn’t any verbatim quote/report from Mr. Mbasela!

    • You are the one who is stupid @Shooterz. HH is a Zambian who should be allowed access to any Radio Station in the country. This stupidity by the PF led by Lungu should stop forthwith.

    • You should be asking the owner of the radio station than attacking ECL or PF. They have their own reasons for refusing your HH. Remember it is a private station. As always you are solving the wrong problem.

      It is even shameful for UPND to talk about this situation. If it was ZNBC one would have understood you complain. There is something seriously wrong with reasoning in UPND from the leaders to followers. Surely you cannot be behaving like spoilt children. This is like complaining on your own fart!!!

    • @ 1.5 sinono,

      Come on!

      Let us use meaningful arguments when defending our points or outing them across.

      How can you say HH is a Zambian, as a way of saying he deserves to be given chance to speak?

      Look, who would love to risk HH on air anyhow? Someone who calls on people to rise up and fight each time he is on air?

      And please, saying he is a Zambian does not carry any water, after all even thieves with Zambian nationality are Zambians. So why don’t you open the gate and door at your house so they can freely get in, after all they are Zambians.

  1. To borrow the words from one blogger “montana”.

    Lungu cannot impose his illegitimate Rule on reluctant Zambians most whom never voted for him. Lungu will learn the hard way that Respect and Recognition are earned but Not demanded or forced. The only way Lungu will regain Legitimacy is to prove to suscipious Zambians that he was truly, fairly and democratically elected President of Zambia. This can only be done by allowing the Petition to be heard and considered in an open Court and that Court declaring him the Winner and duly elected President of Zambia. Without this process Lungu will remain illegitimate with dire consequences on him and Zambia as a whole.

    • Lungu has nothing to do with the refusal by this private station. You must be ashamed that you even complain like this. Why not confront the people at the station. You have no facts or ground to lash at Lungu. You are just brainwashed to believe every lie you HH and other UPND leaders feed you. Begin to use your brain instead of behaving like zombies.

      & provinces rejected HH. Now the media has began rejecting this under 5. Just wait and see how he continue to fade into political dustbin of Zambia.

  2. The farce of Netanyahu spouting about Lungu being Democratic.
    The last time I checked Zambia was supposed to be a Multi Party Democracy, though the actual reality is Zambia is a One Party Kleptocracy, propped up by foreign regimes who benefit from cheap resources, & dubiously acquired land @ the expense of local citizens.
    Africa and its politics are Dead

  3. Keep up the pressure HH.

    Crook Dictators like lungu don’t know when to stop. They even start trying to harrass their own shadows.

    All such incidences should be filed with all foreigne embassies. Let’s see if he will be given any western loans or assistance.

  4. But that’s a private station, Are you saying PF is in-charge of them all??
    This is petty! If it was ZNBC cancelling yes we should have said its PF but to blame them for actions of a private station is not right.
    UPND should learn and make ‘friends’ with the media.They don’t owe you anything just because you are UPND. The problem is they look for who to blame for their failures except themselves and for that reason UPND shall remain where it is, wherever that is.

    • If HH comes out clean and contest as against Mwene Nshima were he belongs, Muvi TV will have no problem broadcasting the show.

  5. This lunatic also. What did he want to say when he cant explain the money he stole through privatizations.

    • Kikikikikik! You have cracked my ribs! Let him explain how he got so rich from privatization then he will have access to all radio stations in the country including ZNBC pwahahahahahah!

  6. You can not be awarded for inciting vaolance.there are two different issues ?impotant national issues And inciting vaolance

  7. The problem with HH is he has no plan try to do things under the radar…no station is courageous enough to air him as their licence is under threat by Lazy’s goons!!

    • Kuyopa chani naiwe? Sun Fm is a very objective radio station so they don,t want to ruin their reputation by hosting bitter politicians who just talk rubbish.

  8. Tantwe you are right. The problem with him is that he does not use his common sense when and how to relate his complaints.

    • When you look at that face in that picture (very ugly), can you see any traces of a skimmer in likes on the late Cobra (MHSRIP)? Very dull rich guy!

  9. liberation information my foot! cause trouble in the country by provoking the state then go and cry wolf to the outside world that you are being persecuted. ma rubbish. its been 6 months. get OVER it! tired of this pain in the area where the sun doesnt shine mwe

  10. Lungu’s political career will end so badly. This PF will soon come face to face with reality.

    • So this is all you think about? To see Lungu suffer? Come 2021 Upnd will lose again and finally disband.

  11. HH zero head can’t read times. When you are a chimbwi with plans people will take you as a chimbwi and discard your plans. Hh has to do a lot of face lifting because he has ruined his own angelic face. The quicker he removes that devos mask from his face the better for him. You don’t expect a scare scroll to be a baby sitter never. If hh had advisers who are not tribally inclined he would’ve made a better public figure by now.
    By the way when is the nshima eating competition? That’s his league for now.

    • @ HH OVAL HEAD
      You don’t expect a scare scroll to be a baby sitter never!!!!
      Now imagine the scare scroll along side Nalum!ngo and GBV…kids can faint!
      Kikikikikikikikiiiiiii pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! yaba you have opened my gullet in readiness for a very chilled castle lager!…Let me enjoy my games now…enough of this scare scroll! It’s time for ”throat gymnastics” alongside some shwa shwa shwa as old Doc Manda (MHSRIP) would say!

    • Imwe bafikala this is serious, jokes aside, the legitimate one is finally out in the public again . everything i do to stifle his rights of association, seems to be falling apart imwe, nalachita shani, alasokolola fyonse ifyonachita kuma vote yakwe.

  12. Private media is in business. If this private medium does not want business with any person it can cancel the broadcast. It is not in good faith to say ECL directed the broadcast of the UPND leader. This is not the only private broadcasting institution. The UPND leader has got rights to go any other institution that wants business with him.

  13. Dictators don’t like freedom of the Press. They ban newspapers,close Radio Stations, spew propaganda In Public Media etc. Lungu would like to establish a One Party State Dictatorship and thats why he casting his eyes in 2021. He thinks he has killed the UPND Petition but this could be premature. We will see how Lungu will manouvre the ICJ Petition Hearing soon. Illegitimate Lungu has a very weak case if the Petition is filed at ICJ.

  14. What new things did HH want to talk about on Sun fm which we have not heard about? He will have only talked about ” a stolen election victory, how the courts have allegedly denied him a hearing, press freedom, how the people are suffering(?) under PF….All these though important national issues have now become monotonous. I for one would like to hear how the UPND would do things differently to improve the economy, health, social welfare, education, shelter, etc etc. Otherwise, the UPND must simply start preparations for the 2021 elections, it’s not too distant away.

  15. HH has to much negative energy it can light up 10 houses. Maybe he should be an electricity generator. A private station cancelled his program sounds like he didn’t pay even, or did he?

  16. I remember when HE ECL had a Rally in Monze, UPND carders blocked the Roads and smashed motor vehicles. They beat whoever was suspected to have attended that Rally. When Muvi TV interviewed HH and wanted to hear his comments, HH asked the Journalist that if someone enters your bedroom, what do you do? He went on to say that ECL entered my bedroom and that is what exactly he was looking for. Now, I am shocked to read comments from our colleagues in UPND condemning what is not even an issue. The Radio proprietor may have asked the UPND what was a subject of that broadcast and they saw that the subject had devastating effect and that is how they may have ended up cancelling the booking. One would rather remain poorer that getting money that was promoting bloodshed. As cadres, learn to…

    • Which monze? That one was just made up by deadNBC, wilabwisha ifyalala, palasti they will ask us to show the country government worker who were “kidnapped” upto now we don’t have that evidence, let to shushi, twalasebana.

  17. People who want to listen hh,what else do you expect to hear from this man that you have not heard,this guy dull,give him airtime for one month ,he Will talk about the same story of stolen vote, guys I’m very tired of this man.

  18. @dyonko you’ve described HH in a nut shell …a guy who thinks people forget easily. I feel pity for GBM for he doesn’t realize that he’s expendable and HH is simply using him to be discarded as soon as he’s not required.

  19. Hungry Hyena aka Human Hyena aka Halenya Halenya aka Halusa Hagain aka Homo Habillis aka Heho Heho (donkey sound) aka Hapona Hagain etc

    The chap is a deranged, bitter and demented cretin. Best to let him speak so that people who have common sense can see how much of a loser this pathological liar is. Only the United Dunderheads would pay any serious attention to him.

    Zambia needs a better opposition than these lunatics.

  20. Things are going from bad to worse. Opposition parties, or rather, UPND is in trouble in Zambia. They can’t move without State machinery clamping down on them. We thought Chiluba was bad but nothing compares to this. Back to KK days.

  21. Its not time for campaign. If your agenda of that radio interview bordered on early campaign, the owner of the radio has the right to object any programme that may disturb the peace of the country especially now that we are hosting an international event. Whats wrong with you basankwa? Are you allergic to peace and tranquility? What kind of Zambians are you?

  22. Kuwaya waya fye ba UPNDonkey aba, ati ba president bakwa GBM….kikikikikiki….
    The Commonwealth SG came to invite His Excellent to the meeting of Heads of state, surprising not to invite GBM’s “president”.
    But the donkey was speaking as if the SG came specifically to visit him but we now know what she came for.

  23. What is democracy? I feel sorry for the President because Zambia is not a tribe but a democratic nation. He is already failing to govern the people because of fear. If he is confident that people of Zambia voted for him then what is he afraid of? Mr. President you are making heinous mistakes and you will soon regret it.

  24. How shocking that in this time and age, in a country struggling for civility, you have people who support actions that muzzle the official opposition. On one hand, they shout about democracy and fairness from the top of the mountain and on the other, shamelessly exhibit primitive views. People who clearly fail to note the link between good governance, rights, the rule of law and economic emancipation/development. People content with mediocrity and the status quo because they feed from Lungu’s banquet table droppings. People who have no aorta of humanity. Lastly, people who do not understand the eventual consequences of dictatorship – superficial poverty created by greedy politicians ultimately breeding strife. You will wake up the day you start running in terror with your tails between…

    • @ Harold Muna

      HH has so many alternatives/options! He can go to Radio Mano, Christian Voice, Mongu FM, Breeze FM, Byta FM and all the rest! I don’t see why he should cry wolf just because the owners of the radio station decided to cancel his interview!

      And to Lusaka Times, you should have endeavored to try and find out what really transpired for the interview to be cancelled. As it is you have just us on the rubb!sh,and lopsided at that, from UPeND media which is all biased!

  25. HH is simply a bore!!!one can give HH 1 year to be live on tv and radio the but he will simply be talking about:how concourt throw out upnd’s petition,how PF has caused poverty in Zambia,no press freedom,how PF and ECL stole his votes,blablablabla.now who hasnt heard this nonsense from Kainde?moreover,his timing is ever wrong!!!Zambians are busy with CAF U20 games and thats when Kainda wants to cause confunsion-amazing!!!ITS VERY TRUE THAT KAINDE WILL NEVER BE ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT AS HE KEEPS ON IRRITATING VOTERS DAILY!!!ZAMBIANS ARE PEACEFUL PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER SUPPORT HH’S POLITICS OF PROVACATION!!!

  26. @Njimbu – another non-listening or no analysis type. Lazy. Just castigating from prejudice and a pedestal of ignorant comfort.

  27. Lungu the evil things he is doing to opponents and to Membe family is what will bring him down. He is busy digging his own grave. The bible says you reap what you sow. If he was doing good how can he Fall? So let him continue ill treating others so that he can fall. Let the devil use him mightly.

  28. Lungu is becoming too much of a dictator and PF cadres can’t see that. Your party didn’t not want to televise games happening in our own country despite you fools paying levys. This is a Christian nation and if lungu continues with this nonsense he is going to find himself twenty feet under because it is not God’s way to mistreat others or deprive them of their freedom.

  29. Listening to a rado in your home has nothing to do with the AFCON. How many AFCON S have we had and how many times has Hakainde’s rights been trumped on? Democracy and the rule of law are not in the vocabulary of the PF so called government. What surprises me is that you have some of our citizens who do not know what is wrong and what is right in the world today and are able to support somebody doing wrong. This is nonsense. Whenever a decent government comes on board in Zambia, that is when such people will learn how things are supposed to be done. But why wait so far? Let us learn to call a sped a sped.

    • Did HE ECL call Sun FM to tell them not to host Hypnotised Hyena? What has this got to do with the President? Why didn’t he go to Pro UPeNd Muvi TV were he is always welcome? It’s the proprietors’ choice whether to host him or not and purely has nothing to do with the government! You whiners never cease to amaze!

  30. it is a great pity for Zambian to stand and watch their own land in fact God given land, going into extinction. What a blind that has befallen on our mother land, what a spirit and natural reprobate that is upon this land. Oh! shame! Babylon the great has fallen! fallen and it has became a habitation for all filthy creatures. Please come out of this corrupt Chokolwa and PF.

  31. @Shimukena Victor:please tell your fellow bantustans that because most of us in 6.5 provinces care less about Kainde!!!

  32. Freedom has its own limits. And being a private radio station, they have the right to regulate their programs to suit. HH dislodged many families from his farm area saying he had the right to own land and do whatever on it. Chiwamila mbuzi kuluma galu.

    • And as if that dislodging of families by his grand master was not enough, his MP, Cornelius Mweetwa decides to steal land meant for a market in Choma Central. Surprisingly, in their usual docility and patronage, the residents have kept quiet simply because he is UPeND and the tribesman! If that seat was held by a Banda or Chama, you would have heard of an uprising over the same land!

  33. Time for campaigning and crying over spilt milk is over. Instead of trying to get into state house by hook or crook, HH must do his part to reconcile all citizens. Look at the Americans, even after all the drama the campaigns, they have put politics aside and decided to learn from the mistakes and move forward. HH, I expect more from you. Zambia won’t collapse without you in statehouse.

    • Zambia wont collapse without ba HH mu statehouse.Move on badaala you are dwelling so much on past issues.Elections are are over and Lungu you are complaining about has moved on.Ba Tonga baamba kuti MALWEZA YATALIKA KU MULONGA.Yo taking over as upnd president was a fluke and it has contributed to your failure to win an election,majority Zambia has not accepted you, NO ONE HAS STOLLEN YO VOTES.

  34. @Kudos yes you are a real skeleton: Why insults, how were you brought in your family, judgment is very close repent before it is too late. Zambians once more you not need to insult a person just writing constructive points and you loose nothing by telling HH and advise him with points. Ba Shimapepo bonse stand up and help this country. It is slowly dyeing due to immoral of insults. Insults are becoming daily food in those in Politics (with due respect:Not All some are very respectable people). People are not seeking for peace, joy and love in their daily lives.

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