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ZNBC to finally beam the remaining AFCON Under 20 Games

Headlines ZNBC to finally beam the remaining AFCON Under 20 Games

State broadcaster ZNBC says it now will televise live the remaining Under 20 AFCON games on TV 1 and Radio.

This is after ZNBC engaged the Confederation of African Football with the help of the Football Association of Zambia.

ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Ndhlovu says the National Broadcaster has been granted broadcasting rights by CAF.

“Broadcast Rights in Africa is always a big issue and is big business,no politics involved but purely a Business deal. ZNBC will televise all the remaining AFCON games. Thanks to CAF and thanks FAZ.” said Mr. Ndhlovu

And ZNBC Director of Sales Peter Shula says the rights holders Lagadere have since reconsidered its earlier position assuring football fans that all the remaining games will be broadcast live.

Mr Shula says televising the games live will give an opportunity to over 6 million viewers to follow proceedings on TV1.

He has since called on the business community to take advantage and advertise their goods and services on TV1.

Shula was speaking at joint press briefing with FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe at Mass media in Lusaka.

And Liwewe thanked CAF for ensuring that millions of Zambians have an opportunity to follow the games on TV1 because the stadium can only allow 51 thousand fans.

Earlier today, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has directed the Minister of Sports to explain why ZNBC TV 1 is not televising the on-going AFCON games.

Dr Matibini says the Minister of Sports should deliver a statement in Parliament by tomorrow.

This followed a point of order raised in Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube.

Mr. Ngulube wanted to know whether the Minister was in order not to explain why ZNBC is not televising the games as promised.
Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema also challenged ZNBC to stop collecting TV licence fees if it fails to screen the matches live.

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  1. Even FDD, heritage, poor people’s party members etc pay taxes, let enjoy the games paid by us all through the taxes we pay.

    • The issue was about obtaining rights not tv levy as alluded to by a chancer politician. Am surprised that he doesn’t even know the procedures. Znbc has express authority to broadcast games even if the event is in Zambia. Even after obtaining the rights picture will still have to come from rights holders. Under5 ukose.

    • iwe mwaiche, we had no choice but to show the games, bantu bafuna tv levy ioneke, ni tv levy yake amalipila.

    • I tell everyone who cares to listen that I have never seen it head stupid people like PF cadre. See the stupidity of the fellow calling himself Oval head! I’ve Oval Head, be sensible. The Truth is that your useless ZNBC has started televising the matches because of the UPND president’s intervention. Had he kept quiet, your useless ZNBC wouldn’t have done anything because you always wait for directives from your president Edgar changes Lungu who is enjoying in Israel. The winner here is President HH, no doubt about it.

    • @Sinono
      Firstly, learn to address bloggers by their names! He is HH OVAL HEAD and not just OVAL HEAD. Secondly, the negotiations were already advanced/concluded to have the games beamed live before your semi-god opened his mouth! See, so why should credit go to Hypnotised Hyena when ZNBC and FAZ were already on their toes about the television rights?
      HH, kuwaywaya fye!

  2. 6-1 if you are a Malian in Zed elo nga mwalitemwa uku shumfwa kulila nomba ba swine imwe!

    Zambia are teaching these Malian novices a lesson in Futibo ba kamba!

    Proper Humiliation! Just like chi HH nomba HH doesn’t even have one goal ena ni 5-0!

    • Shut up you elections Rigger and thief of elections results at 2020vision. Let the Petition go on and the people of Zambia and the whole world will know who the winner was and who the cheater is! Lungu is the cheater!.

  3. My appeal to the prophet of doom Hakaivotela Humwine is Mwine Nshima is still unchallenged. We are waiting for the results of the Chelstone market training camp. Do not be scare of another defeat too soon. Congrates young chipolopolo!

  4. Thanks to HH for intervening in this matter Zambians can now watch U 20 Africa cup live football.
    2020vision too is benefiting from a logical stand made by HH. Undeclared President of all Zambians.

  5. Ati “undeclared president of Zambia” only to dunderheads.

    Congrats guys and well done ba Znbc Kampamba the best Info Minister so far!

  6. That is the problem when public institutions become highly politicized.This is not the first time ZNBC has been found in this situation.That is why the introduction of the K3 TV levy was rushed.First the appropriate thing to do was to revise the law on broadcasting and the media in general.As long as the status quo remains,such institutions will never serve the interests of the general public,but the powers that be.How can one explain the deteriorating and pathetic performance of ZNBC over the years,when this was the pioneer of broadcasting in the region apart from South Africa and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) then?

  7. Thank hh for this. He told them to show the games. Hh is really the legal president.

  8. This system by deadNBC of always showing pf on TV for mahala will bring this institution to a halt, i just hope pf has paid for the campaign adverts for 2016 presidential elections.

    Thanks president HH.

  9. Yes this is good news not sounding like a killjoy, people for once let’s sit down and ponder where ZNBC has suddenly stumbled on cash to paying off the K5,000,000 CAF debt and ordering a new viewing package at short notice. This is the selfsame money meant for buying medicines at UTH or equipment for ZNBC, this is shambolic mismanagement …you will remember my words when TV levy is increased..you will remember..are you going to eat football?
    Wake up people!!

  10. tv levy was introduced to easy the burden znbc was facing. Some years back znbc was able to televise uefa games and some english football games. but today with the introduction of tv levy things have worsend due to poorv management. similar introduction of toll gates is good move but will the funds be used to its intended purpose? this is the money which is easly mismanaged.

  11. HH ‘aleteka’ Zambians listen and institutions alike see sense in what HH says.
    When the other half of the population finally change camp, Zambia will return to glorious days of proper development in agriculture, industries, infrastructure, proper road networks and efficiency usage of natural resources. Bring about good governance, rule of law, transparency and accountability in the nation. Days of corruption will be over and Zambia once again will take its rightful place in the region and international arena.
    Sound national policies will result into economic growth with increased per capital, benefiting Zambians.

  12. Plan in advance you chaps. You had all the time in the world to televise the games from day one till the end of tournament. So embarrassing mwe. Fuseki.




  14. If you want the Pf to look foolish and do the right thing, just expose their shoddy deeds to the general public in the same manner our intelligent president Hakainde did by giving these crooks conditions that would have had all the Zambians who pay t.v. levy wake up and rise against the thieving so called government.
    Who can doubt that they listened to HH and did the right thing by agree to start beaming the games.
    Huraaah!!! H H , HUraah!! GBM. Continue knocking the on the heads of these vote thieves with a ball pen hammer until one day they will find themselves behind bars. ALL SOCCER LOVING ZAMBIANS MUST THANK H.H. FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

  15. Who said that ZNBC did not have money to pay? The negotiations were rights to broadcast the match not money shallow minded dunderheads.

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